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which I can't see as a bad thing. You really can't miss out and not love Hitchcock movies like Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo, or movies like 12 Angry Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr Smith goes to Washington, Treasure of Sierra Madre, Sunset Blvd, Clockwork Orange, Cool Hand Luke, 400 Blows, Le Samourai, On the Waterfront, Wages of Fear, Bicycle Thieves, Third Man, The Apartment or M. Seriously all these movies I've listed just quickly from memory are some of the best and most popular older movies out there that are not hard to get into and still very widely popular, I can't see you hating single one of them, but I can definitely see you absolutely loving most of them. But in the end, it's your decision and you should watch the things that you wanna watch. Just a small recommendation to give older and non-english speaking movies more chance seeing you're a frequent movie watched, and you'll almost definitely start to appreciate different types of movies. I have done 12 Angry Men, that was when I gave the imdb 250 a go and I was very surprised with how interesting it was and that the pace was quick. I did lots of French horror around 2008-2012, I just haven't done much this year. Maybe just Clockwork Orange from these movies isn't for anyone. And some in there I'll agree are crap and rated them so. Just curious tho, hit me with some you think are garbage and I'll say if I agree or disagree. Any suggestions because I'm not finding much outside my comfort zone on reddit. Or lists, I might set a theme for December and watch ones I wouldn't normally on break from work.

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I may not be a fan of this version but they are looking to release a prequel which could be interesting. Some key scenes are left out or even changed drastically. On its own, this new movie is not too bad, but I can’t help comparing it to the original. I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t speak to which film is more textually accurate. However, the 1989 version will always be one of my favorite movies, and as for the reboot, all I have to say is, “sometimes dead is better. . Nyinnspilling av Stephens King's grosserklassiker, Pet Sematary. Louis Creed og konen, Rachel, flytter til et hus i landlige omgivelser sammen med sine to sma barn, Gage og Ellie. I didn't leave thinking this was fucking terrible but it for sure was very different and changed things up and added a few interesting thinga. In the case of this versus the original i would say Sometimes Less Is Better. I will say John Lithgow was really good in it and i did like some of the Atmosphere the film set. All in all i would for sure say it is better than a good amount of remakes and i was not pissed off or anything.


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to 2 p. . The committee met for three hours, during which it heard from about a dozen witnesses in two groups of six or so. We could not really dig into the issue, and the witnesses were unable to truly explain their positions. That was all after the NDP tabled its suggestions. The government cannot give us a single reasonable argument. It cannot even say that there is any sense of urgency. I should point out that, unfortunately, we lost a month of work in the House because of prorogation. The government has no valid reason for acting that way except for its intrinsic cowardice. That majority is shrinking as they lose players—we will talk more about that later. We can all watch closely as the Conservatives self-destruct and wait for the day when the government loses its majority. As a member of the official opposition, I think it is terrible.


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It will have been for people who were prepared to stuff Randell and Phillip’s mouths with gold, there’s always room for more gold in a Top Doc’s mouth even after many years of Nye’s largesse. Randell had not actually been in favour of surgery until his patients who had had surgery abroad returned with positive evaluations. In the 1970s when numbers increased, still only 15% of patients achieved surgery. Edwina wrote back and said that she would not access any type of private care for me and she had done as much as she could. Well, she had confronted the CEO and Chairman of the Trust, but they ignored her, refused to investigate my complaint or provide the NHS care to which I was legally entitled, so Edwina backed off. I had given her enough evidence to have both of them arrested. The Welsh Gov’t is now commissioning the private sector to treat thousands of patients because the NHS just has not done it. The Top Docs in Wales are also now deliberately keeping their waiting lists so long that desperate patients in severe pain are being forced to pay for private treatment. Can I just note that one of my main reservations is that I have known for years that distressed vulnerable patients end up in the hands of Randell and people like him, who cannot be trusted further than one can spit a rat and who simply are not the people to advise on complex gender identity problems? I do understand that people feeling uncomfortable with their gender can feel absolutely desperate, but this lot are really not going to help, even these days. Dr Sadie Francis was later appointed as a gender identity specialist for Gwynedd, although she had no experience in this area. In the late 1980s, Sadie was appointed as a consultant psychiatrist although she was not, by GMC regulations, permitted to hold a consultant’s post, having not followed the appropriate career path.


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