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Thanks to her old friend Hot Pie, Arya finds out that the Battle of the Bastards was a thing that happened, and changes her plans. Instead of heading to King's Landing, which is only 200 miles away, she heads north to be reunited with her family. Later, in the woods, a wolfpack gathers around Arya. Arya asks Nymeria to come North with her, but she walks away. Like Arya, Nymeria has her own plans, and doesn't follow what anyone wants her to do. Euron kills Obara and Nymeria Sand, and captures Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene. Euron tries to convince Theon to save Yara himself. Triggered by the sight of men being tortured, Theon seems to transform back into Reek and jumps into the ocean. And Jon expected Daenerys to offer her help to fight the White Walkers immediately. But unfortunately, the two are both incredibly stubborn, which is definitely a trait they share because they are related. With the help of Tyrion Lannister, the two come to an agreement: Daenerys will let Jon make weapons out of the dragonglass at Dragonstone because it can destroy White Walkers. She says she'll be back, and we think she will be sometime in season eight. Cersei poisons Tyene with a kiss, the same poison used to kill Myrcella. On Cersei's orders, he poisons Olenna Tyrell who confesses to killing Joffrey. Cersei wants to wipe out all of her enemies, and Olenna was one of the weakest. Jaime poisons her, and lets her know that he talked Cersei out of giving her a more brutal death. But Olenna is a clever woman, and wouldn't go down without having a shining moment. He promises her that he will support her once the gold arrives.

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keep buying the same software. But this is potentially, and I think fundamentally, naive. It assumes that such study results should be replicable. This is, I believe not just wrong but fundamentally so. The assumption of replicability is not really different from equating induction to deduction, except in some subtle way applied to a more diverse set of conditions. Induction of genomic-based disease risk is done on a population like, say, case-control samples, and then applied to the same population in terms of its current members' future disease risks. But we know very well that different genotypes are found in different populations, so it is not clear what degree of predictability we should, or can, assume. Replicability is similar except that in general a result is assumed to apply across populations or samples, not just to the same sample's future. That is, I think, an even broader assumption than the genomics-precision promise that does, at least nominally, now recognize population differences. The real, the deeper problem is that we have absolutely no reason to expect any particular degree of replicability between samples for these kinds of things. Evolution is about variation, locally responsive and temporary, and that applies to social behavior as well. We know that 'distance' or difference accumulates (generally) gradually over time and separation as a property of cultural as well as biological evolution. The same obviously applies even more to psychological and sociological samples and inferences from them. Not only is it silly to think that samples of, say, this year's college seniors at X University will respond to questionnaires in the same way as samples of some other class or university or beyond. Of course, college students come cheap to researchers, and they're convenient. But they are not 'representative' in the replicability sense except by some sort of rather profound assumption. This is obvious, yet it is a tacit concept of very much research (biological, psychological, and sociological). Even social scientists acknowledge the local and temporary nature of many of the things they investigate, because the latter are affected by cultural and historical patterns, fads, fashions, and so much more.


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This is a network installer image, so it is small (about 290MB) and downloads quickly - but it absolutely requires that you have an internet connection when you run it. The installed system does not have this problem, the touchpad works just fine with it. Second, the Intel Wi-Fi adapter requires a proprietary driver which is not included in the Debian FOSS-only distribution. This means that you will have to use a wired network connection for the installation - but in this case, you still have the same problem after you boot the installed system - the driver is still not there. Reboot after that is installed, and wireless networking will be working. At this point I was running Debian 9. (stretch). Almost everything was working normally - the exception was (still) the touchpad. I prefer to run Debian testing, because it stays much more up-to-date with ongoing Linux development. Then refresh the repository list (apt-get update), and download and install the updates (apt-get dist-upgrade). Reboot after the upgrade has finished, and the system is running Debian testing. Ok, time for another of my favorites - Manjaro Linux. I'm particularly interested in seeing how the installation goes with this distribution, because Manjaro uses the calamares installer, which is also used by several other popular distributions, so if this one goes smoothly, especially with the HP UEFI firmware, it means the same will be true of KaOS, Sparky and others. The latest installation image (17. . ) can be obtained from the Manjaro Downloads page, with either KDE, Xfce or Gnome desktops. Other desktop versions are available on the Community Releases page, including Cinnamon, MATE, Deepin, Budgie, i3, LXDE, LXQt and Bspwm. Whew.

