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And I also thought the Benjen reveal was somewhat wasted. Besides revealing what happened to him, he didn’t add very much at all to Bran or Meera’s characters, or the story as a whole because by the end of the season he abandons them again. Nevertheless the flashbacks were very good, and once again, the final sequence of episode 5 was spectacular. I went into season 6 hoping Tyrion would have more scenes where he plays with dialogue to get his way in politics, as he did in season 2. Here, we only got the scene where he reasons with the masters, which falls flat given that they betray him. It makes me wonder what Daenerys learned by rulling in Meereen, as she seems more ruthless, or as ruthless, by the end. In addition to the negotiations, we got no conclusion to the Kinvara story, awkward talks with Missandei and Grey Worm, and no satisfying resolution to the Sons of the Harpy plot. I say “satisfying resolution” because there was something of a resolution. They were being funded by the masters, now they’re dead, so that’s that, which is not really that fulfilling. Tyrion’s talk with the dragons was a good standalone scene, and like I said, I did like the negotiations, and the reactions of both Missandei and Grey Worm revealed real depth in their personalities, but these moments were too few and far between. I really bought his willingness to cooperate with those around them for the greater good, which is part of the growth his character has gone through for the past seasons. I was enjoying him talking with Olenna, planning the High Sparrow’s downfall, and it really hurt when all of that fell apart for him, and he was dismissed from the Kingsguard, by his own son, no less. He’s sent to Riverrun, and while that storyline was good, I’m not sure the purpose it had on the overall narrative. The only two reasons I can think of is to, on one hand, leave Cersei alone in King’s Landing, so that she only has Qyburn to fall back on. Jaime’s presence would probably make her rethink the explosion. And on the other hand, to close all loose ends with the Blackfish and Edmure. But disregarding the somewhat forcing of Jaime into his book role, like I said, this was a good plotline. I very much liked his conversations with Bronn, the Freys, the Blackfish, Brienne and especially Edmure. They gave the idea of a Jaime that, not only thinks twice before making decisions, but also looks for a nonviolent approach. It’s sad that this growth came at the expense of the Blackfish’s illogical stubbornness and insulting death, not to mention Brienne’s journey back and forth with no clear purpose.

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In short, we hope to invigorate some of the time you spend at work in order to create new experiences and possibilities outside the flow of capital. You can change your life and be responsible for your and your family's future. The European Green Card Lottery (EUGCL) has fulfilled many dreams. People today are living their European dream only because they took 5 minutes of their time to register for the official EU Green Card Lottery in the EUGCL web site. If you register now you have great chances to be one of this year winners. Here are 9 facts about the EU Green Card Lottery Program. She has conducted workshops and lectures about newmedia. The starting point of VIDEOBOXING is a collection of audio fragments from numerous arguing, fighting lovers and ex-lovers taken from the rich archives of film and television. They all display SXNDRX's main theme: the eternal struggle between man and woman. The screens show images of two people, a man and a woman. Fast asleep, each on his and hers own screen, literally divided. When the boxing match starts, the man and woman come to life on their screens to take it out on each other verbally. Slowly the audience realizes the connection between the boxers and the bickering couple on the screens. Every well placed hit decides the intensity of the verbal violence between the two. They argue about anything and, more importantly, anywhere: in bed, on the streets, in a restaurant. Untill the inability to communicate leads to the imminent physical and emotional knock-out. Man and woman: sparringpartners for the endurance of the match, a match with no clear winner or loser. The digital makes every data reproduced, re-elaborated, shared, accessible. Internet allows us to collect elements ready to be re-utilized and transformed in new artistic performances. The new artist is the hacker of the elements available on the net, in the sense that he is not limited to the passive use but he recovers, re-elaborates, he violates rules and proposes new possibility, sharing them freely, so that to give the possibility that the transformation's cycle is continuous.

