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A race-boat covers a distance of 60km downstream in one and half hour. t covers the same distance. 88. please 89. hoe learn national income easily 90. Difference between Medullated and Non-Medullated nerve system ? 96. If altitude of the. 99. hkhygn. hkjgn yyjkkm 100. There are three earnings members in a family - Mr Roy, Mrs Roy and their daughter Teena. The aver. 101. Read the given statements:1) 20%of the doctors are surgeons. ) The remaining are physicians. ) 10. 102.

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On this month's show, host Andy Miles has recent music from Jo Passed, Sneaks, Mass Gothic and Ian Sweet, plus archival tracks from Big Audio Dynamite, Tears For Fears, Peter Gabriel and more. Always Andersonville Monthly is a podcast produced by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce with Transistor Radio; it brings together the month's interviews from the weekly Always Andersonville podcast. This month RareJule Vintage owner Julia Marchenko has curated a fantastic mix of 20 songs, with music from Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, James Blake, SBTRKT, The Rolling Stones, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac and more. First up is Annie Russell, creator of an event taking place March 14 at Transistor; called Freshman, it will bring together some of Chicago's best comedians to share their first attempts at comedy, writing and art. Later in the show we hear from Chicago artist Phil Thompson, whose Cape Horn Illustration specializes in Chicago prints and posters, home and building drawings, and illustration with architectural and historical themes. Indie rock and underground sounds past, present and future. You might hear it first and or last, on The Good Music Show. This month: Studio wizardry and retake after retake can dull and nullify the true meaning of the sound a band was working to create. A time where the bands sound and performance will never ever be repeated or recreated. Sometimes magical, sometimes tragic, but it was a happening. Jon Monteverde hosts and curates In Store: Selections from Transistor's Live Performance Archive. As Transistor's live performance sound engineer, Jon has recorded more than 300 sets of live music at Transistor; on this monthly program, he showcases highlights from this collection. This month he presents one-man math rock from The Roarer (recorded January 15, 2016) and electronic textures from Dan Fanelli’s Color Army (recorded October 4, 2013). DJ Lechstafari returns to Transistor Radio with a new show. Open Format showcases new and familiar songs from all styles and genres of music. It is curated into a 60-minute DJ set by DJ Lechstafari. It is meant to make you learn, listen, move and dance. We’ll email you every time we post a new month of shows.

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Either that, or it was the way my family huddled in the hall every time it thundered, even if it was the dead of night. Mamma would get me out of bed to duck for cover with the rest of the family until the last rumble had faded. But if it wasn’t an Act of God, I’d sure like to know who is responsible, wouldn’t you. I’d like to stay on his or her good side, so to speak. See? All that snow, now, that’s an Act of God according to newscasters and insurance agents everywhere. But, as someone who knows God personally, I’d like to see Him get a little more credit for everything good that happens here on planet earth. Chattanooga, then Morristown, then back to Chattanooga. Sunday afternoon, as we were passing through Hendersonville, NC, we stopped to get something to drink at a convenience store. On the counter near the register, there was a covered box with a sign that said, “Individual Cigarettes, 25 cents. . I tried once, back in my stupidity-rich twenties when I had several thin friends who smoked and looked sophisticated ( right ) with a cigarette between their long, fake-nail-tipped fingers. I thought smoking might alleviate some of my stress eating. Fortunately, I despised cigarette smoke too much to make that work for me, and eventually grew out of my idiot phase. Yesterday, one of the big stories was the case of a janitor in Oregon who died in 1997 after smoking three packs a day for forty years. A jury found that, while he was partly liable for his own death, Jesse Williams was influenced by the decades-long campaign by cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris to discredit emerging evidence that cigarettes caused lung cancer. Phillip Morris, naturally, appealed, and the case has made its way to the Supreme Court. I’ve always held the opinion that there’s enough evidence that cigarettes are very, very bad for you, and if you choose to smoke, and you get cancer you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Check out video on making the best wood fill I know of. Gather fine sawdust from your shop or recent woodworking project and store it in a clean container until ready to mix up a batch of wood fill. Mix with expoxy (either 5 minute or West System expoxy) on the wood surface that needs to be filled and adjust the consistency as needed by adding more sawdust to thicken, or add more epoxy to thin. This mixture can also be shaped much better than the wood fill you buy. TIP: To fix an imperfection in wood like walnut, cherry or mahogany, mix the sawdust with some charcoal shavings from artist charcoal that you rub off using sandpaper. Add the charcoal to the sawdust to create a natural dark finish. (Check out how to do this at the 2 minute 53 sec. I use the natural sawdust mixture when working with maple. In this video, we explore the original meaning of the biblical concept of “spirit” and what it means that God’s Spirit is personally present in all of creation. Ultimately, the Spirit was revealed through Jesus and sent out into the lives of his followers to bring about the new creation. I'm showing you how to prepare a piece of cardboard for painting. Cardboard works for both acrylic and oil painting and you might want to use it instead of canvas, board, wood or paper to save money or to be more environmentally friendly. I get my cardboard from used paper blocks, for example. If you paint straight onto the cardboard, it will soak up the paint and you'll have the paint many layers to achieve opaque colors. So, it's best to prime the cardboard first using gesso. The gesso I use is white, Liquitex Basics acrylic gesso. But if you want the color of the cardboard to show after priming it, you can use clear gesso or some other transparent acrylic medium instead. Use a large, flat brush or a sponge to apply the gesso.

