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But I can’t see Show Tyrion teaming up with Cersei or not caring about the citizens of King’s Landing. I find a lot of endings believable that I wouldn’t like. He just said that this is what Tyrion says about people of KL. He will make new videos when he has more info and confirm them. This would be the first question that I would ask if someone told me that Tyrion betrayed them and was put on trial. Tyrion could be lord of CR, Jaime exiled, Cersei killed and their child could be Stark's ward, to make sure the Lannisters won't do anything against the Starks. She could even push for an idea that someone close to Starks takes position of Hand. He is proven leaker and she is someone completely new. The biggest issues we have are continuity questions. There are things about this story that only he knows, and they aren’t all obvious. Frikidoctor is assuming that GRRM wouldn't kill off all three when he speculates that Jon and Dany must be alive, but if Tyrion is fair game, Jon and Dany most certainly are as well. According to Friki doctor, and more importantly by onset reports, Jaime should be dead by 8x04.

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It draws me back to my time playing tabletop role playing games, you set up things for the player to make their own fun. Rolston: And also, don’t forget the paper and pencil game revolution, Dungeons and Dragons created a genre of narrative which, in the fantasy setting, almost anything goes and there are tons of different literary materials you can steal from to make a fantasy setting. So the people who come to these experiences and make them up for themselves as they run through the locations are working with a much broader notion of agency and storytelling because they come from paper and pencil role playing games. You notice it doesn’t work quite so well in science fiction storytelling. So we’re just really lucky that we can tell stories where a player can live in his dream world and having worlds that have very little to do with reality, that comes from Gary Gygax and Dungeons and Dragons. Wawro: Why do you suppose it is that fantasy games are so well suited to being effectively playgrounds for players’ imaginations. Rolston: Because the archetypes are so vividly drawn and exaggerated and they give you examples of ways you might make your own archetype more vividly drawn. They also have a moral compass that allows you to play around. Like the original Gygaxian notion is you were either good or evil or chaotic or ordered. And those are very powerful ways to imagine yourself in conflict with other things. So there are a lot of -- Let’s see, they’re probably Jungian tools to play around with storytelling and then you have so many different models of people, professionals, writing stories and telling them that way. Your culture gave you a lot of tools for fantasy to make up your own stories.

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2, HDTV-PGClosed CaptioningVideoThe Empire Strikes Out, The heroes of the Rebel Meanwhile, Darth Vader and Darth Maul are locked in a hilarious It's an action-packed comic adventure that's out of this world. Luke however, is able to distract and outrun the Empire, culminating into a Awesome. First thoughts and comments about Lego Star Wars and Darth Maul in relation to Star Wars, Then on Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, they have a Darth Maul who had an 8 AWE-SOME. Don't forget to add the new LEGO: The Empire Strikes Out DVD on your gags and even includes an awesome Darth Vader minifigure with medal. The ultimate Sith warrior struggles to adapt when Darth Maul returns to. The freshly announced LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out will air. This awesome Sith Queen mashup design features Darth Vader, Darth Maul, The Empire Strikes Out by Ace Landers - The Death Star has been destroyed. April 10 Darth Maul is sooo funny I don't want to ruin it for you but if you have kids who love Star Wars you have to get them this. TPM Darth MaulvsPost Suit Darth VaderOnly movies are allowed for reference be incapable of (such as damaging Vader's armor with unarmed melee strikes). Based on movie feats I would have to say Maul but if this is a flat out fight we all In fact, the Dark Empire Sourcebook refers to him as a Dark Jedi, not a Sith. Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul on Tatooine (The Phantom Menace) It pays homage to the battle he would have with Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. Ray Park as Darth Maul (species: Zabrak) gets ready to battle with Qui-Gon Jinn.

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They also reiterated the need of strengthening the communication channels between the Government officials and elected representatives to ensure that no area, no person is deprived of the essential services and amenities. Present in the meeting were MLA Jammu West Sat Paul Sharma, MLA Bani Jewan Lal, MLA Kathua Rajiv Jasrotia, MLA Hira Nagar Kuldeep Raj, MLA Samba Devinder Kumar Manyal, MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma, MLA Ranbir Singh Pura Dr. Gagan Bhagat, Chief Engineers from Irrigation, Flood Control, PHE and RTIC, and other senior officers. Later, the Minister visited Biaspur Parlah area and took a survey of the damage incurred by flooding of Grore Nallah. He met the locals and assured all necessary action will be taken to contain such flooding as best as possible. He directed the concerned officers to build a protection wall along the nallah to contain the water flow. He asked the flood control department to build the crate wall and do the needful to expedite the matter. Dy CM reviews ERA projects, inspects construction sites 146. 4 Km sewerage pipe line laid with an expenditure of Rs 78 crore DeputyChief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh, reviewed various prestigious projects being executed by Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA). He exhorted upon the executing agencies to strictly adhere to fixed timelines and monitor the pace of work on regular basis. The meeting was informed that the work on Ranbir Collector Trunk Sewer is going on in full swing for commissioning by March 17 besides, the 146. 4 Km sewerage pipe line has been laid in Bakshi Nagar, Top Sherkhania, Paloura, Janipur, Shiv Nagar, Bhavani Nagar and Shakti Nagar with an expenditure of Rs 78 crore.


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It was a deleted scene, so odds are they will use it in Season 8. I can't wait to see what he produces from Cersei. Either that or Arya is going to be the one, as she is much smaller than anyone else and has Cersei on her list of ppl to kill, she now has Littlefingers face to use to get close to Cersei and is a very real possibility. Although GRRM has clearly used elements of the war of the Roses, I see a lot of elements of Tudor history as well. Dany seems to a combination of Henry VII and Elizabeth 1. That would fit with Cersi having elements of Mary 1 in her (although Mary I was not actually a cruel woman). Sorry but u didn't even pretend to care enough to say it. Edit: I wanted to put my comments from the discussion here because I'm now really invested in that theory. Thanks to everyone who made a contribution to my now favourite, yet unlikely theory:D. Then the devastation of loosing a baby and the baby being disfigured, even worse having the same birth defect as her hated brother, would make unbearable for her. But even the child she would have probably hated would be dead and her death would be absolutely pointless. I feel bad for the imaginary baby but i would be completely satisfied.

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Sam makes a deal with Gilly: little Sam is his son, and Gilly is most certainly not a wildling. Little Sam will get a good education, and Gilly will have a place to stay while Sam travels to Oldtown to become a Maester. His little sister Talia is also standing there, immediately complaining about the fact that she’s going to be married off to some horrible man that she hates, before her mother lovingly shushes her. Melessa addresses Gilly as if she’s wearing a royal gown — not the animal skin she has thrown over her — and welcomes her and little Sam into the castle. Melessa is that rare character in Game of Thrones who seems to be nothing but goodness. How she ended up with Randyll is utterly baffling. Talia complaining about her impending arranged marriage is still echoing in our heads as we move to King’s Landing. Tommen is now friendly with the High Sparrow, and rather than condemning him for forcing Margaery to do the Walk of Atonement, Tommen is explaining that he doesn’t quite know how to deal with it. The High Sparrow allows Tommen to finally see Margaery, and I wrote in my notes, “Margaery is pretending to be pious. We saw her in Loras’s cell, where she explained that they can’t let the Sparrows see them broken. Loras, on the other hand, said, “Just give them what they want, and make my pain end. At the time I took the look on Margaery’s face to be one that suggested she was giving up on her brother, but now I see it as a light going on in the attic, where she suddenly thought wait, that’s the answer.