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Then in November 1783, Colonel Fullarton captured Coimbatore. Tired of the war, the two sides concluded the Treaty of Mangalore in 1784. According to the treaty, both the parties decided to restore each other's conquered territories and free all the prisoners. Pitt's India Act - 1784 - British Parliament under Pitt’s India Bill of 1784 appointed a Board of Control. It provided for a joint government of the Company (represented by the Directors), and the Crown (represented by the Board of Control). In 1786, trough a supplementary bill, Lord Cornwallis was appointed as the first Governor-General, and he became the effective ruler of British India under the authority of the Board of Control and the Court of Directors. Third Mysore War - The immediate cause of the war was Tipu's attack on Travancore on December 29, 1789 over aq dispute over Cochin. The Raja of Travancore was entitled to the protection of the English. Thus taking advantage of the situation, the English, making a triple alliance with the Nizams and the Marathas, attacked Tipu Sultan. The war between Tipu and the alliance lasted for nearly two years.

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Without a doubt, learning and applying colour theories via Kuler is a far more inviting and sociable experience than drawing innumerable colour palettes by hand. ColourLovers was one of the first communities to be built around the idea of colour and pattern sharing. What differentiates Kuler from such communities is the way in which it puts the individual at the centre of a social experience. Kuler's interface and language — “my Kuler”, “my value” — invites active involvement, by creating a sense of belonging via personal contribution to the colour community. Kuler is also getting into the trends space, not only by the multiple associations suggested by its name but by adding simple interactive features that help users visualise what is going on globally with colour. When you get non-experts experimenting and socialising with colour, the potential for following and spreading colour trends across the world becomes a real transformation in how we engage with colour. Kuler’s interface makes invisible cultural dynamics of meaning and representation of colour visible, by opening up the ability to track colour trends, building a more precise point of view about design now, and bringing insights for future designs. Kuler is opening new discussions around the theorisation and application of colour, exploring the visualisation of how people are expressing themselves through colour, and making colour schemes social. This application is opening a new path in the creation of contemporary politics of mapping and visualisation of colour experiences in a globalized world. Until then, Kuler is pioneering new paradigms in visual culture representation, and bringing the world of design and appreciation of colour closer to the non-experts.

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For example, if a gay scene or a pedophilic scene causes unexpected sexual arousal, does that mean that one is gay—or worse, a pedophile or one who is likely to sexually molest children. Unfortunately, today such questions are rarely asked. But, combined with technophobic reactions to the once new, still evolving, and, in some senses, still largely unknown medium of the Internet, these issues provide the fuel for promoting fears—of pedophiles, stalkers, and other sexual predators—that are disproportionate to their actual occurrences online. A possible explanation of this phenomenon is what I have termed self-defined lovemap-inappropriate sexual arousal (SDLISA). It may include pedophilic, sadomasochistic, homosexual, heterosexual, or whatever imagery or ideas are incongruent or conflict with one’s perception of one’s own ideal sexual persona, yet which may be sexually arousing, often in a way that troubles the individual. A common manifestation of it may be seen in the adolescent—who may or may not be gay—who fears he may be gay because a same-sex encounter, sexual or nonsexual, was arousing. The concept of SDLISA and its implications (as well as other psychological or behavioral mechanisms that may be involved) are poorly understood at this time and require further investigation. With regard to child pornography, one might be surprised that children in shopping catalogues may be held to be erotic by some individuals. Some artistic photographs are clearly not pornographic, yet would be considered child pornography under current U. S.

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It might explain why Grey Worm is looking so pissed off in the shot of him putting on his helmet. I struggled to get through one of the latter books (I can’t remember which now, it was several years ago that I read them and I read them all within a month or two back to back, so my memory is hazy). I do remember my enjoyment dipping and lots of storylines seeming boring. I also started to tire of GRRM’s sprawling world-building writing style (I remember feeling exhausted after what felt like a ten-page description of the food at a banquet). So in my mind at least, the quality of the books has gone down recently too. The latter ones seemed a lot less compelling to me than the first ones. I hope this paragraph doesn’t come across as GRRM bashing. I believe that GRRM confirmed this will happen in the books. That everything will boil down to bringing the two together in the end game. This still from S06e10 shows it frozen, yet still visible (just about): Winter has set in now, it would make sense it’s hard frozen and buried under compacted snow.