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irl Siro, zapalona graczka FPS. Ma wlasne oficjalne dane w pracach Good Smile Company i Kotobukiya, a takze przeskoczyla z 3D na 2D, by promowac gre RPG w Magbo Warheit. Przed jej debiutem w swiecie magii Magatsu Warheit, Siro robi swoj oficjalny wypad jako postac z gry wideo w FPS Modern Combat Versus. Siro i jej przyjaciolka konska, Ubiba, wchodza do gry w ograniczonym, mozliwym do odblokowania kostiumie do 16 wrzesnia. Dodatkowo kostium Siro zawiera prawdziwe linie glosowe od samej Siro. Gra Modern Combat Versus wyszla na PC i urzadzenia mobilne zeszlej zimy. Gra jest darmowa i gra przeciwko graczom w bitwach 4v4 jako jeden z ponad 13 wyspecjalizowanych agentow. Wirtualni YouTuberzy, tacy jak Siro i Kizuna Ai, zyskaly ogromna popularnosc dzieki wielu innym wlasciwosciom dopasowanym do ich wlasnych uroczych dziewczat (i brudnych starcow). Oryginalna postac Slimeko z gry Overlord: Mass for the Dead zadebiutowala w tym miesiacu. Jest czlonkiem Team Mystic poziomu 40 w Tokio, ktory twierdzi, ze jest szosta osoba w Japonii, ktora zdobyla zloty medal Kanto w grze. Zgodnie ze stereotypami tradycyjnie stosowanymi wobec graczy, spoleczenstwo mogloby zakladac, ze nie bedzie mial szczescia z powodu swojego hobby. Jednak Pokemon GO faktycznie doprowadzila go do odnalezienia milosci swojego zycia. Powiedzial, ze byl zadowolony, ze mogl wziac slub w rocznice spotkania z partnerka. Zamieszczal takze zdjecia roznych przedmiotow slubnych Pokemonow, w tym akt malzenstwa i prezenty. Powiedzial, ze bedzie studiowal scene aktorska, poniewaz marzy o wystepie na londynskiej scenie. Jest seiyu Mitsuru Ashikawy w anime Brave Story, gral tez Kitaro w filmie Live-Action z 2007 roku Gegege no Kitaro, za co otrzymal nagrode Odkrycia Roku od stowarzyszenia Nippon Academy-Sho 15. Seiyu Yuka Imai oglosila na swoim blogu, ze odchodzi na emeryture. Imai nie podala konkretnego powodu przejscia na emeryture, ale powiedziala, ze planuje skoncentrowac sie na rodzinie w zrelaksowany sposob.

