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It works by examining images from a camera, and produces two outputs: a steering angle so it can hover and skirt around obstacles, and a collision probability so it knows whether or not it's likely to bump into stuff, and take appropriate action. The team of researchers from the University of Zurich, and the Technical University of Madrid in Spain, taught the software how to steer using more than 70,000 images from an open-source dataset created by cyber-uni Udacity, which is developing open-source self-driving car software. The pictures depict a range of scenarios taken from a front-facing camera tacked onto the vehicle. A second dataset for collision-avoidance training was scraped together by attaching a GoPro camera to the handlebars of a bicycle to capture 32,000 images. Stills were taken from video recordings of the bicycle approaching different objects, such as pedestrians, vehicles, or trees. The images were then marked as 0 if the bike was far from an object, and 1 if it was very close to crashing into an object. Our intuition was that cars, bicycles, or similar vehicles, already have this great ability. Therefore, we developed an algorithm to make drones that can imitate them,” said Loquercio. The video below shows a Parrot Bebop 2. drone buzzing loudly as it hovers along streets, turning corners and stopping in front of cyclists and pedestrians. It travelled up to 245 metres in one of the flying experiments in an urban setting, and could be flown 50 metres in a parking garage although it wasn’t explicitly trained on parking environments. Youtube Video It’s not bad for a small network with eight layers. Loquercio said reducing the complexity of the system means it an action performed by the drone requires a smaller computational cost, allowing it to react faster.

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If Cersei attacks WF, shes one of the reasons they have to retreat South to begin with. The AOTD night have finished the job, but her attacking them to begin with, after promising them a truce and also promising to join them certainly didn’t help and also was a massive betrayal. Not to mention any casualties they may have lost can be lain at her doorstep. Jon deciding to beg her to join their now depleted forces after she has fucked them over makes no sense, even if they are desperate. Judging by what we know of spoilers, I think the battle of WF has losses on both sides. Jon and Dany have the bigger forces to begin with, and I think it’s gonna be Cersei’s army that bears the brunt of the casualties. In fact, I think the AOTD wipes out her army completely. ( the army she sends north anyway) I think it’s more likely that Jon arrives at KL to ask for Cersei’s surrender and offer a chance for her life in exchange. Jaime and Tyrion may have convinced team Dany not to kill her if Jon can convince her to surrender peacefully or something. He is not pleading with her to join, he wants her to opent the gates so they can protect the people. Maybe. Italica is such a huge location, that it's hard to say who filmed in the Dragonpit. It may not even be just those actors, since they did film part of the battle in front of the green screen in the Quarry.


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Rajesh Gupta, Hon’ble MLA appreciated the efforts of NHPC and Sood Eye Centre for organizing Eye Camp. Rajesh Gupta said that NHPC has played a pioneering role in the creation of massive infrastructure for the generation of hydroelectric power in the state and said that in future more and more projects would be taken up to make our state self sufficient in power generation. Hence each one of us should take preventive measures for protecting this precious gift. Dr. Sood in his address emphasised the importance of vision in day to day life and gave some valuable tips. BJP District Gen. Secretary Srinagar Arif Raja along with District Vice Presidents Srinagar Ashok Bhat and Asif Masoodi while chairing a meeting of District Office Bearers and Constituency Presidents for the scheduled of “Awami Rabta Muhim” Discused various steps for the smooth conduct of the “Awami Rabta Muhim”. Raja while speaking in the meeting said that the party at the National level as well as State level has chalked out a series of programmes to be organised during Pt. Ashok Bhat while speaking in the meeting said that”Awami Rabta Muhim” is one such programme which will be organised from Feb 15 to March 05 2017. He said that party has decided to undertake “ Awami Rabta Muhim” at Panchayat level to reach the people to take stock of the ground problems and highlight the achievements of the Narendra Modi led govt. Altaf Thakur who was special invitee in the meeting while interacting with party workers including District office bearers, Constituency Presidents asked them to intensify the party activities organised Door to Door visit and listen to the grievances of the people and in this regard a special drive from the party would be organised from 15 Feb, to 5th March to listen the grievance of the people. Thakur asked the District office bearers to ensure that the “ Awami Rabta Muhim” is undertaken smoothly in their respective areas. The meeting was attended by District Secretary Srinagar Hilal Ahmad Jan, Constituency Presidents Amirakadal Ashraf Reshi, Zadibal Neelam Gaash, Habakadal Fayaz Bhat, Eidgah Riyaz and others.

