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This event is part of Tacoma Historical Society's monthly speaker series. Its long-awaited sequel, Blade Runner 2049, opens Oct. 6 in theaters. Open to students, faculty, and staff. Attend a class, tour campus, and meet Puget Sound students and professors. Submit a design for this year’s School of Business and Leadership T-shirt. T-shirts will be available to everyone in early November through the rest of the school year. The program will consist of three required courses during the regular term, followed by a four-week field trip (camping, travel by van) from mid-May through mid-June. If you are interested in this unique learning experience, please stop by to learn more. She serves on dozens of academic and philanthropic boards and publishes widely on issues of inequality, work, higher education and technology. Each lecture is followed by discussion opportunities. The money raised will provide scholarships for students dedicated to influencing positive change on campus for social justice and diversity. We are reaching out to our community because we need your financial support to make this a reality. Please join us for an exciting evening of philanthropy, community engagement and partnership. The documentary Crazywise explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crises into positive transformative experiences. In 2017, Sociologists for Women in Society awarded her the Feminist Activist award for using sociology to improve the lives of women.

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At Park Guell, people mark the cactus so future tourists can see that they were there and they were douchebags. But within days of seeing this, I come across a New Yorker article excerpting Mavis Gallant’s diary from Spain, in 1952. She mentions the ubiquity of signs for detective agencies in Barcelona! Who knew. I’ll be covering similar material coming up in a couple of months at WebVisions Chicago. Meanwhile, I had a bit of time to explore, and found Barcelona to be a beautiful and well-designed city. Here are some sample images, with more to follow in the next day or so (and the complete set on Flickr ). Why are locksmith services advertised with such verve. While the whole place is a delicious mix of old and new, classic and modern, this area went just a bit too far into Mall. While this building is gorgeous, its siting and overall vibe is dehumanizing. The gear, which adds up to 2 grams, about half the weight of a roach, is still in the prototype phase. As the bugs crawl into crevices and disperse, their microphones pick up sounds, while the radios transmit data via a local-area wireless technology called ZigBee. In the future, the bugs might carry sensors to detect radioactivity or chemicals. Epstein and his team are working to make the electronic circuitry even tinier, so it can be carried by smaller insects such as crickets and water bugs. They’re also testing a metal composite that flexes like a muscle when electricity is applied. Placing the material on a cricket would alter the flutter of its wings and distort the pitch of its chirp.

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? daddy stalin I feel like I'm the only one who was happy the mountain won Ultimate Book Maniacs You mean as a villain. Especially in the books where he is far more twisted and formidable. Kaeble I hope cersei wins G. . . nd she wears the dragons as a pair of boots, Ultimate Book Maniacs LOL. Ultimate Book Maniacs It was in Season 6, which came out way after I created this video. Ultimate Book Maniacs We all do. ? Patrick Whiting The Hound the only guy who can split someone in half Ultimate Book Maniacs Idk about the Hound but The Mountain can easily it too. Still, after what I had read in the books, I was kind of expecting him to fight like Arrow or the other League of Assassins. Plus now we’ve gotten to see the Tower of Joy scene as well, Arthur Dayne was a badass. Ultimate Book Maniacs I get what you mean, and I regret this decision now, but at the time I made this video, I had just read the books and I was really impressed with the Sand Snakes. I guess I watched this scene with rose colored glasses. LOL.

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Of course they only respect her after they find out she’s another man’s property. Not for her own sake. Sigh. 23. I like the way Dany goes right back to the beginning of her journey before returning to Westeros. 24. Ugggh, the Waif, ugggh. 25. “It’s a sad fucking statement if Dolorous Edd is our only chance. I wonder if this will be more significant in the future, now that he’s kinda Lord Commander and all. ? 26. Game of Thrones loves to troll us. We’re all waiting for Melisandre to revive Jon, but they just reveal she’s a super old lady instead. I can’t wait to see him ACTUALLY at home, which he will be this season if that one shot in the trailer is anything to go by. 32.

