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Sunil Sethi further said that Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so for all times to come. The future of Kashmiris is secure and safe with Tolerant India and propagators of separatism at the behest and support of Pakistan are trying to play with the lives of innocent Kashmiri population by misleading them. He further said that a common citizen in the militancy affected areas of state has realised the game plans of separatists and militants and the fact that they can only bring destruction and devastation to the state and there is no public support to militancy or separatism in the state, which is being sustained to little extent by enemies of India sitting across the border. In near future, the state will revert back to the same position, which existed before militancy, where all communities and cultures were living peacefully. The time is coming for return of complete normalcy in the state, which will lead to unprecedented growth and development in the state, where economy is majorly based on tourism. State is getting all infrastructural and economical support from Narendra Modi government and more will be given to state for the betterment of its people. Vibodh Demands ST Status for Paharis Based on Recommendation of the Government Committee In the ongoing assembly session BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta today made various interventions related to injustice to the Pahari community in the Upper House. He said that from a long time injustice is being done to this community besides assurances for various Governments in the state. Vibodh asked for information on the status of report of the committee constituted by Government to ascertain facts about the socio-economic status of the Pahari community in the state. Vidodh further made enquiries related to already sanctioned Pahari Research and Culture Centre to be setup at the University of Jammu. On this Vibodh was informed that so far this center has not been started but the posts for this center have already been advertised. This received very sharp reactions from the other members of the house including Zafar Manhas, Javaid Mirchal and Shanaz Ghnai. This calls for immediate action from the Government as the committee constituted for the same has already submitted its report. Vibodh also demanded a Pahari House at Jammu in line with Ladakh and Kargil House. During the proceedings of the house Vibodh asked the information related to the current population status of various communities in the state. Whereas the Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains constitute 1. 7%, 0.

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“Excess Baggage” by Carol Davis First publication: The Time Travel Chronicles, 2 Nov 2015 By chance, fourteen-year-old Toby Cobb gets in the path of time-traveler John Asher who’s headed to save an important woman from the great San Francisco earthquake. As a result, both of them end up trapped in a wasteland. You ca n ’ t change history, dude. Known fact. You ca n ’ t mess with things. Create paradoxes. You could much everything up so you do n ’ t even exist, like in Back to the Future. You should n ’ t even be telling me this. “Extant” by Anthony Vicino First publication: The Time Travel Chronicles, 2 Nov 2015 Three paratroopers—Kaelyn, Zoe, and Maddix—are having a really bad jump, but fortunately they can always unwind time by a limited number of seconds. Time reversed, dragging at my atoms like a boat suddenly throwing down its anchor whilst traveling at full speed. Nausea and vertigo twisted about, dancing just beyond the perimeter of my mind before slamming into my chest and driving the air out of my lungs. “Meddler” by Ernie Luis First publication: The Time Travel Chronicles, 2 Nov 2015 Miller, who deals in illict drugs sent from the future, knows the eventual fate of each of his clients, but he can never intervene, not even when his all those people are dying one after another. I boot up my laptop and search for an old report I got on Jeff when he first started coming in. And it tells us everything we need to know about the future of our clients. I liked the story’s atmosphere, but felt that the author needed better research about prices in the 60s. By my calculations, that red Mustang must have held about 70 gallons of gas— leaded gas, that is—given the price they paid for a fill-up. And teen talk was peppered with “cool” more so than “like.

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I can imagine the same boy who called my Kohl's top a caveman shirt perplexed by why I'd find a shirt that doesn't hug any portion of my skin or only shows off my shoulders infinitely sexy. But it is, and all these newer tops are, for one single reason: they're worn for the women wearing them, and nobody else. A shirt I wear out. A nice dinner shirt. A club top. A hell-yeah-vacation smock. See: Bill Cunningham, Iris, Dior and I, Valentino: The Last Emperor. ome September 15, Music Box Films will release Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards. The first official trailer was released yesterday, and if it's any indication, teases a film that's poised to have all the fashuns, and drama, and inimitable one-liners from a star-studded roster of cameos. Since his appointment in 2011, Rousteing has been credited with bringing a new era of social media savviness into the historic French fashion house. Now, the young designer is taking his eye for photography beyond the scope of Instagram. Dedicated to the city of Paris, the series of black-and-white photos were shot all over the French capital and feature Balmain Army members such as Natasha Poly, Lara Stone, Presley Gerber, Ton Heukels, Jon Kortagarena, Marlon Teixeira, Grace Bol, Aleyna Fitzgerald, Alexina Graham, and Valery Kaufman. A new side of Balmain that looks just as good in print as it will on Instagram. London-based designer Erdem Moral? glu is bringing his romantic silhouettes and prints to the fast-fashion retailer with new women's apparel and his first-ever menswear collection. The brand has plucked similar talent in the past; last year's ads were photographed by Jean-Paul Goude. Fans of the much-beloved show are counting down the hours until the proper premiere on Sunday night, but they also had good reason to peep the icy blue carpet: some amazing fashion, courtesy of the GOT actresses.

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g c? may in b? . In Hiflex bang ron co gia thanh in th? nh? trong nghanh in KTS. San Bay, Qu? g cao san bay, T? day, Website, Cong ty qu? g cao, D? h v. Rarely do I come acrossa blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you,you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that too few folks arespeaking intelligently about. I am very happy thatI found this during my hunt for something regarding this. If your machine can be running Windows XP, for instance, a memory limit is 3. 5GB. Setting up over this would simply constitute any waste.

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The only things you need to conduct the rite are a spell you've written following the criteria discussed earlier, a black taper with candleholder, and matches or a lighter. You can do the rite on your altar, if it's available, or any table or flat chair bottom (this is a great spell for travelers). Of course, the rite should really only be performed at night. The Nocturnal Candle With your sacred space created somehow, and God or Goddess invoked, pick up the black taper with your receiving (likely your left) hand. Walk clockwise to the easternmost edge of your circle (regardless of whether it was cast or only formed as a sphere in the banishing). See, with your mind's eye, how the darkness presses against the edge of your sacred space, helping it maintain the sphere or circle. Say: Behold the tangible ether of night, which holds in it all possibilities. Extend your arm to touch the edge of the circle with the candle, and walk clockwise, keeping your arm extended. Imagine that the ether of night is being absorbed into the candle. You are helping this occur by using your receiving hand. However, do not try to pull the ether into yourself. W h i l e you're moving around the circle and feeling all of this, say: As I draw the power of night into this candle, I prepare to manifest my need. Return to the spot at the east where you began and pull the charged candle away from the edge of the circle. Move clockwise to your standard starting spot with your altar or table before you. Imagine that it is lowing with the same kind of slightly lighter darkness, if you will, dial you often see within your nocturnal portal. See yourself already having whatever it is you're about to ask for (but do not imagine any steps that may result in having your need fulfilled). H o l d your open projecting hand in front of the candle, with your palm facing the taper.