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About 35,100 others underwent treatment at hospitals set up at the camp; another 28,100 were sent to hospitals at other locations. Only about 20,000 of the prisoners were deemed capable of labor, and were sent to do construction work. Following the terrible spike in mortality in the first three months, mortality rates for the troops captured at Stalingrad stabilized, and between July 1943 and January 1949, a total 1,777 prisoners perished. With the exception of those troops and officers convicted for war crimes, the last POWs from the Battle of Stalingrad were released to Germany in 1949. Stalingrad became the main turning point in the European Theater of World War II, and Nazi Germany's first major defeat following the air-based Battle of Britain in 1940. In 1943, after their defeat in the massive tank battles at Kursk, and the Allied invasion of Italy, the Nazis' total and unconditional capitulation became only a matter of time. How a little-known computer network system changed the history of the internet salon. om. The business assets were acquired by Thomas Anargyros, who is the CEO of EuropaCorp Television. The rate is higher for women than for men: about 10 percent compared with 4 percent. Experiencing sexual assault or child sexual abuse, or living through accidents, disaster or witnessing death can all be contributing factors, in addition to time in combat with the military. NPR's Weekend Edition wanted to hear from those people who have struggled with PTSD, but not because of the reasons we often hear about. Michael Coleman says he faced stress on a daily basis as a social worker in North Carolina. Coleman didn't notice any symptoms of PTSD until after he quit that job to become a vocational counselor. Did he work with people who were sexually and physically abused? Yes.

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The guys decided to open up their vaults and talk about the dreaded backlog. This week, Jacqui, Justin, Bob, and Steve gather round once again to tell you all about the games they've been playing, and answer a few of your listener questions as well. Of course the crew mentions what they've been play. Games like Batman: Arkham Knight, the Elder Scrolls Online, Rocket League and Heroes of the Sto. WARNING! There are MINOR plot spoilers concerning the early story details of Arkham Knight contained in this podcast. Welcome to another episode of the Talking Games podcast. This week, Steve and Justin take you deep into the shadowed streets o. It's Jacqui's turn to steer the ship, and she leads Justin and Bobby into the swell of a video game storm. Games that are brought up this week include The Witcher 3: Wild. This show, Jacqui leads Justin, Bobby, and Steve in a discussion all about their hopes and dreams for this year's event. Addit. We sure hope so, because we've got a hell of a show lined up for you. This week, Jacqui, Bobby, and Steve gather round to share their thoughts about games like Splatoon, Game of Thrones Epi. This week, the 2 man crew of Justin and Rob continue the discussion on The Witcher: Wild Hunt and Destiny's House of Wolves expansion. Rob shocks Justin with a new game he started playin.


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