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She has lectured widely in the US and Europe on experimental cinema and its place within modern and contemporary art. The films of Ernie Gehr investigate deceptively simple materials and landscapes of everyday encounter as radically potent portals into the continually unfolding mysteries hidden beneath the surface of our perception. Gehr’s intuitive capacity for elegantly executed, yet perpetually probing works bring new light to a shifting definition of the “experimental” in film. A self taught filmmaker who became a central figure in the fields of Structural Film and the avant-garde communities of New York and San Francisco as well as a long time teacher in of the SFAI Film Department, Gehr continues to make works that expand and investigate our ways of seeing. Emmanuelle Negre is born in France in 1986 and studied at the Villa Arson School of fine Art where she got Master in 2010. She was co-director at Catalyst Arts's Belfast from 2011 to 2013. In 2017 she started to program screenings under the name Fovea. Emmanuelle is showing her work locally and internationally as part of exhibitions and screening. Deborah Stratman is an artist and filmmaker interested in landscapes and systems. Much of her work points to the relationships between physical environments and human struggles for power and control that play out on the land. Recent projects have addressed freedom, expansionism, surveillance, sonic warfare, public speech, ghosts, sinkholes, levitation, propagation, orthoptera, raptors, comets, exodus and faith. Stratman is the recipient of Fulbright, Guggenheim and USA Collins Fellowships, an Alpert Award, Sundance Art of Nonfiction Award and grants from Creative Capital, Graham Foundation, and Wexner Center for the Arts. James Edmonds is a filmmaker and painter from England living in Berlin. Solo presentations have occurred at 3 137 Athens, Cinema Parenthese Brussels, Nocturnal Reflections Milan, Auslands-Filme Berlin and Another Vacant Space Berlin. He occasionally also writes and since 2015 organizes a film series in Berlin called Light Movement. Rose Lowder “I trained as a painter and sculptor in Lima, Peru, then in London. I worked for a decade as an artist while earning a living as a film editor. I became interested in research in film from 1977 onwards, establishing with Alain-Alcide Sudre a non-profit organization, the Experimental Film Archives of Avignon.

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I mean, even if it was word for word, book readers would still read the new books, but I think Dan and Dave are modifying the story for better visual storytelling, keeping the lovable characters in, etc, but ALSO for two other related reasons: 1. They want to tell their own story, albeit one based on GRRM. 2. They don't wanna spoil a lot of big reveals in aSoIaF Would love your thoughts - love your vids. Chris Monelt 2 anni fa Awesome man. Thanks. I know we're going to get a lot of visual brilliance, but considering how much has been left out of the books thusfar, and even the direct changes we've already seen, I can't wait to see AND read the ending(s), and look forward to your thoughts. Recent set leaks show that all of those characters minus Jorah and Gendry are filming in Seville where Cersei and other King's Landing characters are filming. I think that crew the so called leak described is not heading North but is instead going on some mission to King's Landing. Also, as a weird side note, Rory McCann(the Hound) has also been spotted in Seville with the actors who play Pod, Bronn, and the Mountain. TC TV 2 anni fa hey bro this makes alot of sense, remember Brans vision, where a dragon shadow was over kings landing. Love watching you and James put together a stellar watch. It has been speculated for a time that he was the result of a Targaryen and Lannister encounter. Davos: Hand of the King Gendry: Master of Arms. Far fetched, wild thoughts. Gloria Brown 2 anni fa I don't think there will be an Ice Dragon. Nope. I refuse!


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grade point average. She is proud of this accomplishment, but what is most important to Lisa is sharing the knowledge she has learned to better help children reach their developmental milestones and be successful. Her volunteer opportunities include serving as a monitor at the Early Childhood Education Conference held on campus, and taking full advantage of several Field experiences. She gained valuable knowledge working in an early intervention classroom at Easter Seals, where she planned and implemented lessons for children based on their needs and the families concerns. Lisa also volunteered at a Homeless Shelter giving a presentation to parents focused on activities they could do with their children promoting developmental learning. As Lisa finishes out her college career, she will continue to look for volunteer opportunities working with children in different settings and expand on making differences in children’s lives. We look forward to seeing you succeed Lisa and congratulate you today on receiving this scholarship. Volunteering in her community has inspired her to work with minority students and successfully advocate for services not provided for an at-risk population, specifically Latinos in the schools. She is the President of the Parent Teacher Organization at Turtle Creek School and currently serves as the citizen representative on the Walworth County Health and Human Services Board and the Delavan-Darien School District Scholarship Board. The Ernella Hunziker Scholarship has been essential in helping her maintain her GPA and continue her community efforts. This school year, Berenice led a community petition effort to restructure the Delavan-Darien school district’s model into a “Center Schools Model” in order to alleviate disproportionate demographics, space concerns, inequitable distribution of resources, economic concerns, and inequitable distribution of special education and ESL children in the school. In February of 2016, the Delavan-Darien School board voted to approve the change. Please help me in congratulating this service driven leader with outstanding character and drive, Berenice Solis. Language skills are not necessary, just an interest in the culture. We also host dinners, nights out and movie nights, so if you are interested in the Latin culture or Spanish language, sign up for our social events and improve your Spanish. Visit the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to learn about other available scholarships and awards. ASU also offers an extensive database for you to search through and find the right ones to apply for. The German faculty thanks the Austrian Society of Arizona for funding the scholarships.

