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The funniest, Sam’s montage; and the wildest, fist pump reverse Red Wedding cold open. I wouldn’t have enjoyed the episode half as much if I knew what they knew. I was a little underwhelmed by Dany’s arrival and I think it’s because all of that was already in the promos, and it followed a feast of new and interesting scenes. Turns out that Jacquen; plus Waif is able to turn into a much older lady with a different voice. o somehow the simple placement of the face changes everything about the person. hats my theory any way. The kiss could be poison, but I wouldn’t think Cersei would consider Yara a gift worthy of marriage since Yara’s part of the iron fleet would likely remain with Dany even so. Yara would be a great gift for Euron personally, though. They look like big, heavy fabrics but they can be pulled down very easily by someone as small as Dany (and also when Bolton banners were pulled down after BotB? . I am basing my theories off of an analysis of the show dialogue last season, primarily, and this one and off of the commentary videos. Also the Bran passing through the wall was slightly different to what I read (I won’t mention that just in case it happens in a latter episode). I read on twitter from someone who watched the premiere that it would be a cold open of Arya killing Freys I still really enjoyed that part. Clearly I know where the season is going but my intention is to remain as unsullied as possible from here on in. For now ? haha I like the conflict, I just hope it doesn’t put Sansa in my bad books at the end of this all, because I really want her to stay on my good side. I just don’t want that level of detail to be spoiled so like you and Dee I am trying to avoid spoilers from here on in.

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The music went anywhere from Bop to funk to straight ahead. After that initial tour, the summer festivals were all requesting their eclectic brand of contemporary jazz. Primarily recognized as an award-winning jazz vibraphonist, Mike Mainieri's equally remarkable talents as producer, performer, arranger and composer have contributed to shaping the cutting edge in music. During the '50s and early '60s, he performed with such legendary artists as Buddy Rich, Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins and Wes Montgomery. At the age of 20, he won Downbeat's International Jazz Critic's Award. Steps Ahead under Mainieri's leadership, continue to tour worldwide and will celebrate it's 40th anniversary in 2018. As a composer, arranger and performer, Mike has contributed to over 100 gold and platinum albums. An active participant in the rock and pop scenes, Mike produced and co-wrote three albums with Carly Simon and recorded with Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Dire Straits, Bonnie Raitt, George Benson, Paul McCartney and on Don McClean's classic album: American Pie. Whether you're an Epoisses expert or a Roquefort rookie, Cheese 101 is the place to be. We'll walk you through a tasting of seven families of cheese--from fresh to bloomy to blue and everything in between--so that you leave armed with the knowledge you need to approach even the most daunting of cheese counters and create a perfect cheese course of your own. Every cheese has a story, and we'll explore each one, all while enjoying unlimited pours of our house sparkling and red wines to pair with your plate of our favorite cheeses at peak perfection. Non-alcoholic beverages are available in substitution of house wines. A benefit documentary screening by award-winning filmmaker Joseph C. A film on former U. . Attorney General and Human Rights activist Ramsey Clark. Christina Custode is a Grammy Recording Academy Artist and multi-award winning singer songwriter and pianist currently based out of the greater Buffalo, NY area.