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Di Perancis, roti sabit umumnya dijual tanpa isi dan dimakan tanpa tambahan mentega. Namun di luar negara asalnya, terdapat pula roti sabit yang berisikan cokelat, daging, dan sebagainya. Roti lapis atau Sandwich dalam bahasa Inggris (terkadang dikenal juga dengan roti isi), adalah makanan yang biasanya terdiri dari sayuran, keju atau daging yang diiris, diletakkan di atas atau di antara irisan roti, atau lebih tepatnya makanan apapun dimana dua atau lebih potongan roti berfungsi sebagai wadah atau pembungkus untuk jenis makanan lain. Roti lapis spageti (bahasa Inggris: Spaghetti sandwich) adalah sandwich atau roti lapis yang dibuat dengan menggunakan spageti, saus, dan roti sebagai bahan utama. Sebagai penyair Persia yang menjadi produser televisi pada program-program televisi seperti 60 Minutes, Hakakian menjadi terkenal karena memoirnya, Journey from the Land of No pada 2004. Esay-esaynya tentang masalah-masalah di Iran ditampilkan di New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal dan NPR. Hakakian adalah anggota pendiri dari Pusat Dokumentasi Hak Asasi Manusia Iran, dan menjabat pada badan Refugees International. Ribulosa-1,5-bisfosfat karboksilase-oksigenase, disingkat Rubisco (dari nama bahasa Inggrisnya), adalah enzim raksasa yang berperan sangat penting dalam reaksi gelap fotosintesis tumbuhan. Ada ratusan bahasa yang masih dituturkan yang termasuk dalam rumpun bahasa ini. Banyak bahasa anggota rumpun ini yang memiliki sejarah tertulis sangat panjang (kedua tertua setelah rumpun bahasa Afroasiatik) sehingga kajiannya relatif eksak dan perbandingan bahasa dapat dilakukan lebih cermat. Kurang lebih separuh dari 6 miliar jiwa penduduk bumi berbahasa ibu dari salah satu rumpun bahasa ini. Bahasa-bahasa Indo-Eropa mencakup delapan subrumpun yang mudah ditilik perbedaan maupun kemiripannya. Mereka adalah subrumpun Indo-Iran, Armenia, Helenik, Albania, Italik, Keltik, Germanik, dan Balto-Slavik. Selain itu terdapat sub rumpun bahasa Anatolia, Tokharia, dan bahasa Proto-Indo-Eropa (hipotetik) yang telah punah. Dari 20 bahasa masa kini yang terbesar menurut jumlah penuturnya menurut Ethnologue SIL, dua belas di antaranya adalah Indo-Eropa: bahasa Spanyol, bahasa Inggris, bahasa Hindi, bahasa Portugis, bahasa Bengali, bahasa Rusia, bahasa Jerman, bahasa Marathi, bahasa Prancis, bahasa Italia, bahasa Punjabi, dan bahasa Urdu. Penutur asli kedua belas bahasa ini mencakup lebih dari 1,7 miliar jiwa.

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In a cheap moncler jackets price sensitive market, low cost no frills airlines have an upper moncler outlet sale hand in terms of profitability and operating parameters. Air India has been competing in this market by keeping its price low but its high moncler outlet woodbury cost structure was bleeding it. A man was arrested. And police could be seen rubbing their eyes in discomfort, and spraying water on each other. Image: Keith Jones)Cambrigeshire Constabulary released a statement stating: “Three officers attached to today’s moncler sale protests have been exposed to a red dye. We done is really just an interim measure until the moncler sale online federal legislation is passed. It important to have a consistent approach across the country, and of course, federal legislation would always take cheap moncler sale precedence over provincial legislation. But we felt that we had to have some regulation in place until the federal government finally passes the legislation. The Tiffin University signee has the longest throw in the state this season (63 75. 5 at the Amherst Lancer Invitational), an discount moncler jackets improvement of 6 feet over his 2017 high watermark, and has also improved his discus throw distance by more than 20 feet (157 6 at the Class 6 state championship meet). He won the Class 6 state title in the shot put and placed second in the discus throw. Homing pigeons are trained to fly home, sometimes crossing hundreds of miles of unfamiliar terrain. Be it for me to suggest that pigeons are smarter than dogs; they are not intellectual giants, Lea said. We make no request to any foreign gov but UAE gov voluntarily offer 700cr. No, says Union gov, it is below our dignity to accept foreign aid. Carstairs staff nurse Paul Bradford and Michael Philips have been off work since the incident was reported in March.