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The papal visit kicks off a year of events to mark the quincentenary. Pope Francis and Lutheran leaders presided over a ecumenical prayer service in Lund cathedral in southern Sweden on Monday. The leader of the Roman Catholic Church praised the Reformation for helping to give greater centrality to scripture in the church's life. Luther's pamphlet attacked excesses and abuses within the church, and his actions and writings were hugely significant in the schism which developed in Western Christianity, which became known as the Reformation. Luther was subsequently excommunicated, but his teachings spread throughout northern Europe. The Church of Sweden is part of the Lutheran branch of Protestantism, though the country is largely secular. Pope Francis has previously praised Luther for his fight against corruption and greed in the church of the time. He has also criticised his own church, calling on it to shun greed. Actress AnnaLynne McCord went nearly topless in a scandalous jumpsuit at a charity gala. But it was model Bella Hadid that made heads turn in a low V-neck denim jumpsuit. With the looks of her jaw-dropping body, it's safe to say Gigi Hadid's little sister has been hard at work preparing for her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show debut in early November.

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But to me, who is used to more gore and shock and terror from later slashers, it just feels tame and boring. On the one hand, I love the Marvel movies and a clever re imagining of a classic story or stories (like what Once Upon a Tim e has done with some of my favorite fairy tales when I was young) is a great thing. Plus who doesn’t love a good adaptation of a beloved novel or comic book or even video game into a movie or TV series. Since the success of 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (as opposed to 2013’s remake of the film), there have been a slew of horror remakes, mainly slashers but quite a few others, and they have been showing up with increasing frequency). Only saw one episode before leaving for Germany, but wasn’t impressed by what I saw). There was also talk of a Hellraiser reboot, but there’s been no word in two years on that, so I’m going to say it’s been shelved. Like I said, they’re difficult to pull off, and they’re formulaic. Plus blood and gore is how they primarily scare you, and a lot of horror fans, including myself, find that distasteful. Slashers have produced some of the most iconic characters in horror and in cinema: Norman Bates, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers. Heck, Freddy Kreuger isso well-known that he’s made cameo appearances in movies parodying the 1980’s in one form or another. People love these characters as much as they’re scared of them, they love watching them in action and being terrified of them.


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Traditional residential rentals can often make a solid ROI. Agents are great sources of information, bound by ethics. Some high-end condo properties have their own STR programs. Running an STR is a hospitality venture; running a traditional rental is property management. Condo association decisions, new local ordinances, and changes in state law may all affect your rights to rent. Lucky for you, we were able to speak with some of the brightest condo specialists across the country to learn more, first hand information on the subject. What we found is that condo associations tend to reduce liability by prohibiting Airbnb investment — but there are some big exceptions. The mile-high city is a bit of a wild west in terms of STRs. Its basically illegal to do short term rentals in Colorado Markets like Denver, Boulder or Aurora counties unless its your primary residence. Most developments in the city write a one-month minimum for rentals into their bylaws. However, if you check on AirBnb for rentals in Denver, youll find plenty.