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An occasional “Boyz in the Hood” type film, where the blacks are sympathetic characters, living in a much cleaner neighborhood that exists somewhere in Bullshitville, USA, and they sell some drugs and do some bangin’ but hey, they’re good boys. If they did a film that showed black men using ebonics, saying “fuck”, “motherfucker”, “gnome sane” and “shee-it”, as the mainstays of their vocabulary, threatening lawsuits against everyone (“I’ll sue your AZZZZ”), raping black and white women, burglarizing black and white people’s homes arbitrarily, and murdering black and white people left and right, in fits of uncontrollable rage, okay, now we’re getting closer. For making rational arguments against their theories which are based on my pratcical experience (not just what I learned at school, but actual knowledge of thinsg like photography. But usually, when somebody comes in to disrupt a discussion, or cast stones at a commenter, and they have no avatar (check), they are a potential paid disinfo guy. I mean, what, somebody really likes ROK, comes in, and starts bashing writers. Yeah, if I didn’t believe in Bigfoot, I’d spend my time at a Bigfoot site and bash people for their opinions. Heh. They try to start arguments, get you to respond. Cast aspersions toward your intellect and your manhood. We are currently investigating and will post status updates as they become available. The original thread now appears to have vanished from Above Top Secret’s website. The original thread has now been moved to the “Hoax” category of the website, as ATS claims the author admitted it was a hoax in a private exchange. To the best of our knowledge, this private exchange or the details thereof have not been posted publicly to substantiate this claim. Regardless, we believe that covert operations to manipulate online opinion and debate do exist (and indeed have been publicly acknowledged in many of the supporting links below). Whether this specific case is true or not, it remains a valuable and provocative dialogue still worthy of consideration. For someone seemingly open-minded Im a little surprised you have rejected its content so rashly. Are you arguing that the notice is there only so that they can plausibly deny exposing that stuff.


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If you do, then it's time to get your vocal chords ready, because auditions for the 13th season of the show come to Massachusetts this week. You can still enjoy the fun of an outdoor dinner on a summer evening at a Pop-Up Picnic. Kendall Square hot spot The Blue Room and food truck Bon Me are collaborating on a four-course fusion menu that includes chicken galantine with slaw, chilled cucumber soup shooters, sandwiches with sweet and spicy Chinese sausage, and forbidden rice pudding. And don't worry about packing the blanket -- it's provided. Events will include a costume contest, film festivals, trivia, panels, and more. This year, in addition to bringing in local and national acts, the festivities celebrate Boston's resilience in the face of tragedy. It represents the spirit and strength of a community that reaches out, neighbor to neighbor. BOSTON LANDMARKS ORCHESTRA CONCERT Catch this annual summer tradition at the Hatch Shell. The Boston Landmarks Orchestra hosts a different theme every Wednesday during their free concert series. Here are our picks of some things to do around the Hub, whether you're looking to cool down or sip on a cool beverage after work. If you're in the market for warm weather fun, be sure to check out our mobile summer guide. Meet their reps, talk about beer, and of course, indulge in some suds. The cold treat will be available July 17-19, 11 a. . 3 p. . at City Hall Plaza.


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Inspiration, development and a spiritual removal company. Kingswells House, in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a remarkable spiritual centre. Overseen by evidential and trance medium Eileen Davies, it's dedicated to a whole lot more than mediumistic development, writes Sue Farrow. ACTRESS Naomi Watts believes the late Princess Diana has given permission from the spirit world for Naomi to portray her on screen. Interviewed in the Mail on Sunday the star of Oliver Hirschbiegel's new movie Diana said she has so immersed herself in the role that she felt a spiritual connection with the late Princess of Wales. Sally Morgan delivers a surprise MEDIUM Sally Morgan shocked a TV interviewer during her summer tour of Australia by announcing his wife's secret pregnancy. Tom Williams, interviewer on Australia's new show Daily Edition, and his wife, fashion designer Rachel Gilbert, had kept their happy event to themselves, and even Tom's colleagues were in the dark. Chris employed the use of hypnosis to enhance mediumship and communication. All students had prior knowledge and experience of mediumship, enabling Chris to focus on hypnotherapy techniques during the first day. Swimming for serenity DO you find meditation difficult. Spirit plan fulfilled on J. . Trust week Psychic artist Coral Ryder tell the extraordinary story of a spirit plan that saw an 'ownerless' psychic portrait find its home at last. I have heard numerous tales from my parents about the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, and the many hours of fun and learning they've enjoyed within its walls. They've shared so many accounts of people they've met, friends they've made and phenomena they've witnessed, and as a result I have always wanted to go there. It was with delight, then, that I discovered I had been offered a place on the annual J. .