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All the improvisers are local talent trained through the Staircase Improv Training program. The Staircase itself is made from bricks made in Hamilton. Scheduled for Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 2 p. . the march will begin at City Hall and conclude at Hamilton Police Services’ Central Police Station. SlutWalk Hamilton will give loud, local voice to end slut-shaming and victim-blaming everywhere; from our homes and classrooms to the streets and courthouses, and will celebrate our right to safe, consensual sexualities without justification, qualification or explanation. This important community forum provides us with a unique opportunity to share our accomplishments and achievements with our broad community stakeholders and to articulate our plans for the upcoming year. Mr. Paul Berton, editor-in-chief of the Hamilton Spectator present will be the keynote speaker at this year’s event. Prior to joining our local newspaper team, Mr. Berton also served as editor-in-chief of The Free Press in London, Ontario, where he was actively involved with several community initiatives and served on a number of boards and committees. His remarks will focus on the role of The Hamilton Spectator in creating a city wide culture of inclusion and on the newspaper’s new diversity initiative. A coordinated effort started by and supported by the original batch of art spaces here - the Art Crawl is quickly becoming a can't-miss event.

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It takes a lot of guts and fortitude to face down dragons so you can unchain them. I actually felt sad for Cersei and not getting to go to her own daughter's funeral. And I th in k that we all thought th at Ramsay would go after a new baby brother or sister. Bran 's back! And the Children of the Forest c hic k ( Leaf) seems to have gotten a nice mak eo ve r. Wonder what everyone will think when they see him up and walking around. Theon said he is going home, but is that the Iron Islands or Winterfell. I just did some pottery where the rolling pin would make a cool something. How much it is in dollars will depend on the exchange rate and your credit card. I order in euros with my no-fee card for the best price. SPOILER: Click to show It looks as if they're going to drag out the Tower of Joy storyline for a while, it seems. Oh well, at least Arya got her eyes back! (I was growing a bit bored with her blindly getting smacked with a stick for three weeks in a row.


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After establishing the angle and size of the dots by Olive Studio each character was drawn dot by dot using a pair of compasses. According to Jose Mendoza y Almeida, who lead the team at the studio, Excoffon made sketches of the outlines of each character and in the studio shading was added by airbrush. The airbrush shading was converted to a dot-screen that went from deep black to white. It was quite a challenge to transfer the drawings with a pantograph and to scale this complex drawings in different type sizes to the matrices. Then it had to be milled, retouched and casted in lead reproducing all the dots of the dot-screen. Calypso was cast in four sizes: 20, 24, 30 and 36 pt and had 26 capitals, a period, an apostrophe (used a lot in French), and a hyphen. Chambord (1945, Fonderie Olive): a Peignotian sans serif family. Chambord is a typeface published by Fonderie Olive in Marseille, which was headed by Roger Excoffon. Olive also had a better marketing machine at the time. All of this may to some extent explain Peignot's initiative to create ATypI to protect typefaces. Choc (1954- 1955, Fonderie Olive), an iconic brush face. Bitstream called its digital version Staccato 555. ITC commissioned Phil Grimshaw to create ITC Choc Light in 1997.


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going to be interesting what the hybrid looks like. Camille said. ? think there? going to be more diversity than what WB had than the UPN. And it? going to be partly more of younger MTV generation type. As a comedienne and stand-up comic performer, Camille has performed in some clubs when she was just starting, ? ? familiar with some of the performers and some clubs who feature Asians, like Asian Invasions and the ? sian Nights. With every story that we tell as Asian Americans, I hope we get closer to something better in the future. The presentation featured appearances by Harrison Ford, Alice Cooper, Hayden Pannettiere and many others, and did not fail to disappoint the audience with its wide array of talent and ground breaking performances.


