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-The Hound comes back to fight Gregor (hype). -The Dorne storyline is somehow made better in retrospect. -Arya gets a good storyline again. -Samwell becomes important. -Brienne becomes does something interesting. etc. Totally agree on Sansa, I really hope she's not pregnant. Ian Mcshane more or less confirmed he brings the Hound back. I think Dorne was just an attempt to condense a LOT of book plotlines and served pretty much just to kill Myrcella. Expect to see it play into Cersei's character development. Arya is blind but that won't last long based on what we've seen in the trailer. I think she either takes what she's learned and leaves the Faceless Men to head back to Westeros, or she becomes a certified Faceless Man and still heads back to Westeros. Sam is headed down to become a maester, so it should be interesting to see Old Town. However, they cast his whole family so presumably he runs into them along the way. I'm hoping it doesn't become pointless drawn out character development (kinda like Dorne), but Randyll Tarley is a badass so I'm excited to see that. Trailer showed her skullfuking some Boltons and an interview from a while back said she was filming a shtload of fight scenes, so that should be cool.


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We really had to craft the environment to not divert somebody’s attention away from the things they needed to pay attention to, which was the dialogue. But we also needed to craft the ambience that helped people suspend their disbelief, to become engrossed in the world of Teddy Perkins and not be distracted. What stands out for you about the process of getting this sound dialed in. We created some fictional sounds to give him a journey through that space, to make it weird and interesting. He’s walking past a fan, and there’s a water heater that kicks on and some pipes that make a slight knocking sound, which we continued in its frequency, but slowed. We had to craft a fictional soundscape out of nothing that we actually saw that gave us an interesting POV of what Darius was traveling through in that basement. The voice doesn’t sound disguised, but was there any discussion about whether you should be able to tell that it’s him. There was one scene where Donald is talking about great fathers, rounding the statue in the museum room, and that was the first day of shooting. I don’t think Donald had quite mastered the voice the way he wanted to. By the second and third day and all the way through the shooting schedule, the voice developed into something that was special and weird and cool. And that scene of them in the museum room was from day one. We had to re-record that entire scene in ADR to match the rest of the episode for performance. That was mostly a challenge for Donald, because he had to perform the way he wanted to perform and make it sync to where it was believable. We had to do some pretty razor-sharp editing and choose from our performances, since we had several takes of the scene, and then we also had to mix it to make it sound like it was an actual thing. One is that 99% of the time there’s no score in this series. It’s source music.


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Although the cyberspace issues in professional practice may seem more like science fiction than science, Skinner and Zack (2004) propose that all of these online risk management issues are no more insurmountable than those in the traditional office. COMPETENCY AND SCOPE OF PRACTICE In addition to technological and liability concerns online, an important dilemma that therapists face is how to practice within their scope of training in a field that is too new to have outcome-based criteria for training. At this point, most professional organizations lean on the law as it now stands in determining a clinician’s duty and standard of care in the electronic delivery of mental health services. Clearly, the Internet, either as an adjunct to office practice or as a stand-alone cyber-experience, has great potential to provide mental health interventions. Most professionals erroneously assume that they can transfer existing skills to the Internet rather than first becoming familiar with Internet communication constructs, the culture of cyberspace, and cyber psychology (Glueckauf et al. 2003). Koocher and Morray (2000) surveyed state attorneys general, asking how different jurisdictions regulated telepsychology. Their findings have been adapted by the California Board of Psychology in their January 2005 newsletter. Before engaging in the remote delivery of mental health services via electronic means, the California Board of Psychology’s Tips for Telepsychology encourages practitioners to: 1. Carefully assess their cyber competence and consider the limitations in cyberspace. 2. Consult with one’s professional liability insurance carrier and obtain a written confirmation of expanded coverage that includes Internet modalities. 3. Obtain consultation from colleagues and provide all patients with clear written guidelines for online treatment. For example, research from two years ago examined text-only communications but now Internet technology has moved us beyond the written word, allowing interactive audio and graphics to add substantially to text. Soon immersible screens will enable users to insert themselves into the graphic, and haptic technology will bring the experience of touch.