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In 1699, she was again promoted to the rank of Bin (rank 1 of Royal Noble Consorts), with the adjective Suk, meaning “pure. Lady Choi openly supported Queen Inhyeon and was against Jang Hui-bin, who history remembers as an evil and cruel woman. By 1693, the King was growing disillusioned by Jang Hui-bin and the Southerner faction. In 1694, King Sukjong brought back Queen Inhyeon and demoted Jang to Hui-bin. 2. Political factions in Joseon Dynasty (Wikipedia) “In the 16th century, a nationwide split occurred within the Sarim faction between the Western faction (Seo-in) and Eastern faction (Dong-in), composed mainly of younger generation. Political divisions intensified even further as the Eastern faction in turn split between the hard-line Northern faction (Buk-in) and the moderate Southern faction (Nam-in) and the Western factions split between the Old Learning (No-ron) and the Young Learning (So-ron). Northern faction further split into Greater Northern and Smaller Northern factions. The dispute became a hereditary conflict, passed from one generation to another, and from Confucian teachers to their students. The Easterners quickly gained dominance over the Westerners but an internal split developed in the Western faction between Northerners and Southerners. The first factional battle of his reign occurred between the Western vs Southern factions. The Southern party lost and was purged from government and was driven out of politics with numerous executions and exiles. The Western faction, then, split into Noron (Old Learning, i,e, conservative) and Soron (New Learning, i. . progressive). After nine years in power, the Noron collapsed when Sukjong deposed Queen Inhyeon and named Consort Hui of Jang clan (also called Consort Jang or Jang Hui-Bin) as the new queen. The Westerners won (for a while) but broke into two smaller factions (Soron and Noron). Articles from The Talking Cupboard: Royal Ranks in Joseon Dynasty; Women of the Joseon Dynasty (Part 1) 7.


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Pa naravno. Sto puta da. Ali meden? Sigurno ne. Prema tome ne spadam u neprijatelje vaseg sefa Skorpiona. On smatra da po svaku cenu treba zadrzati hladnokrvnost - zaista po svaku cenu. Pokopace ih duboko u sebe do sledece takve prilike. Bilo kako bilo, tek on ce predstavljati olicenje stalozenosti i mirnoce - svaka dlaka na svom mestu. Jedna od njegovih slabosti je cesto sumnjicenje neduznih ljudi i nevaznih stvari. Povremeni, iskreni znak uvazavanja njegove n a d m o -. Njegova odanost bice trajna i p o t p u n a ali mu je morate j e d n a k o m merom uzvratiti. Sitnicar je kad su u pitanju novcane transakcije i proucice ih do detalja. Ne dozvolite da finansijski problemi ostanu nerazjasnjeni. A k o zanemarite ovaj savet onda prvo vezbajte nekoliko nedelja hodanje po ekserima. Svi Plutonci imaju sposobnost da prevazidju probleme ili bolesti u svom zivotu kao i poslovne neuspehe i to natcovecanskom voljom i snagom. Proniknuti u prirodu Plutonca u potpunosti - nemoguce j e. Osim toga cak i kad biste uspeli, zaboravili biste sve o n o g trenutka kad vas on hipnotise svojim pogledom i glasom. Koliko nas to moze reci za sebe, a da budemo p o t p u n o iskreni.


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. Detil-detil backstory enggak penting bagi film ini. Kita enggak pernah dihint soal latar belakang Mary dan keluarganya. Film ini enggak peduli saat kita mengernyit berusah mengira-ngira kenapa Mary sering banget skype-an ama tokoh Dr. Wilson yang diperankan oleh Oliver Platt. Kita enggak sempat kenalan sama beliau, apakah dia temen lama Mary, atau dia psikologis Mary, or heck film ini enggak mau tau perihal gimana Mary terlihat so bad at her job, both as child psychologist and as a mom, dibuat oleh presentasi ceritanya. Adegan skype actually bisa saja bekerja dengan baik, kita udah nyaksiin contohnya pada film The Visit (2015). Adegan ngobrol lewat skype bisa bagus jika (dan hanya jika! obrolannya bagus. Dalam film ini, sayangnya, penulisannya begitu minimalis. You’re just being silly” Mary: “CK! Bye. Brb Sibuk. . Gitu terus lagi dan lagi, adegan percakapan skype mereka muter-muter di situ melulu. Fokus utama nya adalah gimana supaya so-called twist mereka enggak ketahuan. Atau Hukum Ekonomi Karakter; teori tentang kebiasaan film ini menjelaskan bahwa oleh sebab budget, film tidak akan pernah diisi oleh karakter yang tidak berguna, setidakpenting apapun kelihatannya peran mereka. Apalagi kalo diperankan oleh aktor yang cukup punya nama.


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percent at 10,665. 1 (close) Paris CAC 40: DOWN 0. percent at 4,509. 6 (close) EURO STOXX 50: DOWN 0. percent at 3,061. 4 Asia Asian traders moved cautiously Monday as news that the FBI would further probe Hillary Clinton s emails fuelled fresh uncertainty about the outcome of the US presidential election just eight days before the vote. Traders globally had broadly expected Democratic candidate and Wall Street favourite Clinton to sweep to victory, with her rival Donald Trump considered a loose cannon. But FBI chief James Comey s announcement that the bureau was again looking at her use of a private email server while secretary of state sent shudders through trading floors, with US stocks tumbling and the dollar taking a hit. The sell-off filtered through to Asia, where dealers are also nervously awaiting a series of key events this week, including central bank policy meetings in Japan and the US and the release of US jobs figures Friday. The development also caused the dollar to wobble, falling to 104. 3 yen in New York Friday from 105. 0 yen earlier in the day in Asia. On Monday it struggled to bounce back, sitting at 104. 0 yen, while it also edged up against the pound and euro. Key figures at 0800 GMT Tokyo Nikkei 225: DOWN 0. percent at 17,425. 2 (close) Hong Kong Hang Seng: DOWN 0. percent at 22,934.