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No spoilers included, only short clips from the show. This theory takes into account the possible theories over the years of Bran being Azor Ahai, The Last Hero, and Bran The Builder. Recent events with Hodor may confirm reasoning that the Mad King may not be crazy after all! The Three-Eyed Raven was calling Bran in order for him to teach him how to use his abilities as a Greenseer. Since the Three-Eyed Raven is the last Greenseer he needs someone to pass down his knowledge to before his end. Season 6 will be dealing with Bran mastering his warging powers and learning about what greensight is. The five published books have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide as of April 2015. The series is written by George R. . Martin, a man notorious for his incredibly specific writing style and slow pacing. Martin has been working on the upcoming sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, and has repeatedly refused to give an estimated time of completion. According to Uproxx, Martin recently spoke at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and commented on the book delays. Instead of blaming writers block, he put it down to an onslaught of distractions. Along with the Targaryen's, House Stark is the only other house that displays magic power. This is obviously genetic, but when did they acquire this magical DNA? Discuss! Disclaimer: clips belong to HBO used in a fair way here. George RR Martin recently made a post about the Winds of Winter and its publication date.

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Pemeran pendukung berperan dengan cukup penting dalam film ini. Mereka menyajikan pemandangan suram di balik indahnya Thailand. Keunggulan dalam film ini sebenarnya terletak pada desain produksinya yang cukup bagus. Latar dibuat sedetail mungkin dengan pencahayaan yang pas dan barang-barang kuno. Sinematografi dan pacing yang cukup menarik disajikan dengan mulus. Jadi penonton yang baik yang mentaati dan menghargai hak cipta ya, dengan tidak mempublikasikan atau merekam konten material film secara sembarangan. Tindakan membajak film baik dalam bentuk illegal uploading, file to file sharing stau live streaming bukan hanya merugikan bagi pekerja film saja, tetapi efek buruknya akan mencederai seluruh ekosistem perfilman, dan menghambat pertumbuhan industri film khususnya di Indonesia. Saya mau banget CGV Card Edisi Wiro Sableng karena kartunya keren dan edisi terbatas, desainnya bagus banget. Saya akan sangat senang sekali bila bisa mendapatkannya untuk menambah koleksi kartu saya. Dan kalo kamu punya nyali lebih, jangan lupa nontonnya di 4DX dan ScreenX CGV atau IMAXX Cinema 21. Tike Presale tersedia untuk Jadwal tayang mulai tanggal 05 - 09 September 2018? Lewis menculik Cathy di siang bolong dan membawanya ke rumahnya, di mana ia mengunci Cathy di sebuah sel yang kedap suara dan mencoba untuk mengungkap rahasia gelap dari masa lalu perempuan itu. Terlalu repetitif di babak pertama, cerita dalam film '10x10' ini sangatlah membosankan untuk diikuti. Memiliki latar yang sempit, membuat ceritanya semakin sempit. Thriller yang disajikan kurang mantap dan mencekam. Twist yang sungguh tak diduga malahan membuat penonton semakin bingung untuk menontonnya. Dua pemain utama, Luke Evans dan Kelly Reilly bermain dengan baik. Apa yang mereka rasakan dapat tersampaikan dengan jelas kepada penonton.

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A prolific director of shorts for Saturday Night Live, Tom Schiller moved into features here, bringing several SNL alumni with him. It has still never been released and Schiller never directed a feature again. It revolves around Galligan living in a dystopian New York controlled by the Port Authority. He stumbles upon an underground network of tramps who secretly rule the world, and gets sent on a mission to the Moon in a bus with Bill Murray. John Belushi would also have been a part of the madness, but tragically died just a few weeks before filming started. These days it has “cult classic” written all over it, but it remains unavailable, Warners claim, due to unspecified rights problems. It was finally shown on TCM at the start of this year, and Murray and Aykroyd have both said they’re up for making some DVD extras. But the studio line remains that it’s a long way down their priority list. Linklater’s fifth film, made the year after Before Sunrise, is based on the play by Eric Bogosian; Bogosian also wrote the script. A kind of slacker reworking of Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh, it revolves a round a Gen-X gang of friends who hang out at their local convenience store and occasionally hassle the clerk. One of their former number who’s since gone off and become a rock star, comes back to visit. The soundtrack is the likely culprit: a DVD or a Blu-ray would involve making costly new payments to the likes of Sonic Youth, Beck, Ministry, The Flaming Lips, Skinny Puppy and Meat Puppets. So you can’t get a disc, but the film does sporadically show up on streaming platforms. You know the Michael Jackson song about the boy and his rat. It comes from this, the sequel to 1971 horror hit Willard. Having had enough of his former master by the end of the last film, giant rat Ben and his swarm befriend young Danny Garrison. And it’s all fun and games until people start getting gnawed in the face. Very few BCP films are widely available anymore: even the original Willard seems only to be for sale in Spain.