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To dwell upon or constantly complain about the situation upon which your ritual would be based only guarantees the weakening of what should be ritualistically directed force, by spreading it thin and diluting it. Once the desire has been established strongly enough to employ the forces of magic, then every attempt must be made to symbolically give vent to these wishes - NOT before or after. IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THE RITUAL The purpose of the ritual is to the magician from thoughts that would consume him, were FREE he to dwell upon them constantly. Contemplation, daydreaming and constant scheming burns up emotional energy that could be gathered together in a dynamically usable force; not to mention the fact that normal productivity is severely depleted by such consuming anxiety. The witch who casts her spells between long waits by the telephone, anticipating her would - be lover's call; the destitute warlock who invokes Satan's blessing, then waits on pins and needles for the check to arrive; the man, saddened by the injustices wrought upon him, who, having cursed his enemy, plods his way, long of face, and furrowed of brow - all are common examples of misdirected emotional energy. Retribution, to the guilt -ridden sender, would be assured, by their very conscience-stricken state. The Balance Factor T Balance Factor is an ingredient employed in the practice of ritual magic which HE applies to the casting of lust and compassion rituals more than in the throwing of a curse. This ingredient is a small, but extremely important one. A complete knowledge and awareness of this factor is an ability few witches and warlocks ever attain. This is, simply, knowing the proper type of individual and situation to work your magic on for the easiest and best results. Knowing one's own limitations is a rather odd bit of introspection, it would seem, for a person who should be able to perform the impossible; but under many conditions it can make the difference between success and failure. If, in attempting to attain your goal through either greater or lesser magic, you find yourself failing consistently, think about these things: Have you been the victim of a misdirected, over- blown ego which has caused you to want something or someone when the chances are virtually non-existent. Are you a talentless, tone - deaf individual who is attempting, through magic, to receive great acclaim for your unmusical voice. Are you a plain, glamorless witch with oversized feet, nose, and ego, combined with an advanced case of acne, who is casting love spells to catch a handsome young movie star. Are you a gross, lumpy, lewd -mouthed, snaggle -toothed loafer who is desirous of a luscious young stripper. If so, you'd better learn to use the balance factor, or else expect to fail consistently. The chronic loser is always the man who, having nothing, if unable to make a million dollars, will reject any chance to make fifty thousand with a disgruntled sneer. One of the magician's greatest weapons is knowing himself; his talents, abilities, physical attractions and detractions, etc.

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November 20, 2013. Retrieved November 20, 2013. NY Castings. December 6, 2013. Retrieved December 6, 2013. Tribeca Citizen. December 13, 2013. Retrieved December 13, 2013. SoundDevices. May 21, 2014. Retrieved May 21, 2014. CreativeCOW. May 21, 2014. Retrieved May 21, 2014. DomainTools. om. August 15, 2014. Retrieved August 15, 2014.

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hank you for blogging and i like your posts. Just like with Kickstarter, the important thing goal for every ICO participant is to assist fund a project that they personally contemplate fascinating and appealing. The worth of Ethereum, whose tokens (referred to as ethers) are used to conduct many ICOs, fell about 10% yesterday. Like bitcoin, ICOs aren’t regulated by the government. The enterprise capital trade is starting to take a superb, hard take a look at a new financial instrument popping out of the bitcoin group — Initial Coin Choices, or ICOs. Builders, businesses, and individuals more and more are using preliminary coin offerings, also referred to as ICOs or token gross sales, to lift capital. Those that purchased tokens in the course of the one-month buy-in period in May 2016 had been allowed to vote by means of pc code on which projects The DAO would spend money on, with a majority vote required for a undertaking to be funded. Our view is that this provision applies wherever there is a statutory duty that includes the publication or use of non-public information. Then again some investors take part just for some tokens. ICOs are also not regulated or registered with any government group and there are normally no investor protections other than what’s built into the platform itself. One of the first ICOs to make an enormous splash happened in Might 2016 with the Decentralized Autonomous Organization—aka, the DAO—which was primarily a decentralized venture fund built on Ethereum. ICO Alert doesn’t endorse or suggest participating in any initial coin choices. Purchasers may use fiat forex (e. . U. . dollars) or virtual currencies to purchase these virtual cash or tokens. The price normally displays the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment, venture-particular information, and the addition of latest options.