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Going ahead, yes, she has already seen Beric come back, so Jon coming back should not automatically have her thinking that he is AA. That’s why I am interested in what she thinks of Jon in the coming episodes. I think he is going to the Umbers and asking them to join there army. But suddenly they arrest Davos and hand him over to the Boltons. Can you imagine what discussions we would get if Mel did that. It’s fun to see how the show works differently for the three of us. Random thoughts: Young Lyanna on her horse and Wyllis the stable-boy. My first thought was that Lyanna’s horse would cause a brain injury for Wyllis that will involve a door; I’m sure the real story will be more interesting than that. I just re-read the kingsmoot chapter and recognized Asha-Yara’s line about the pinecones. I had many doubts about the Sansa-Theon storyline during season 5, but Sophie and Alfie just nailed their scene here — it’s the only time I cried this episode. It was a great choice to delay Balon’s death until now to remind us of Mel’s leeches and to show Mel cleaning the body to remind us of the power of king’s blood. Although the show has not emphasized the eerie connection between Ghost and Mel as the books have, I think that it was important that both Mel and Ghost had given up before Jon woke. He was yelling at Roose to kill Ramsay while he had a chance. When Ramsay asked to see Walda and the baby, my husband asked if he was going to kill them. I told him he could fast-forward through the scene if he guessed how it would happen — and he guessed correctly on the first try (come to think of it, he had also guessed last week that Ramsay would feed Myranda to the dogs). My husband did not, however, figure out the very-much-anticipated scene in the episode 3 preview — he asked me if it was a new character and thought he was either a Lannister or a “stormborn”. I’m glad there will be some surprises for him next week. I mean ghost lies still, waits for them all to leave the room and then BOOM. We needed him, I really hope he gets some decent time in this season. Looking forward to seeing how things go in the next few episodes.

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However, on some occasions even the most carefully managed volley of heavy rifle fire didn’t seem to do as much damage as it should, suggesting there is still some balancing to be done. And now as I said the kitchen is not an open seven days. A week say who really love is so successful hasn’t contacted dot duchess my guns will receive very close to highest she visits his music twice lost no exciting to get snow and acquire wild. Perhaps you could also bring along some brochures for engagement rings you would like to see on your daughter finger. And don forget to pressure this couple about having grandchildren. Ten years ago, Hameid points out, Cipla’s exports amounted to only 10% of total sales; today, they’re half, and he wants that number to increase to 60%. In order to achieve that goal, Hameid is expanding Cipla’s capital expenditure budget. Then set up a hermes replica handbags usa siege and play through that. Call them back, when you ready, and make another appointment. I remember being 8 yrs old and my father accusing me of smoking cigarettes in our bathroom because he found one floating in the toilet. The knowledge may not be as deep, but it will be there. ot sure why you are bringing up baking supplies. If home depot is MMA then plumbing, wood, flooring, lighting are all, other martial arts hermes belt replica aaa. Well I needed a tow today after I got damage to my front tire and my car was undriveable. And we're not talking a simple flat that I could have changed myself, my wheel well was damaged. I called the number on the card and had to wait, oh I don't know, maybe 10 minutes tops before someone answered. No complaints about the woman helping, she was courteous and got all the information she needed. She said a truck would be to me within the hour, came in 10 minutes. Tip: when they ask if you want text notifications, say yes. They will send you a tracker link to track your truck.

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Shireen’s death will be proven a hoax; she is alive and well, and the child burned at the stake will be shown to be some random Wildling’s bastard used in a calculated effort to discredit Melisandre. (For more serious thoughts on Stannis and ImmolateGate, check out this post from last year. Stannis deliberately lost the Battle of Winterfell as a means to sow hubris among the Boltons. As one who both respects duty and understands badassery, Stannis will forgive Brienne of Tarth for killing him and promote her to Lady Commander of his Imperial Guard. Deal with it. And on that note, Qyburn’s first act will be to devise a kind of Westerosi Miracle Grow for Cersei’s hair. Tormund Giantsbane will kill a White Walker (prior to unification under Emperor Stannis, of course) by strangling it with his beard. Upon witnessing the aforementioned episode, Peter Jackson will spontaneously combust while berating himself for not adding such a scene to the cheese-fest that was The Hobbit. Tormund Giantsbane will sit the Iron Throne (sanctioned by the Night’s Emperor). The Three-Eyed Raven’s first lesson to Bran Stark will be to inform him that, in the archaic and hitherto unknown language of the First Men, the name “Roose Bolton” translates to “Tumorous Goat Penis. Not sure what I dislike more about Roose: that he killed Robb, or that he looks like Vladimir Putin. To Michael’s credit, though, he’d look good in an ushanka. Except this time, Sansa will say “fuck it” and stab her torturer in the eye with a fork. And the world will finally come to know that Sansa Stark ain’t your whipping girl. Speaking of whom, I believe I’ve uncovered a secret. Observe, if you will, how, when viewed from certain angles, her ears look very pointy. Combine this with the tall stature and porcelain skin, and the evidence is clear and incontrovertible: Sophie Turner is an Elf. Sansa will kick Littlefinger in the nuts. Repeatedly. We’ll finally catch up with our old pal Walder Frey.

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Fitness fanatics look away now: for those that find exercise really boring, and their get up and go often gets up and goes while they stay sedentary. Mount Burnmore could be the answer to that lethargy: it turns fitness into a game. Mount Burnmore depends on “active energy”, which it pulls from the Health app: the more calories you’ve burned, the more active energy you have in the game. When you have sufficient energy you can attempt to solve the game’s puzzles, which involve finding routes around the titular mountain, collecting in-game items and smashing things with a pickaxe. There’s a Complication that enables you to see your progress without launching the full game, and the app makes good use of the Digital Crown to help you navigate around larger levels later in the game. There are also leaderboards to compare with other players and in-game challenges to win freebies. It’s bright, breezy and a bit brash, and we suspect it’s best suited to older children rather than grown-ups - although if you do give this one to the kids you might want to disable in-app purchases, as they can be used to buy in-game items. This one’s US-only for now. It’s a way to pay for fuel and car washes with your Apple Watch via the magic of Apple Pay, and it syncs with Ford SYNC 3 so you can use voice commands in the car too. You can use it in 10,000 participating Exxon and Mobil stations across the US, and it’s capable of more than just payment: the app records sales for electronic receipts and enables you to manage your loyalty points as well. It’s really straightforward to use, assuming you’ve got funds in the bank. Just roll up to the pump or automated car wash, pull up the app and tell it which pump you’re parked at. Use the app to approve payment to that pump and then double-tap your watch’s side button to pay with Apple Pay. As soon as you do that, you’re free to pump all day long. You’ll see more apps like this over time, as many manufacturers are looking into mobile payments, so - for example - Jaguar and Shell in the UK have an Apple pay app for their customers, and fuel companies are keen too: in addition to ExxonMobil, Chevron’s also experimenting with Apple Pay. Sometimes the best way to learn new things is to have fun, and that’s particularly true of languages: we can’t remember a taught word of the languages we rote-learned in school, but we can remember all the swear words and rude ones our peers snickered about on the bus home. Babbel takes a more mature, but no less effective, approach to language learning, using data from the check-in service Foursquare to tell you about nearby words you need to find and translate on its Watch app. For example: you might learn the foreign word for a type of drink when you’re at a coffee shop. The main iPhone app is more formal but still concentrates on real-world language, so you’re more likely to learn how to ask if somebody’s married or if they want some wine than tell them that your aunt’s pen is in the garden. It’s proven to be effective and has more than a million subscribers, making it one of the most popular language learning tools around.