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Producers, Robbie Leppzer, and eleventh grade students of the Pioneer Valley Regional School; music, Jackson Browne, Barry McGuire. A compilation of interviews conducted by students from the Pioneer Valley Regional School. Language: English Series: Distributor: Turning Tide Productions URL. Combining archival footage with contemporary interviews, it paints a portrait of life then and now in a rapidly changing nation. Language: English Series: Distributor: Film Australia URL. From the first hour through the last, the series provides a detailed visual and oral account of the war that changed a generation and continues to color American thinking on many military and foreign policy issues. Videodisc release of the 1983 documentary series broadcast on the television program American experience. Full screen. Not rated; viewer discretion advised. disc 1. Roots of a war, 1945-1953; America's Mandarin, 1954-1963 -- disc 2. LBJ goes to war, 1964-1965; America takes charge, 1965-1967; America's enemy, 1954-1967 -- disc 3. Language: English Series: American Experience Distributor: WGBH Boston Video URL. With limited public transportation and not enough affluence to afford automobiles, people long for motorbikes to take them to work and cruise about on weekends. With a population around 4 million, there are reported to be some eight hundred thousand motorbikes, causing massive traffic jams in the mornings. Ly Tu Yung Street, in the center of the city, is lined with bike shops, a sign of the new prosperity brought about by the country's open door policy, doi moi. Here is the street where eventually everyone in Ho Chi Minh City comes. There is one particular bike, called The Dream that is currently the most coveted by the young Vietnamese. They save, scrimp and borrow to be able to buy one. Minh, aged 32, lives with his wife and child in a tiny 12-foot square room built in a gap between two buildings.


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But then, I checked it out from the library a month or so ago and watched it with subs off and the English dub on the soundtrack. Unlike the G films of the 90's and early 00's, where the English dubs are laughably bad, great care was taken here and it's actually a very good job done by extremely competent voice actors. I got the humor better this time around, and a lot of stuff just clicked that didn't the other times. And I was able to enjoy the music soundtrack, which really is pretty good. Still not my fave G film (by far) but now I don't hate it, and can see why some people revere it and consider it an excellent film. Fortunately, when we got home, she'd made a nice roast-chicken dinner for us to heat up the next night and not wrapped an ear in leaves instead. IMO, horror can be pretty subjective. Definitely. But Heather Donahue was easy on the eyes. I would just rent it or check it out from your library. Watch both, maybe. I'm curious how other people who see the movie both ways respond. -). Felt like a newer Twilight Zone episode, the ones where Forrest Whitaker narrated. Some fun twists and quite a few loud noises to jump scare the audience. I hope there's a dubbed or subtitiled version soon. I saw Gerald's Game a couple of days ago and didn't like it although well done. I missed that book so started reading reviews and a few had the same problem I did. It would have been better as a short story and a segment of a Creepshow instead of a full movie. I agree her acting was very good, which kept me watching.

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To me, that is just as interesting as that woman she was in the 1970s. It’s the antithesis of the age we live in, where everybody wants to be on social media all the time. . They have clung to a catalog and a persona that were musically bold, verbally shocking and entirely self-created. That emphatically included sexuality. “When I was writing about it, nobody was writing about it. She headed to New York City in the early 1960s, when she was 17, and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She supported herself as a model and a club manager; she reveled in the city’s night life, meeting figures like Andy Warhol, Sly Stone, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. In 1967, the Chambers Brothers recorded one of her songs, “Uptown to Harlem,” which vows, “If the taxi won’t take me I’ll take a train,” and in 1968, her then-boyfriend Hugh Masekela arranged a single for her, “Live, Love, Learn,” that she now dismisses as “so mushy. . After she found out who he was, she went to hear him perform at the Village Gate. Mr. Davis spotted her and sent over his bodyguard to tell her, she recalled, that the trumpeter would “like to have a drink with you. . He produced recording sessions for his wife in 1969 with his musicians — including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and John McLaughlin — along with Jimi Hendrix’s rhythm section, Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell. Shelved by Columbia Records, the sessions were released in 2016 as “The Columbia Years: 1968-69. . She had written a trove of songs; she knew top musicians. “I never considered myself a great singer,” Ms. Davis said.

