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. actually having discussions about joint space missions even prior to the Apollo 11 mission. The Moon rocks prove absolutely nothing with regard to Manned Moon Missions. Comparing lunar meteorites to alleged Russian or Apollo lunar material is circular logic, and obviously would only prove an unmanned mission. Scientists were bouncing lasers off the surface of the Moon itself prior to any of the Apollo Missions and reflectors could have been left by numerous unmanned missions. Many scientists, governments, and intelligent people worldwide are beginning to seriously question NASA’s claims. Whenever someone suggests that it is stupid or foolish or crazy to be skeptical of NASA and the Apollo Manned Moon Missions, this only indicates that they have no convincing valid argument or logic. Let’s pretend a geologist would somehow be unable to tell the difference. And let’s also pretend that the accuracy of the Laser Ranging RetroReflectors isn’t a hundred times better than any previous attempts to rangefind the Moon, and again that researchers couldn’t tell the difference in their observations. What then WOULD be considered undeniable (and logical) proof. There are discernible differences in all kinds of rocks. If we can show discernible differences between Dominoes Pizza and Pizza Hut Pizza, it doesn’t prove where they were baked. They could have been baked at high temperatures by NASA geologists in a lab in Houston. Let’s pretend NASA hasn’t gone all over the world for decades trying to retrieve all the lunar rock samples they initially released.

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She also wears red robes that are meant to look like shifting flame, with some layers looking like blood instead, so in basically every sense, she already looks like she is perpetually bleeding and burning, like the weirwood. The dried sap that crusted in the eyes was red and hard as ruby. Please remember, I am not suggesting that Melisandre is necessarily a greenseer, though that is not impossible if she is the daughter of Bloodraven and Shiera Seastar, as Radio Westeros theorizes. The point is that Melisandre is symbolizing the archetypal burning weirwood which Azor Ahai entered. Call it gallows humor. Melisandre’s red eyes are also described as candles and torches, which is more of the same, as well as hot coals, which matches the description of Drogon’s eyes right after he is born in the pyre of Khal Drogo. We see this not only in her eyes, but in the fact that she is, well, shagging a dude with a flaming red sword whom she thinks is Azor Ahai reborn. Melisandre speaks often of having red R’hllor’s fire inside her as well, and R’hllor is a god, so that is quite specifically the fire of the gods which Mel has swallowed. She is therefore a wonderful match to the trees and wolves that swallow the dying sun fire. That’s an archetype which overlaps with the Night’s King, whom Stannis shows signs of paralleling. When Mel carries this banner in ACOK, it’s called “the great standard of the fiery heart with the crowned stag within. As if it had been swallowed whole,” which makes the point nicely. At the Battle of the Blackwater, we get another depiction of this idea, as Davos muses that “the fiery heart was everywhere, though the tiny black stag imprisoned in the flames was too small to make out. €ť.

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There was no one else in the alley except Agent Scully. €ť. That you cut their throats and take their tongues as trophies. That you shot him in the back because he was on to you. €ť. Will you allow us to perform a gunshot residue test on you. See, it can tell us if you’ve fired a weapon in the recent past — say the last 48 to 72 hours. €ť. She’s not well. That’s why I went down to investigate the noise — she frightens easily. €ť. I won’t have you scaring her out of her wits simply because you don’t want to admit that one of your own agents shot another one. Now, unless you are going to arrest me, I’m going home. €ť He stared at each Assistant Director.

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Tell me madam, fulfilling this prayer for your owner is really surprizing. Today my younger brother is studying in the same place. Our benevolent madam Bhuvaneshwari is responsible for that. Did she personally help your brother to study there. Do you've to take this ordeal at this age for your owner. To save my daughter, I don't mind losing legs also to fulfill this vow. Till he comes back, our men will work in factory without taking leave. Did you see how devoted workers are towards their company? Tell me. We must do something for them. Good idea. What shall we do? Tell me. Priest, come.