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Should be fun. What a super group! Man, Gendry showing up put a huge smile on my face which only got wider as he picked up that massive hammer and took it with him. Something else happened when he swung that hammer and killed the two gold cloaks, I'd tell you but I don't want to put a hole in my armour. How did Sam not pick up on the Rhagaer annulment thing. Sam was ranting and raving and wasn't at all paying attention to his little wilding bride sadly, doubt he heard a word she said at that point. Ultimately that little tidbit will end up being fan service, it doesn't matter who is who or who has a claim at this point. Dany isn't going to give up the throne because Jon is rightful heir, even if the heir does have great hair. Endless amount of things to touch on, what an episode. I already addressed this and I meant it was a tease for the viewer to see that information put out there and not have Sam pick up on it. And if you think Jon's lineage doesn't matter, you're mistaken.

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Atos 20 - Paulo passa novamente a Macedonia e Grecia, fortalecendo as Igrejas fundadas por ele nas suas primeiras viagens missionarias. Atos 24 - O apostolo prega com autoridade e poder perante o Governador Felix, e este fica atemorizado. Por pouco sua mensagem nao converte o rei Agripa e sua mulher Berenice. Paulo chega a Roma, capital do Imperio, e testifica do evangelho perante a autoridade Suprema do Imperio Romano. Dali por diante, o cristianismo alcanca todo Imperio e ate os confins da terra, cumprindo a quarta meta do plano missionario tracado por Jesus Cristo, em Atos 1. 8. 14 - Paulo - o maior missionario do Cristianismo. Ele seria missionario perante autoridades religiosas, civis e militares, perante ricos e pobres,perante ignorantes e intelectuais, gentios e israelitas. O apostolo Paulo foi o grande trunfo do cristianismo na sua expansao mundial. Porem os apostolos queriam permanecer somente em Jerusalem. Foi a Atenas, a cidade culta da Grecia, e estabeleceu uma viagem bastante forte em Corinto.


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The average length of a girl’s education in the world’s poorest countries is just 3 years. In Pakistan, girls receive an average of only 4. years of schooling. In some 70 countries worldwide, girls are threatened with violence just for wanting to go to school. When girls are educated, research shows that their entire family benefits through higher earnings and longer, healthier lives. A girl who gets just a single extra year of education can make 20% more money as an adult. Educated girls are likely to have smaller families, have healthier children, and have the skills to start businesses, get jobs and contribute more fully to their communities. So when the Taliban began closing off schools to girls, she could not bear the unfairness of it, which fueled her urge to speak out for what she saw, even at a tender age, as a basic human right. The Fund puts into action what Malala has always believed is the right of every person: “Malala wants to see all children have the opportunity to get a full 12 years of quality education,” says Meighan Stone, President of the Malala Fund. That is something audiences will definitely see in the film and we hope they will join her. .


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Sansa sorolja a bunoket, arulas, tobbszoros, felbujtas, gyilkossagban valo bunreszesseg, mit mondasz erre. ord Baelish. Kisujj nem latta elore, ot atbasztak itten, Arya meg ugy mosolyog, hogy a hideg raz tole. Mi a bunom, az, hogy segitettelek, igyekszik menteni a menthetot Kisujj, mire Sansa sorolja, kinyirtad a nagynenemet, elarultad az apamat, az anyamat, eladtal Ramsay Boltonnak es nem mellesleg szart kavartal a Starkok es a Lannisterek kozott akkor, amikor aszontad, a tor, amivel Brant ki akartak nyirni, az Tyrione. Persze Aiden Gillan szinesz nem feltetlenul szall ki a sorozatbol, Arya az arcabol majd maszkot csinal es medzsik, Kisujj ujra szerepelhet. Az jo, mondja Bran, mert Havas es Dany eppen erre tart. Erre Bran felemel egy hollopostat en meg kis hijan megfulladok a rohogestol. Aztan jon az a pillanat, amire az egesz evadot epitettek, Havas igazi rokonsaganak tortenete, amit a mindent tudo Bran ad elo, es kozben mutatjak a hajot, amin Havas bekopog Dany kabinjaba, bemegy, rafekszik es nagyon megdugja, szoval mikozben ez megy, Tyrion meg a folyoson all es nez maga ele meredten, Bran azt mondja, hogy Havas nem is Havas, hanem Sand, azaz Homoki, mert torvenytelen gyermeke volt Ned Stark huganak es Rhaegar Targaryennek. A lenyeg, hogy Bran osszegez, akkor nem fattyu, hanem tronorokos, ove a vastron, nem a nagynenjee, akit eppen most dugott felhulyere. Minden fasza, csak Gendryt nem latom, tan elfutott. Mindegy, ere ido nincsen, marmint az elmelkedesre, mert lent az erdobol kilep egy maganyos lovas, rajta a hosszu haju White Walker, es megall.