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Those scenes were engrossing enough, so when the attack began, it carried the thrill of surprise. Under the direction of Miguel Sapochnik, it was executed supremely well, right through to the final staredown between Jon and the Night’s King, and the quiet, unsettling sound effects — sans music score — over the end credits. (That silent yet loaded exchange between the two commanders, and indeed Jon’s entire performance at Hardhome, is one of the many reasons that his death feels so unlikely. In fact, their two meaty scenes together came in Hardhome, helping to make that episode a standout this season. While a massive action sequence like the one at Hardhome has the ability to rock us, most of Game of Thrones best scenes involve characters talking. Tyrion and Dany are among the show’s more eloquent speakers, so their conversations were bound to be good, and then of course what Emilia Clarke and especially Peter Dinklage bring to them elevates the already fine material. She had a lot to work this this season as Cersei, culminating in that humbling Walk of Shame. When Cersei went to visit Margaery in her cell, playing the concerned ally, Margaery was having none of it. “Lies come easily to you, everyone knows that,” she said to Cersei. “But innocence, decency, concern — you’re not very good at those, I’m afraid. It was those traits Cersei tried to access when confessing to the High Sparrow, and though her lack of true remorse or desire to repent was obvious, the High Sparrow agreed to let her return to the Red Keep. That long, dreadful walk — wisely and powerfully presented in its entirety — brought Cersei to a low she’s never experienced, but genuine piety is not in her toolbox. With Qyburn’s introduction of FrankenMountain, the look of steely resolve returned to Cersei’s eyes, and it’s safe to assume that her wrath will be more fiery than ever.


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O. . Not as bad as places like Chiraq, but bad nonetheless. Also, if you don't stress the specifics, it's still an excellent movie. Not every movie is perfect and there are always mistakes, an example being this channel, which points out the mistakes. The box scene in Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The climax of Oldboy (the original Korean one, not the crappy remake). It's not just about the things that happen, but how they are presented. A simple zoom is nothing to be amazed at, it's actually one of the simplest, cheapest cinematic tools available. Not just the zoom. What came after. Holy shit the fucking acting in this movie. I didnt say the scene was lazy, I'm just pointing out zooming in on a character during a dramatic moment is the go to cinematic resource.


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These programs lets students create worksheets, illustrated storybooks, newsletters, awards, bulletin board displays and more. The programs combine word processing tools with colorful graphics and page design options. They offer several fonts, type sizes, and type styles and the text automat. Aaron Kowald, a University of Canberra student in Australia, created a solution entitled the Study Nook, a miniature desktop divider that stands on a desk and provides privacy on three sides - the front, right and left. Each student fills out a daily planner for each hour of the school day. For each class, students write what was done in the class and what homework was assigned. Stdents also make notations as to when assignments are due and when tests are scheduled. The program consists of four different types of exercises to allow users to practice different aspects of reading skills: read the text and answer questions; read the text in stages, as it is revealed sentence by sentence; read the text as it disappears at a speed selected by the user in order to work on reading faster; or read the tex. There are four lessons including question forms, conditionals, topicalization, assertion and negation. Each lesson is 20 to 30 minutes long and features hundreds of video examples on the use of non-manual markers. This application (or app) allows a parent or teacher to use an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to teach a child subtraction of numbers with one or more digits. The app shows a series of subtraction problems and answers on the screen using be. The Suction Arch is a twisting, structured maze featuring two wire tracks for children to direct the multi-colored round beads over, one in the shape of an arch and the other fashioned like a loose spring.


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His maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother were born in Ukraine. His maternal grandmother's family probably came from northeastern Europe, but they have lost all their immigration data. He spent many summers at their Camp Tavor in Three Rivers, Michigan, and a year on Kibbutz Urim in Israel. Its contents hold a special interest to the members of the Dome. A paranormal with electrical manipulation abilities was on board the satellite, sleeping in a cryogenic state for over thirty years. The crew must find him before he is found by the U. . government or the Russian Mafia. In addition, they have to come to terms with their trust of a new administrator who appears very mysterious to them. Through his company MasiMedia, Masi has produced retrospectives on everything from the Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises to his new release, The 50 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen (available as of May 27th on VOD, links below! G2V’s own Arnold T. Direct download: G2VS2E21052714. p3 Category: G2V Podcast.