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though Tommen's political naivety complicit. Does that mean you can't be an innocent civilian in Westoros anymore. If you have anything of any value, you can be sure someone will try and take it. Even if you don't there are people who will kill you just because they can. Her reason for staying in Mereen is to learn how to rule. But all the parts in the book that cover this are completely removed from the show. He'd happily slashed the throat of someone that helped him when he needed it. Many of the people were killed with arrows, and I don't remember seeing any of those horsemen sporting a bow. Also, the dead people seemed fairly close to each other. If 3 men on horses attacked that group, the people would scatter. I think they were surrounded by a group larger than 3 men. Not long ago our own African countries experienced similar events. These stories in GoT therefore serve as a reminder, we aren't that far removed from similar savagery. GRRM is a big history fan too, lots of things have been based loosely on human history. Yes, the level of detail is to be admired, many shows may have just written a load of rubbish down. She was pretty adamant that if she were at the Blackwater with Stannis then things would have been different. Will be interesting to see what (if any) influence she will have. There is nothing to suggest that all events are happening in the same timeline. I suspect the writers are having a bit of a chuckle about how people go on about Little Finger's warp drive and the like. Obviously Jon is never going to look at her as an advisor like Stannis did but surely she’s got more of a plan than to just be his groupie.

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With a theme so interesting, how you could you not want to see this regardless of the reviews. Of all the horror stories told a dozen times on screen, I vote for the mythology I’ve never heard of for my anthology. The opening credits feature dark Renaissance scoring and animation in the illustrative style of centuries-old theological texts hinting at the content of the eight short films to come. The tone is murderous yet festive, evoking a somewhat playful mood. And that is the theme of this anthology: eight pieces of folklore from eight different directors representing eight countries. After the opening credits introduce us to our Field Guide to Evil book, each story is introduced with a brief description of the folklore in question (e. . an explanation of a type of evil spirit) and the country of origin. I’d consider the first three segments worthy of adaptation into 30 to 90-minute films. Some take place in present day, but many are more folky. Journeying through this anthology we’ll find goblins, spirits, mutants and monsters. There are some rather viscerally gory images and disturbing imagery, whereas other stories are lighter in atmosphere. Theirs is the myth of the nighttime-visiting monsters (Truds) born of guilt. With wardrobes and antiquated superstition clearly depicting a folk horror period (e. . The Witch, Apostle ), this God-fearing story literally depicts desperate attempts to “wash” and “scrub” away one’s sins. Gorgeous woodland shots and general photography remind me of The Hallow (2015) and Hole in the Ground (2019), with the moss and cloverleaf greens aglow in pristine lighting. As a young mother tends to her demented grandmother, we question the absence of the father, a strange wound on the mute old woman’s neck, and the young mother’s visions which bring her to fear for the life of her baby. A mystical (and perhaps undead) witch whispers the secrets of knowledge to a common man, who must eat the hearts of the recently deceased to claim his magical boon. While decently made, this is a less impressive segment that feels like a flashback vignette from The Brothers Grimm (2005).

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But remember, folks, Jason Hawes is placed in it for his thing. Anything PLUS obtain the opportunity decide to buy their overpriced, poorly made merchandise and can include of a walking billboard for them wherever to be able to. Everyone who owns a tarot deck has got the potential to utilize it definitely. But not every who has recently bought a tarot deck can accomplish because aspects come into play. Keep to discover some on the main incentive people understand that it is difficult utilize their tarot cards for divination. If you happen to be poor artist, chances a person can still draw stick figures, most appropriate. If so, make the stick figures as well as other objects as rounded and fleshed out as you can, and will have the ability to color consumers. As you work your way through your tarot deck, you might discover yourself finding deeper meanings to a wide variety of the cards you first created. System not unusual, and it is find which want produce a a newer card display this new intuitive data. You shouldn't be afraid to re-create cards if your knowledge of a card changes or gets to be more complex. I attempt to find out by considering various other photos, too. The tarot symbolism of the Emperor is the ascent and progression of logic,reason and authority. You can look around several online outlets to find the finest price deal. I don? know the reason why I can't subscribe to it. Is there anyone else having the same RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx. I think that you simply could do with some p. .

