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So Vipco has reissued this a couple times in the UK with different covers, but it's always the same disc. I'm guessing it's taken from the old Image laserdisc and now that we have the new transfer to compare it to, definitely open matte with an insane amount of excess headroom present in their roughly 1. 1:1 worth of picture. It's dark, and while the film itself is meant to be dark, but coupled with the extra-strength interlacing, it can be downright difficult to discern what's even going on in any given shot. It's even got the miscolorings of old school video noise. Intercontinental's DVD, now, is matted to a slightly pillarboxed 1. 4:1 aspect ratio. It's still just a DVD (sorry folks, no blu), so it's in standard def, but the image is still much finer, thankfully free of interlacing issues, and what were once crushed blacks now reveal the image behind them. The film's still a little soft, which is probably a combination of the film itself and the SD compression; but it's so much better than the old junker discs we've been putting up with for all these years. Audio's just your basic 2. mono track with no subtitle options or anything. That's right, this import DVD with its French cover and French menus has no actual French language options for the film itself. ot that that should matter at all to the rest of us, since this is an English language film and all. There are also bonus trailers for a couple other Vipco Screamtime Collection titles, but not Spookies ' actual trailer. Intercontinental's DVD is no special edition, but they do at least improve on Vipco. They do include Spookies ' official trailer (with French narration) and a proper stills gallery full of behind-the-scenes photos and alternate cover art. So it's pretty great to finally have a watchable DVD of this film, in its OAR and everything. But I can't help but wonder if this is just a prelude. I mean, why make a new HD scan if you have no plans to release it in HD. I mean, it does make the DVD look better; but I suspect this transfer was created for a blu-ray special edition by somebody, and it's just been shared with Intercontinental.