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I sometimes read and watch but rarely do I post and watch. I think Patsy is also from here, out in the west valley, but haven’t seen her lately. I like to pretend it was because I wanted to watch GOT but I know better. I would be game. I haven’t Skyped in so long bc of IPhone FaceTime but I will download again. Enough time to get snacks and another glass of beer. My mind is not working so great on lack of sleep and nervous energy waiting on this show to start. I suppose we may never know for certain, but knowing that they do change their minds on titles I like to speculate that it might not be data entry. Well, we weren’t exactly worthy of Henry Gordon’s exquisite recipes. There has been no 1000 comments thread after we got the brownies know how. He was preparing another recipe for us but that thread (I don’t remember precisely which) stopped at 700-800. Finally, after 10 months, we’ll start getting answers. Squeeee. And I’ve never been good with remembering titles unless they are repeated a lot in the song. Sorry I didn’t name peeing as one of the things I do will do after the finale. I’m thinking of signing up do I can watch this season.

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How could she revert back to being Queen Stark. Because Winterfell is the seat of the family Stark and she is full blooded Stark. But I think it would be more powerful for J to be a Targ over a King of Winterfell or KitN. But it does seem to me, that despite all that has happened, Jon is the most likely to rule and fit to rule and be able to hold on to what they have back. Winterfell. He CAN ride a horse with the equipment that Tyrion showed them. President Roosevelt was basically lame and totally lead the country. My point is that he may expect something, but he has ZERO way to enforce that desire now that the battle is over. There will be a shipboard parlay between Dany and Euron, after which Euron will suggest a romantic candlelit dinner which unfortunately for him will end with a dessert of Severed Iron Island Head ala Mode. You just know they’re heading for Dorne and will remain there for five or six episodes. This show is made by sadists of the first order. This is shown in the series by how often Cersei is still called “Lannister” and Catelyn called “Tully”. What I didn’t notice, but someone elsewhere did, was that the horseman riding by in the background who was then wiped out by Wun Wun was headless. And imagine the copious tears and resounding cheers from fans if Ser Jorah just happened to bump into his cousin Lyanna. The only exception to this is when Stannis calls her “Lady Lannister”, and he does that mocklingly to devalue her claim to Winterfell. But now that he is dead, there are no doubts she is (and has always been) a Stark again.


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R. Martin, doesn't create evil or good characters, but people who value different things. I doubt that the white walkers are just evil creatures, i think there is a reason why they why invading Westeros, it seems to be missing a piece from the puzzle, but what is it. And do you think the Golden Company will betray Cersei because it would follow the Jon Connington book plot more. My big predictions. Arya kills Cersei once she hears of her betrayal. The Mountain kills Arya, angering The Hound who in return kills The Mountain. With all that fire that's going to be up north I think the Hound is going to roll with Arya south to kill Cersei. Potentially with Jamie's help since he will tell them that Cersei isn't going to help in the Great War. If Jon finds out that Daenerys is his only living Aunt and he banged her. He won't marry her. Also with him being the rightful King, it could start another war which they don't want to happen. Like, the writers didn't remember about there being another Aegon son of Rhaegar already. My mom was so happy jumping around, they played lil finger to max. Also have you heard about the talks for Bethesda to do a game of thrones game. I feel like her story arch just isn't quite finished yet.

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Apparently matters of economic interest are not entitled to a fulsome debate here, so we are imposing the guillotine. Is there any subject matter that would warrant a full debate that is not limited by time allocation. Is there anything the government feels justifies a full and unlimited discussion in the House. With time allocation what we are doing is establishing certainty of scheduling and of decisions being made. Is there any issue on which he is happy to see votes occur on a regular basis, or is it really his objective to keep decisions from being made. Is it because he simply does not like the agenda of our government, notwithstanding that the agenda of the government has delivered a relatively strong position for Canada on the world stage economically. We have had over a million net new jobs created since the economic downturn. Nearly 90% of those are full-time and 85% of them private sector jobs. This is the track record of our government delivering through our budgets on strong economic policy. It has given us the strongest job creation of any of the major developed economies, the G7 countries. In fact, it remains below that of the United States. For almost my entire lifetime, Canada's unemployment was always higher. However, under our government, for the first time in decades, Canada has consistently had lower unemployment than the United States. Again, this is proof that the economic policies are working. It sets a clear policy course and then implements it. That is what we are doing today and that is why we think it is important that the budget implementation bill be in place before the end of this year.

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Earl Brown), the loyal Smithers to Swearengen’s Mr. Burns; and the drunk-but-noble Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert). Deadwood ended after three seasons leaving things slightly unresolved after the vile George Hearst (a delightfully cruel Gerald McRaney) turned the town upside down. There’s been talk ever since of possibly two Deadwood films written by Milch that would wrap things up; these rumors seemed to pick up again earlier this year. If Deadwood is truly not dead and bound to rise up from the dust again, TV will be the better for it. But if it’s not to be, there are still three fantastic seasons of searing drama ripe for new hoopleheads to discover. — Chris Evangelista. It was a period-specific satire, with spoofs on land development deals, corporate collapse, and the catalyst of the whole story being a deal with Saddam Hussein. It was a TV show for people who loved TV, with the narration and visual gags constantly referencing other works (including those its guest actors were in). And it was a family sitcom that managed to turn the genre on its head; every time its lead character would put his family first, instead of reaching a happy ending, things would devolve into disaster. Packed with jokes with a density that has to be seen to be believed, it rewarded its audience with running jokes that paid off across seasons and a story that ultimately proved just as emotionally engrossing as any drama. As for its fourth season, no matter what you think of it, it has to be applauded for the risks it took in choosing to tell its story as if it were constructing a puzzle, with the whole picture cohering little by little, and ending with a twist that subverted all three seasons that came before it. — Karen Han. The rest of us zigged where Walt zagged though when he decided to go completely off the rails in his little time left. Originally, Walt had only become a meth manufacturer to create a more financially stable future for Skyler, Walt Jr. Yet, that narrative became a lie as soon as Walt attempts to reassure a frightened Skyler by telling her “I am the danger”.

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Sebastian Schipper CRIMSON PEAK - Guillermo del Toro PAN - Dir. Leny Abrahamson (highly recommended) BROOKLYN - Dir. Edward Berger Ten-year-old Jack (Ivo Pietzcker) is frequently left alone by his loving but hopelessly incompetent young mother (Luise Heyer). Forced to care for himself and his 6-year-old half-brother, Manuel (Georg Arms), for extended periods of time, Jack selflessly acts as the head of the household. When Manuel is accidentally injured, Jack is blamed and is placed in a long-term foster care facility, leaving Manuel with their mother. Homesick and bullied by other children, Jack decides to escape and head home to Berlin, only to find that what little order he had established has crumbled. Once again abandoned, the boys take to the streets on a desperate odyssey to find not only their mother but a sense of stability. Co-written by Nele Mueller-St? en, Berger? screenplay and precise direction coax refreshingly unaffected performances from the two child actors. Cinematographer Jens Harant? camera provides essential gritty realism, capturing the city from the unique vantage point of the lonely boys. SCHMITKE - Dir: Step? Altrichter Like his once state-of-the-art C 174 wind turbine, 57-year-old German engineer Julius Schmitke (Peter Kurth) is past his prime. Intrigued by reports of a hermit known as ? ear-Man.