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Brolin on Bigfoot: There are so many things going on with Bigfoot—and I like when characters are in major conflict with themselves. But there are all these dichotomous things going on with him. When you see him with his wife, he’s just getting screamed at like a child. So he presents himself one way, but what’s really going on is something else. He also says he hates hippies but he mostly hangs around hippies—and his greatest partner is a hippie. On Bigfoot and Doc: It’s truly a love-hate thing with these two. Obviously they’re using each other to get what they each want, but there’s also more going on I think. I mean Bigfoot gets off on talking the way he can only talk with Doc. On Bigfoot’s hair: Literally 15 minutes before my first scene we decided on the flat top. There were a couple of other ideas, but once we tried it, that became the way to go.

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I also watched the Felicity Jones starring adaptation yesterday! Have you already started reading from your April TBR. April features Northanger Abbey, which is one I love, so I am very excited. Or if you don't have a favourite classic, just your favourite gothic read? March is a rough month in Minnesota full of potholes, enormous puddles, and mysterious ice patches- but we survived! It’s April 1, so tell me: do you celebrate April fools day. Anyways, I’m sitting in traffic on my way to class, so I thought this was the perfect time to show you my TBR this month. I’m also planning to finish both of my current reads, My Year of Rest and Relaxation (audiobook) and Wilder Girls (eARC). I read 15 books this March, another interesting mixture of genres. Of all Austen's works, I have read and liked Mansfield Park the least.


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Available in our Etsy shop, link in bio ? 1 day ago 34 3. Racconta una storia di fantasmi che ti e stata tramandata; altrimenti, inventane una. Questa storia l'ho sentita spesso da mia nonna, quando raccontava dei luoghi dove era cresciuta, terre appartenenti alla famiglia Collalto, i primi conti di Treviso nel 1300. Bianca le stava pettinando i capelli e Chiara vide attraverso il riflesso dello specchio l'incrocio dei loro sguardi, una lacrima scivolare sul volto di lei e il sorriso di lui posarsi sulla guancia dell'ancella come una carezza, non potendola toccare. Partito il marito fece murare viva Bianca nella torre, dove mori di stenti. And how amazing is she despite our mounds of plastic that keep coming under-foot at shallow areas when we swim close to the shore. Temperatures have changed our world and the world under water drastically. Our only hope is to commune with the ocean and understand her better. A whole trek at Horton Plains takes you to the smaller World’s End, the Greater world’s end and then Baker’s Falls.