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My very first SFM animation short that took me about 17 days to complete. I had high hopes and they came crashing down in a glorious and spectacular fireball of destruction. Guess I should have started with something less daunting. And number two: Sound is way more difficult than animating. I had moments when the animation was giving me a hard time, little did I know what horrors laid dormant. Don't talk about animating a smexual video, just do it. This WHOLE thing was done in the span of two days save the first 20 seconds, because I was so sick of being stumped on that god-damn start. So I fueled my anger and rage with 6 diet dr. peppers, profuse sweating, and passion for shitposting. Hey, BigL1, thank you for creating this very original and very well mixed video, but a quick bit of criticism, it might be a little TOO meta, maybe it's just me, but it kinda stews in meta territory just a little much. After roughly nine months, Rainbow Dash Presents finally returns with a parody of Bittersweet! The episode came out pretty well, but it's probably the most largely trimmed episode in terms of planned content compared to what we wound up doing. The final script came to about half its original size, and we lost a few elements that are only barely hinted at now.

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And, as they left Nui Vu in the distance, tears began to flow for both. He was lying peacefully in a patch of the remaining tall grass below the command post and appeared remarkably untouched by the terrible battle that had been fought around him. He was wrapped in his poncho and placed aboard a chopper, along with his honor guard of Bosley, Mulvihill, and Hildreth. Honors and recognition soon began to come in for the men of the Charlie Company 1st Recon Platoon. Lt. Gen. Lewis W. Fields, commander of the 1st Marine Division, visited those in the hospital, pinning purple hearts on their hospital gowns. Of the eighteen original team members, only Bosley, Mulvihill, Hildreth, Bill Norman, and Joe Kosoglow remained in Vietnam. All the rest, including Jimmie Howard, Ric Binns, Bob Martinez, Tom Powles, Vic Victor, Fitz Fitzpatrick, and Billy D. Holmes were so seriously injured they were shipped to the naval hospital at Subic Bay, and then on to the States for surgery and long-term hospitalization. The five who stayed behind were treated for their wounds at Chu Lai and assumed they would form the core group to rebuild their shattered platoon; however, they were soon advised otherwise. If the action atop Nui Vu had centered around only one man, it could be considered a unique incident of exceptional bravery on the part of a remarkable man, and it is that.

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'This woman had the respect of everyone for doing it in the first place, let alone the fact that she was in a wheelchair. She was heavily respected and people cheered her on. She became somewhat of a legend for the remainder of the festival for people who attended the gig and saw her again. Sanders said the incident was just one example of the welcoming atmosphere at the festival. Hazard, who has been back to his best this season after a hugely disappointing 2015-16 campaign, was forced off in the 73rd minute of his country's one-sided World Cup qualifying victory. The mercurial forward was taken off with a calf problem in the second half of the game in Brussels, but Sportsmail understands the injury isn't serious enough to keep him out of action for a long period. Hazard will be assessed on his return to Chelsea's training ground, but is set to be part of Antonio Conte's squad this weekend. Hazard's goals and all-round game have played a vital role in Chelsea's run of five successive Premier League wins. He has found the back of the net seven times in the top-flight already this term, helping Conte's side to second in the table behind leaders Liverpool. Prior to being forced off in the thrashing of Estonia, the 25-year-old had once again found the back of the net but subsequently left the field after a clash with Gert Kams. The Chelsea man immediately signalled to the bench, Kevin Mirallas coming on in his place. Hazard's immediate departure certainly looked more precautionary than forced as he trudged to the bench unaided. In that regard Blues boss Conte will have been pleased with the decision of Belgium's medical team.