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Perhaps my performance in the TV serial is what inspired Gurinder to offer me the role. “While Ben Kinsgley’s portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi was iconic, I want to prove that an Indian actor with an Indian soul and mind would portray the role of Mahatma in a better way. The film centres around the last one-and-a-half month before Partition in August 1947 when Lord Mountbatten’s formula was enforced on the people of the subcontinent. Mahatma Gandhi did not agree with Partition and he refused to join the deliberations with Lord Mountbatten. This film will deal with the roles played by Jinnah, Nehru, Liaquat Ali Khan and Patel,” adds Kabi. Liaquat Ali Khan is enacted by Ashok Bhagwat while Yussuf Khurram, a TV and film actor who played cameo roles in Ismail Merchant’s In Custody and Mani Kaul’s The Cloud Door is chosen to play Sardar Patel because of a strong resemblance to him. Viceroy’s House has been scripted by Gurinder Chadha along with her husband Paul Mayeda Berges and Moira Buffini. Gurinder has also bought the rights of two books, Narinder Singh Sarla’s The Shadow of the Great Game and Larry Colins and Dominiue Lapierre’s Freedom at Midnight for scripting purposes. The film will also touch upon Edwina Mountbatten’s romance with Prime Minister Nehru and feature Mountbatten’s daughter Lady Pamela Hicks. Pamela’s autography Daughter of Empire states that there was no intimacy involved in the love life of Nehru and Edwina as they did not have time for it. But in the book she revealed that her mother was a promiscuous lady who took lovers as and when she wished. Her father Lord Mountbatten was aware of this and at one stage in their marriage he too joined the fun and took on a lover as if to compete with his wife. Both their loves walked in and out of the Viceroy’s House at one time, making it a triangular relationship — a menage a quatre. Gillian Anderson, the petite British actress will play the colourful role of Edwina. Gurinder chose to shoot the film in the majestic Ummed Bhawan Palace, the residence of the erstwhile Maharaja of Jodhpur. On an interesting note, the Maharaja tried to merge his royal state with Pakistan in 1947 rather than join the Indian Union after the merger of the Indian princely states. Located in Jodhpur about 400kms from the Indo-Pak border, the Ummed Bhawan Palace which has now been turned into a luxury hotel was once the world’s largest private residence with 347 rooms. “The architect Henry Vaughan Lanchester was a contemporary of Sir Edward Lutyen, who built the modern New Delhi and also the Viceroy’s House there.