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So many euphemisms which are inappropriate rattled through my brian. tacos and beavers should not be compared to the same part of the body described as The Mound Of Venus. As this thought fluttered through my mind I also noticed the utter silence in the theatre. There were no longer any sounds of auto-eroticism whatsoever, in fact my fellow patrons seemed to be petrified in the more literal sense. I became alarmed by this, but was even more alarmed when Marilyn Chambers's bush on-screen burst into flames, and began to speak to me. DR HOOPLA, a smooth female voice called from the burning bush. I gulped, since there seemed little else to do under the circumstances. I could feel it. GOOD. said the voice. YOU'RE ONE OF MINE. Who, who are you? I asked. Why me? I asked, not cowering as blatantly as a few moments prior, but still cowering nonetheless. The manhandling kicked back in, but sounded more serene this time, like a gentle rainfall on a tin roof.

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And if that’s not enough for you, then at least there’s a talking goat. Not ever really worth it without a talking goat, is there. There are enough films out there that explicitly put forward the message that “having a quick go, oh please, go on” on a ouija board, is a bad idea (watch Witchboard, Ouija, Long Time Dead, etc, for evidence). Numerous people have dubbed this “the scariest film ever”, so load it up and see for yourself. Then, like the girl in the film, again fail to listen to any warning we may have given you, and go and use a ouija board. It’s seriously tense, but it’s also a gory laugh, so it’ll cater for most of the horror crowd. There’s a sequel, too - The Collection - which aside from having a hilarious and ridiculously blood-soaked opening ten minutes, is not as good. Shame. There’s not been such an edge-of-your-seat-basically-on-the-floor scene like that this year - it’s a pant-wetter, make no mistake. What makes the film so scary is it’s ostensibly a sci-fi - in many instances a beautiful, relaxing one - and then suddenly something horrendous will happen, and it’s brown-trouser time. No clown this time, but an angry ghost mum who hides in the shadows and takes turns floating about the place or crawling along the floor like a giant spider. She also likes to kidnap children - a bad, scary egg, is Mama. Peculiar teenager Carrie can move things with her mind, and if you chuck a bunch of blood on her head, then she’s going to move something sharp right into your guts, mate. A classic supernatural adaptation - one of King’s best - that demands to be seen by any horror fan. It’s well worth a watch if you’re looking for a quick, simple, scary, 90 minute horror flick to pass the time, so let’s change this little-seen movie into one that is resolutely a-bit-seen. Remember how just absolutely great in every possible way it was.

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Dominic explained to her that she had already been there a century ago. Just that Bernadette killed herself and Evelyn's body went into distress. Then we go into the ballroom where Evelyn's transition party is taking place. As she sits there, her memories come back to the night many years ago when she was ACTUALLY looking for Bernadette. The twist is, Bernadette was in love with Dominic but she didn't kill herself. Evelyn ends up there and goes into shock at the sight of her sister. However, she faints and this is what actually puts her into a supernatural coma that she finally woke up from at the beginning of the machinima. I use the song as Dominic showing his gratitude to Bernadette for his meeting with Evelyn. This story follows the ups and downs of Ella Johnson, just an average kid in an average world. I hope you enjoy my satirical take on Sims Machinima. Please note that I don't endorse any of the topics discussed in the video, cuz I know some of y'all don't know what the word satire means. Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( ). Earnest by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( ). At least you guys will have something to enjoy, remember i love you guys so much. I know i should have done a better video but i have so much to do. I apologize for not uploading but i cant ignore the circumstances i have a bunch of essays and projects and tests, i seriously can't catch up, youtube has always been my dream and i am trying my best to provide content for my channel, but i'm too busy.

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Both are used for communicating ideas but a story is presented in a more entertaining style in order to communicate those ideas. Arianne and Doran were the only two I could remember the names of after reading the books. Getting a bit bored of repeating the same conversation but what the hey. My main beef is that the characters IMO in Dorne weren’t fleshed out like Victarion was or intriguing like Euron was. Another problem was that the Iron Islands plot was introduced through Asha, a known and reasonably well-liked character. It made the story feel more natural and eased the reader into the plot. Dorne we got characters we know nothing about talking about characters we know nothing about. It’s not surprising why so many readers didn’t care. Working the Iron Islands in would have been much easier than Dorne as you have less characters to work in, Yara as a starting point as well as. The massive charisma void in Dorne means that a lot of work has got to go into it to make it watchable. Introduce who everyone is, lay out the conflict down there, say why we should give a crap about the Queenmaker plot and then actually execute it all. You can’t deny that The Iron Islands plot would cause a lot less hassle in disrupting other storylines, the timeline in general and wouldn’t take as much screentime. By the end of the Dorne plot can you honestly say it has had a major effect on the overarching plot? Other than. Pointing to one GRRM quote doesn’t make Sand Snakes uncuttable and it sure as hell doesn’t change the fact they are so far in the book irrelevant. Never gonna agree on this as we both have different opinions on why some things may or may not work.