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If the resume is not formatted traditionally, the system simply discards it. Traditional industries have their standards they tend to uphold. That means that if you’re applying to a bank, you should show discretion and professionalism, and stand out with your skills and experience as opposed to how good-looking your resume is. While there’s no strict guideline, the rule of thumb is that your resume should be just as long as the recruiter's attention span. You should never use a font that attracts any attention. Think, anything unusual: Comic Sans, anything that makes your resume look like a medieval scripture, Comic Sans, did we already mention Comic Sans? It details your work experience in a, well, reverse-chronological order, starting from the latest to the oldest. The recruiters know it, you know, and it’s a lot easier to bring to perfection. Instead of listing out your work history, you write down different “themes. i. , you write down “sale,” and under it, mention the type of skills you have with it.

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Again it’s basic adaptation, it would have been a big mistake too not have at least one scene with these 2, too show their relationship and get a bit more info on Euron. I did not think it will be the rope-bridge scene, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. Guys, GOT has the most retarded writing in history of television. I mean how the fuck did jorah and darrio find the ring in the grass. I can look out the window right now and see 3 metal objects flickiring in the grass, and the grass is preaty big and wasn’t trampled by tens of thousand of Dothraki, in a circle pattern. And it’s quite cloudy it would be even easier if it was a sunny summer day. You can find those threads by Googling “Heresy 182” and working back from there. They are focused on the books, but do refer to the show from time to time. Glad I’m not the only one who thought there was something off with the Night’s King. Doesn’t look like Richard Brake from previous seasons. I won’t discuss further because this is an obvious fact and if you don’t understand how retarded this is, then it’s pointless to have any further discussion.

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Ada benernya juga sih, tapi kok saya kayaknya ngerasa fine-fine aja ya. Saya pernah loh sendirian seorang diri beneran di satu teater tanpa penonton lain, dan asli rasanya lumayan menyeramkan. Untunglah di pertengahan film tau-tau masuk satu orang cowok dan duduk di tengah. Tadinya pas dia masuk, saya langsung paranoid banget dan posisi duduknya langsung tegang. GR banget yah. untunglah ternyata dia sesama penonton juga. Saya juga mulai lumayan sering nonton sendirian hari Minggu dan langsung marathon 2-3 film. Buat orang lain mungkin saya rada psycho, tapi ya memang saya ga suka telat, titik. Yang pasti sih antara Selasa, Rabu, Kamis, dan Jumat, itu biasanya ada film yang turun, tapi ga fix juga. Biasanya film yang keren-keren akan turun di Jumat, tapi again itu juga bukan jaminan. Pokoknya Jumat hari yang lumayan bikin semangat karena pasti ada satu film baru bakal nongol.


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Just before all the men in the room are dead, Walder (Arya) gives a chilling yet sobering reminder: “leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe. Arya finally removes Walder’s face and reveals her mastery of the lessons she learned in Braavos at the House of Black and White. The opening of Season 7 brings Ary’a character full circle at this moment, and she puts her own stamp on this when she tells Walder’s former underage wife what to remember from this day. Essentially what that shorthand broke down to was a long whispered theory that Ned Stark was not, in fact, Jon Snow’s father after all. As season six flashbacks to Ned Stark and a few other member of Robert’s Rebellion at the Tower of Joy, the place Rhaegar Targaryen had supposedly spirited Lyanna Stark away to when Robert Baratheon was looking for her, the road seemed to slowly be paving its way toward the reveal that Lyanna and Rhaegar were Jon’s true parents. Toward the end of the explosive season six finale, this theory was confirmed at last when Bran had a vision, as the three-eyed raven, of his father agreeing to keep Jon’s parentage secret, so as to save him from the fate of being killed off as a possible threat to the Baratheon’s claim on the throne. Suddenly, so many questions had answers, like why would Ned Stark, a man who values honor above all else, cheat on his wife with some random prostitute during wartime. Turns out he didn’t but as a man of honor, he did indeed keep his promise to Lyanna to protect Jon from the Baratheons, even at the expense of his honor and his reputation. (Mike Worby) Best Game of Thrones Scenes: The Caravan Battle Season Seven, Episode 4: “The Spoils of War” Sure, by the mid-point of season seven, we’d seen Danaerys’ dragons in action plenty of times. And we’d seen them rescue Dany from harm on several occasions. However, what we hadn’t seen was what these massive creatures could do during wartime.