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Research in the past 10 years now also includes subjects whose long-term practice has resulted in permanent and measurable subjective, psychological, and neurophysiological changes. We will look in more detail at this area of research because of the large body of studies and because of the useful theoretical framework developed by Alexander and collaborators (Alexander et al. 1987, 1990), which was extrapolated from the teachings of Maharishi (1966). Alexander used this eastern perspective to inform his western psychological developmental model, showing that the growth of higher states of consciousness is a natural phenomenon available to all. He characterized the use of cultural amplifiers as a mechanism for facilitating this development. We use terminology from Maharishi (1966) to describe HSC, where “pure consciousness” means the substrate from which all things arise and of which individual consciousness is a local expression. “Transcendence” is the process of going beyond ordinary reality and experiencing the source of consciousness. Although we view these terms as distinct concepts, historically, psychology has clumped them together under the general terms “mystical or transcendent experience. Mystical experience generally means either a transitory or permanent experience of these qualities of an HSC. These qualities have traditionally been defined and described in a variety of ways. In review of the work on the mystical experience, Lukoff and Lu (1988) acknowledged that the “definition of a mystical experience ranges greatly” (p. 163). Maslow (1969) offered 35 definitions of transcendence, a term often associated with the mystical experiences. There is now a large body of empirical work on higher states of consciousness. In the late 1970s, researchers began to systematically and empirically define consciousness and its state using a range of assessment instruments. Lukoff (1985) identified five common characteristics of mystical experience that could be operationalized for assessment purposes: 1. Ecstatic mood, which he identified as the most common feature 2. Sense of newly gained knowledge, which includes a belief that the mysteries of life have been revealed 3. Perceptual alterations, which range from “heightened sensations to auditory and visual hallucinations” (p.

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Major bacterial groups were evaluated over the entire life of honey bee individuals, where digestive tracts of same aged bees were sampled in the course of time. The results showed that the microbial tract of 6-day-old 5th instar larvae were nearly equally rich in total microbial counts per total digestive tract weight as foraging bees, showing a high percentage of various lactobacilli (Firmicutes) and Gilliamella apicola (Gammaproteobacteria 1). However, during pupation, microbial counts were significantly reduced but recovered quickly by 6 days post-emergence. Between emergence and day 6, imago reached the highest counts of Firmicutes and Gammaproteobacteria, which then gradually declined with bee age. Redundancy analysis conducted using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis identified bacterial species that were characteristic of each developmental stage. The results suggest that 3-day 4th instar larvae contain low microbial counts that increase 2-fold by day 6 and then decrease during pupation. Microbial succession of the imago begins soon after emergence. We found that bacterial counts do not show only yearly cycles within a colony, but vary on the individual level. Sampling and pooling adult bees or 6th day larvae may lead to high errors and variability, as both of these stages may. Point counting method was used to analyze the stereological parameters of Leydig cells. The stage number of seminiferous epithelium cycle was calculated in the same testicular tissue samples which were used for Leydig cell stereological analysis. The aging group had shown more severe pathological changes as well as higher pathologic scores than the young group. Compared with the control group, the volume density (VV) and surface density (NA) of Leydig cells in the aging group were increased significantly. The stage number of seminiferous epithelium cycle in the aging group was decreased coincidently compared to the young group. Leydig cell Vv in the young group has a positive relationship with stages I, II, III, V and VI of seminiferous epithelium cycle, and Leydig cell NA and numerical density (NV) were positively related to stage IV. However, only the correlation between NV and stage II was found in the aging group. The stage number of seminiferous epithelium cycle was decreased in aging testes. Changes in the stage distribution in aging testes were related to the Leydig cell stereological parameters which presented as a sign of morphological changes. Major depression was measured by the Composite International Diagnostic Interview and the Patient Health Questionnaire 9.

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