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As many might have noticed, there has been no updates for a long time now. I started a research on Snyder-verse however my researches take such a long. For this one, I've moved towards a Baxendale-esque style (thanks Kid! . I'll need a few more cracks at it before I ditch some of my natural. Have I mentioned that it’s a good time to be a Wally Wood fan. Over the past couple of months I have been a bit busy and unfortunately. The Psychodialetical Universe Volume 2 Arrives. ine Years After Volume 1! The Solitar, Guardian of the Psychodialetical Universe returns and now the. BBC Online posts new Captain Britain TV rumour article. Over the course of the weekend the BBC has posted up a new Captain Britain. In case you missed the “memo” (via my far more regular blog here), my new.

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There wasn’t any devious intent in his actions. He was frightened that slavery would return, and he was trying to please Mhysa. I think he deserved some kind of prison sentence, or to make restitution. But how is Deny going to ask a former slave to make restitution when she didn’t ask the same from their masters. He helped to betray Ned, Jon’s father, and now, here he was under Ned’s son’s authority. But is that then a good reason to be insubordinate. He would have been out of Ned’s son’s immediate reach. He should have realized his good fortune, and gone gladly. They need to feel that authority figures take their pain seriously. Rob was posturing for her by punishing their killer. Or, as Walder Frey might tell Robb, lust is the death of duty. They offer a different kind of enjoyment, while the show keeps it tight. It’s been confirmed by GRRM himself that he’s not.


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I don’t understand why they can’t discuss them at Reddit or wherever else they read them, instead of forcing them on those of us who weren’t interested in the first place over here on this site. That’s just based on speculation by Javi Marcos from L7R, as the article itself admits, despite the provocative title. Filming has not returned to Malta since Season 1 ended. The ancient Croatian port city Dubrovnik started to be used as a major stand-in for outdoor scenes set in King’s Landing. The scenic old city of Dubrovnik still has medieval walls right on the coast, which were well-suited to depict King’s Landing. Several other locations in Croatia nearby Dubrovnik were also used, not just for King’s Landing but for scenes set in Qarth and Slaver's Bay. Meanwhile, for the Night’s Watch expedition in the frozen lands beyond the Wall, location shooting moved to national parks in Iceland, to film on actual glaciers. Filming continued in Croatia and Iceland through Season 5. Filming did not return to Morocco after Season 3 ended: when Daenerys Targaryen conquers and remains in Meereen in Season 4 (the largest city in Slaver’s Bay), different locations in Croatia were used for it. Also, in Season 4 the location scouting teams found some other locations in Iceland that they felt were useful for other scenes set in the Seven Kingdoms themselves, not just north of the Wall. These included shots of Arya and Sandor traveling cross-country through the Riverlands, and scenes set in the high mountains in the Vale of Arryn. Filming is mostly concentrated around Seville to represent Dorne and its capital Sunspear, though there is also some filming in Cordoba to represent the Long Bridge of Volantis. Due to rewrites, the action sequence at Hardhome grew so large that, given limited filming time in the brief daylight hours in Iceland during the winter, the production team decided to instead build Hardhome as a fully realized set in Magheramorne Quarry, also the site of the Castle Black set.


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If it’s more action packed, it’ll be a big reveal in the penultimate episode, probably near the beginning or middle of that episode so there’s time for characters to deal with it. Some folks from the people that were at Eastwatch, hopefully Tormund because everyone loves that fucker, will have escaped the wight’s marching path and beat them to Winterfell, allowing them at least some time to prepare. BTW, Tormund and Dondarion were still on top of the wall as it was collapsing, but they were watching it fall in front of them. They could have run until it stopped collapsing, then keep moving along the top until they reach the next castle and climb down. We know that the paths aren’t particularly well kept on top of the wall but they are still navigable. Wouldn’t be the first “oh bullshit they should have died” moment in recent memory. Anyways, the only reason (as a plot device) I can think of why Jon brought up the population density of The North vs. King’s Landing is to act as foreshadowing for a large portion of the North escaping the Night King’s army by holding up at Winterfell or running south. The Magnificent Seven’s stand on the island in the middle of the frozen lake in Season 7 Episode 6 will be a foreshadowing of the siege on Winterfell. The armies of the dead can wait out any city of the living, and it’d be worth it. If the north is home to a million citizens, Winterfell can’t house that many, but it can protect thousands, more if my previous theory about bringing in trenches proves true. Fell large swaths of trees around Winterfell, huge open landscape around it now, dig a bunch of trenches further out, build temporary housing for the Northern people with Winterfell’s walls being a fall back point. That would make for thousands and thousands of potential troops for the Night King.


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The complaint goes on to say that, with control of the biomass facilities, CVG could potentially supply them at elevated prices and capture a substantial share of the potential savings for the university. “These realizations helped prompt CVG to seek to acquire the facility in competition with OUT (Old Town Utility) and to oust Relentless for the ConEd Solutions bid,” the complaint alleges. The complaint further describes a relationship between Deschenes and CVG’s principals, which it alleges led to Deschenes helping CVG advance its interest in buying the mill. In August 2016, the complaint says, ConEd learned that it was one of the four finalists to supply power to UMaine. It alleges that ConEd then removed Relentless without notice from the bid team and substituted a company formed by CVG. Behind the scenes, it says, ConEd, Edson from J. W. Sewall and Gardner were working together on the mill deal, a breach of their partner agreement with Eakin. In June 2016, ConEd won the competition to supply energy to the UMaine. According to the complaint, two of the runners-up are appealing the decision. Ward said he couldn’t comment on the appeals process. But he said the contract was aimed at securing stable energy costs from renewable sources for the campus and until a sale of the mill takes place, that goal is unrealized. This is an 18-year-old whose face was torn off by a pair of pit bulls 10 years ago in his hometown of Chicago.