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Ia merupakan kaki tangan dan kekasih tak terbalas dari The Joker. Will Smith, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy dan Margot Robbie juga sedang diincar untuk ikut serta membintangi film Suicide Squad. Dilansir dari Digitalspy, Sang aktor dan sutradara Paul Greengrass saat dilaporkan tengah dalam pembicaraan untuk kembali berpartisipasi di sekuel film Bourne selanjutnya. Padahal, sebelumnya keduanya menolak untuk menindaklanjuti kelanjutan dari The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). Kepergian Matt Damon kala itu membuat pihak franchise memunculkan karakter baru di samping Jason Bourne. Ia adalah Aaron Cross yang diperankan oleh Jeremy Renner dengan film yang diberi judul The Bourne Legacy (2012). Dan ternyata, film tersebut juga meraih kesuksesan layaknya Bourne versi Matt Damon. Bahkan sempat ada wacana akan menyatukan keduanya dalam sekuel Bourne selanjutnya. Baru-baru ini E! News mengutip pernyataan Ben Affleck terkait kembalinya Matt Damon berperan sebagai Jason Bourne. Seperti diketahui, dua aktor tersebut merupakan sahabat baik sejak lama. Affleck mengatakan, Damon telah menandatangani kesepakatan untuk kembali ke franchise film tersebut. Dilaporkan oleh News. u, film dokumenter Katy Perry kali ini akan meliputi konsernya pada 12 dan 13 Desember di Sydney. Perihal rincian soal sutradara, plot, judul, dan distribusinya, saat ini masih belum diketahui. Namun jika menengok kembali ke Katy Perry: Part of Me yang sukses secara komersil dengan pemasukan hingga 25,3 juta dolar AS, film dokumenter berikutnya tentu akan menjadi 'lahan basah' lain untuk Katy diluar musik. Katy Perry: Part of Me juga menyandang status film konser musik dengan pendapatan terbesar kelima sepanjang masa. Saat ini Katy Perry sedang menjalani tur bertajuk The Prismatic World Tour dalam rangka dukungan untuk album keempatnya, Prism. Tur sudah dimulai pada 7 Mei kemarin di Belfast, Irlandia Utara, dan dijadwalkan untuk selesai pada 22 Maret 2015 di Stockholm, Swedia. Sedangkan untuk di perfilman sendiri, wanita 30 tahun ini sudah memiliki pengalaman dengan membintangi film The Smurfs sebagai pengisi suara Smurfette dan membintangi beberapa film pendek lainnya.

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There may be no horror filmmaker who’s had more of an influence on his genre than George Romero. Their escapades can be as grimly beautiful as Terrence Malick’s incandescent Badlands. There are countless examples of murdering, mutant, bloodthirsty, demonic youngsters. Suppose we should argue over the best the genre has had to offer thus far. Senior Filmmaking Correspondent Jason Tastevin joins us to debate whether 10 Cloverfield Lane is a horror film or not. There are folks who swoon during Avengers films, choosing their fave from the assemblage of good guys, or wait with baited breath for Wonder Woman to get her stand alone film. - But what about the bad guys. She’s been beaten, tied up, duct taped, stabbed and generally misused, but she soldiers on. Whether through virtue, savvy, or just general badassedness, these women are not above doing what’s necessar. Because we want to talk about Lucky McKee’s amazing The Woman, and this seemed like a good excuse. McKee’s must-see horror joins a host of incredible films that explore our fears of being held against our wills as they look at. There may be nothing as universally terrifying as the clown, and yet, a proper clown horror film is a tough nut to crack. Which is why it is ripe fodder for horror, a genre that has plumbed the depths of adolescent despair for any numb. It put us in the mood for some double features: great directors. For whatever reason, tales of oversized monsters, generally unleashed at the hands of mad science. Just a decade or two ago, Korea’s horror output tended to feel like an echo of Japan’s cinema. And often enough, along with inspiring some combination of the aforementioned emotions, certain horror films just beg the question WTF? Like. Last week we looked at the best rock star horror movies, so it seemed only natural to move on to the best horror musicals this week. At our house, this particular sub-genre might serves as a kind of bridge between the two of us.