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. MyFonts link. Images of most of Ian Lynam's typefaces. Cern ( 2013 ). A sans family based on Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk and Univers, with large x-heights. Vaud (2013). Ian writes: Vaud is a family of 40 weights of neutral, yet formally nuanced grotesk typefaces that takes inspiration from Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers and the original metal types from Switzerland, yet had a slightly larger x-height for more pronounced legibility. Raffish (2013). This is an ornamental caps typeface based on Henk Krijger's Raffia typeface. Entity (2012). A basic sans family with slightly rounded corners. Okojo (2012), Okojo Slab (2012) are geometric sans and slab serif typefaces influenced by the type designs of Paul Renner and Herb Lubalin. They were followed by Okojo Slab Display (2012) and Okojo Display (2012). In 2016, he rebundled everything as Okojo Pro and Okojo Slab Pro, Okojo Pro Stack and Okojo Slab Pro Stack. An elegant calligraphic script based on the original drawings by Oswald Cooper for BBS in 1927.

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The Numbers cofounder and charismatic Glaswegian delivers. Jackson has emerged from the lingering disco French-touch scene that. Graham Humphries, who also painted the first two Lords of the New. VINYL! A product of Melbourne, Australia's rich indie and punk-rock. Langford and Tom Van Buskirk, cousins from New England. Javelin were programmed to reproduce the golden age of every genre. So if you're trying to 'figure Javelin out,' don't bother. Premier. Welcome to Detroit is a blend of Jay Dee's unique Hip-Hop and. Brothers have been building up to since they first formed Jeff The. Brotherhood in 2001. It's a van-rocking, bong-rattling slab that. Verde Records. The album also features guests Will Oldham aka Bonnie.

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And this was the perfect platform for us to do that. And of course, being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a lot to do with it. The film has premiered in a number of places already. How closely was it to what you had in your head before you saw it? Oh, man. Seeing it all come to life on the big screen was pretty incredible. I definitely need to see it a few more times in order to process it correctly. Ryan is a genius, and I can’t wait for everyone to see his vision come to life. Without revealing too much, was there a piece of dialogue or scene in the script that made you want to commit to being part of this film. Ever since your breakout performance in the Coogler-directed Fruitvale Station, you’ve been a popular leading man, at times playing the underdog. Is Killmonger the first role in which you play a villain. This is the first time I’ve played a “villain,” but I think Killmonger is different than your average villain. He’s layered. He has a reason for acting the way he does, and the moment when he meets up with T’Challa, he explains himself and what he says is pretty real. I’ve heard that actors go through “superhero boot camp” consisting of strenuous workouts before they do these sort of films.

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Oscar-winner Hilary Swank plays resilient Maggie, determined not to abandon her one dream. And Morgan Freeman (who grabbed his own Oscar) is Scrap, gym caretaker and counterpoint to Dunn's crustiness. Childhood friend David Boyle (Tim Robbins in his Oscar-winning role) is a suspect. Like any good mother, Ma dedicates herself to keeping Jack happy and safe, nurturing him with warmth and love and doing typical things like playing games and telling stories. Its characters, both human and canine, are two-dimensional. Its narrative structure, which jumps from one unrelated dog owner to the next, is lumpy. Its premise, that dogs are reincarnated and retain memories and habits from their past lives, is highly dubious. If you are an even mildly discriminating filmgoer, you will roll your eyes throughout A Dog’s Purpose. And because it was clear from the outset that this is a movie about dogs dying, I found myself on tenterhooks throughout the film, sure that dog death was lurking right around the corner. Every time a car was shown on screen, I was sure it was about to hit the dog. If you read up before you go, maybe your viewing experience won’t be as stressful as mine was? Check out these FYA faves available via Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. See More. You can tell because it doesn't even make the title into a pun. It's based on the true story of, like, the most famous dog in Japan.

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Jon and Dany on the other hand don’t even know each or much less the fact that their related too each other, not mention that marriage between Cousins or Uncles and Nieces are not really uncommon in Westors or the medieval ages in general not that I want them to get married, but it wouldn’t be really far fetched either. I’m glad I’m not the only one, tyrion said that line in a very sad way, like a gentleman in love, an hopeless romantic. Yeah, that’s one of the attractions of the show, isn’t it. Two sympathetic characters can oppose each other and still be right from their respective povs. Daenerys will be defeated and essentially in hiding. He might be little bit in love, which leads to what he said and that look he gave her. It all adds up. Dany might never return his feelings but that scene as about other men feelings for her. I don’t see Jon being anywhere in the scene or being hinted at. Usually that? what I imagine with the word “union”. Marriage is possible and Dany intends that or so she said, but in this case it might be even loveless one for the good of the realm. Bringing the North back in the fold, Jon got his army and dragons. Then Jon will realize he married his aunt and gonna be a bit more broodig than usual, Jumping at conclusion that they gonna marry and fall in love is a bit premature. First picture.

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To get Jon to listen to her opinion (i. . “Don’t listen to this guy, I’M telling you, we should go a different route. ) Why is she not telling him certain things. Because he’s not listening to her (example, his instance that they march on WF now (instead of waiting) and his line about fighting with the army you have, not the one you want). Anyway, he was truly amazing so I don’t think anyone minds. The very moment we see dany we get to see that she listens to what people actually say and think in the streets and doesn’t have this dreams that people are waiting for her. Lastly, learnt is not a word, and just sounds ridiculous. Typos are one thing (though still unacceptable for a publication), but dumbed-down fake words are the worst. Oh well, WiC is starting to seem like they’ll let anyone write who says they like GoT, and know how to type, so I suppose there’s no reason to complain, other than I am incredibly tired. Certain posters have felt the need to come up with extended essays on the reasons behind Yara’s sexuality and what it means etc, etc. Gemma Whelan has summed it up pretty succinctly in a couple of sentences. Both Sansa and Jon have been shown to be pretty naive this season, and if it wasn’t for the ever-reliable Ser Davos I don’t know where they’d be. I’m not sure what she brings to the table in terms of war tactics, apart from knowledge about Ramsay’s behaviour, but we shall see. Would’ve loved to see him and his old buddies Charles Dance and Stephen Dillaane onscreen together.