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It's 10 minutes after the hour. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) VELSHI: We have new details on the single deadliest incident to U. . forces in the decade-long Afghan war. We're now learning that the 30 Americans who died in Saturday's chopper crash in Afghanistan, most of them elite Navy SEALs, were on their way to help fellow troops. ROMANS: Most of the SEALs who died were from that same unit that killed Osama Bin Laden, although none of the men took part in that mission. This morning family members are mourning their loss. They're praising their courage and giving some of our anonymous heroes a name. Barbara, this is just, you know, after the great victory of Osama Bin Laden, and how much praise is heap down on the Navy SEALs to have them suffer, to have the U. . military suffer this kind of loss at this stage in the game in Afghanistan is just heart breaking.

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Bankera has yet to amass any banking licenses for accepting deposits and providing investment products. He’s in crypto trade since 2014 and has worked with the most important cryptocurrency exchangers and payment service suppliers to make Bitcoins extra accessible for everyone. It’s against this backdrop that we consider LALA World, the blockchain firm that seeks to make use of innovative know-how to help unbanked populations obtain financial inclusion. The contributors will need to purchase tokens from the market, making certain the organic demand. The DAO invited individuals to buy tokens that may be used to pursue an automated investment strategy and entitle the token owners to receive rewards. One individual leading the ICO, Christopher Jentzsch, even likened the method to receiving dividends. To raise capital for the undertaking, Bankera has already organized a fundraising spherical offering Banker (BNK) tokens for investor acquisition. It’s an attention-grabbing method that comes at a time when — following the EOS marketing campaign — many are starting to consider ICOs are a cash seize for firms and the buyers who buy into them. While most trading platforms persist with a single type of asset, allows for buying and selling a number of assets, serving to each individuals and financial establishments. An initial coin providing (ICO) is a brand new form of funding, utilized by a business or particular person to lift funds from various types of investors through the web. You seem to understand a lot approximately this, like you wrote the e book in it or something.


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This singlescreen theatre could accommodate 300 cars, and was part of the Grengs Theatres minichain, which also included the indoor London Square Cinema Six and Cameo Budget, both in Eau Claire as well. AMC Classic Oakwood 12 Movie Times Tickets 4800 Golf Rd. au Claire See more theaters near Eau Claire, WI Theater Highlights Presale Tickets See more presale tickets X. Buy tickets to 'The Predator' and get a Welcome to the Stardust Twin DriveIn Theater in Chetek, Wi. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy a great double feature under the stars. Gemini DriveIn Theater in Eau Claire, WI Photos, history and much more information about Gemini DriveIn Theater located in in Eau Claire, WI Driveins. Wisconsin's latest contribution to the overall renaissance of the drivein theater, the Field of Dreams Drivein was built from the ground up in 2003 Gemini Drivein 6370 Highway 12 West Eau Claire, WI. 41 Twin Drivein Cinema 7701 South 27th Street Stardust Drivein Movie Theater Chetek A familyoperated theater with space for 250 cars, the Stardust shows two newrelease movies nightly for one ticket price. Patio benches near the screen are popular, as is a playground Drive in movie theaters in eau claire wi a circus wagon kiddie ride. DriveIn Movie Theaters in Wisconsin Everything old is new again at Wisconsin drivein movie theaters where oldfashioned fun under the stars is back in style. Looking for local movie times and movie theaters in EauClaireWI.


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They could still do something a bit different, and I like being kept on my toes. Just please, for all our sakes give us something to make us speculate and stay involved in places like WiC for another year before our favourite show comes back. Dany gets to fly off on Drogon, Shireen gets burned, Jon gets stabbed, Stoneheart hangs Bolton, Sansa and Theon flee, Cersie goes for a walk, Kevan and Pycelle get pincushioned. Martin has made the comment that those brought back are different than when they were alive so believe the undead Jon is not the Jon we know and love. Based on everything I have read and a few theories I’ve put together talking with a friend of mine during his reading of the books, I believe the final scene could be very similar to the epilogue in Dance. We would have Varys do his scene, but also put a flashback scene in to show back to when Kings Landing was being attacked during the rebellion. It could then show a scene of how one of the two babies actually got switched out with another or at least hinted at. This would play into the beginning and ending scenes being bookended. Varys would then pull the famous quote from Star Wars and say “No. There is another” with the final shot hinting at Trystane being Aegon, hidden in secret by Doran. A trump card and backup plan after Dany flies off and disappears.


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The Lost Boys, starring Corey Feldman, Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland, will be followed by An American Werewolf in London, by the genius that is John Landis. Console yourself with The Exorcist - Director’s Cut, featuring an additional 11 minutes of head spinning and projectile vomiting. Watch Jack lose his mind while slurping linguini vongole or a bloody steak. None are likely to trouble the judges at the Academy Awards next year. London, from experimental meeting rooms to the ultimate room service. All events organized by Cabinet unless otherwise noted. . Weaving family stories and childhood memories from Beirut with archival material, Abirached has achieved a unique visual aesthetic, one that experiments both with various modes of documentation in graphic form and with different ways to represent spaces of conflict and the experiences of loss. The conversation will center on the sources of inspiration behind Abirached’s work and address both earlier books, such as Le piano oriental, Je me souviens: Beyrouth, and Mourir, partir, revenir: Le jeu des hirondelles, and more recent publications. Drawn from talks between Serra and Foster held over a fifteen-year period, the book offers revelations into Serra’s prolific six-decade career and the ideas that have informed his working practice. Dolven’s study of poetic style—an eccentric juxtaposition of poets Thomas Wyatt and Frank O’Hara—will serve as a starting point for a general conversation about this protean and self-divided concept.