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In both the TV series and the novels, Varys explains how he was castrated by a sorcerer who wanted to use his genitals in a magic ritual, then threw him still bleeding out into the street and left him for dead. In both versions this is just a story Varys relates, it isn't shown in flashback (or through a live narration flashback in the novels). The Unsullied warrior-eunuchs are described as being castrated when they are young boys, but in both the TV series and novels the actual act of mutilation is not shown or narrated in any detail. The props department based it on the design of real medieval gelding knives. In the TV series, Ramsay Snow castrates Theon Greyjoy during Season 3 while he is his prisoner. This is not an outright invention of the TV series though it is reshuffling some scenes around: after Ramsay takes Winterfell at the end of the second novel (corresponding to the Season 2 finale), Theon isn't seen again until the fifth novel, corresponding to events as they were ultimately adapted in Season 4 (and parts of Season 5). For two full novels it was strongly implied that Theon had been tortured to death in the dungeons of the Dreadfort, only for the shocking revelation that he was alive in book five, horrifically tortured and mutilated during over a year spent in the Boltons' dungeons, and long since driven insane from the torture. He is left almost unrecognizable, losing over half his bodyweight and looking like an emaciated old man, his hair turned white from shock; Ramsay also partially flayed him, cut off three of his fingers and some of his toes, and knocked most of his teeth out. The TV series chose to present Theon's torture in chronological order, possibly because of fears that it would be too confusing for Theon to simply disappear for over a full TV season, and also to introduce Ramsay in Season 3 to interweave with his father Roose's betrayal of Robb Stark that same season. At any rate, much of the torture that the TV series actually shows of Theon is psychological; when Ramsay outright castrates Theon he comes at him with a special castration knife and announces his intentions, but the camera pulls away without actually showing him do it. Theon spent over a full year in the Dreadfort's dungeons as Ramsay tortured him physically and psychologically to utterly break him. Apart from partially flaying him, cutting fingers and toes off, knocking out his teeth, etc. In the TV series Ramsay has loosely also acted somewhat like this; leaning in intimately close to Theon's face when he's talking to him, etc. Either way this plays out as ambiguously as it did in the novels. This wasn't directly portrayed in the novels, though Theon recalls in the fifth novel that Ramsay let him make a fake escape early on only as a trick, so he could hunt him for sport and recapture him. The TV series invented the detail that when the Bolton soldiers knock Theon off his stolen horse, the Master Torturer says he's going to rape Theon and pulls down his trousers revealing his buttocks - only to seconds later be shot with an arrow by Ramsay (tricking Theon into thinking he was rescuing him) before he could do anything. Again it is implied that Theon was subjected to all kinds of tortures. Ramsay Bolton hunting women for sport: In the novels, Ramsay Bolton is an utter sadist, considered by many to be almost a beast in human skin, gleefully Flaying prisoners who surrendered to him in good faith, after they can no longer fight back.

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The film's acting style is complex even while adhering to theatrical tra-. Although the camera never moves throughout the film, until the end. Twelfth Night deftly handles foreground-and-background spaces, as when. Duke Orsino, in his introductory scene, rouses himself from romantic. There were other Shakespeare adaptations as well: Selig's Merry Wives of. Windsor and the new Thanhouser Company's Winter's Tale. This last allusion is to the year's film that provoked by far the most con-. Roosevelt returned from his African safari — subject of another of the year's. Johnson-Jeffries Fight and the two-reel Roosevelt in Africa were among the. American feature film (Uricchio and Pearson 160-94). Travel and sponsored films were seen widely in nontheatrical venues. The Housewife and the Fly, a British film about contagion carried by flies. Phonograph is the only sponsored film of the year that is easily viewable; for. Edison had assumed that the main use for the phonograph would be in. An office worker (john Cumpson) hears his dictation played back to him in The Stenographer's. Friend; or,WhatWas Accomplished by an Edison Business Phonograph. The film cuts to its first close-up to observe how the machine records. A professor of sociology.

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These gothic mystery-thrillers, which superficially looked like haunted-house films until a more earthly explanation was revealed, would become a staple of 1920s and ’30s genre cinema. (They’re basically the template for the Scooby Doo trope: Is it a monster. No, it’s just a shitty guy in a mask. Paul Leni’s 1927 version of The Cat and the Canary is surely the most influential, spawning no less than three remakes of the same name. She is the niece of the wealthy Cyrus West, whose nasty family unite in his “old dark house” 20 years after his death for the reading of his will. As his sole heir, Annabelle is now the eponymous canary surrounded by a family of greedy cats. While her family hope her belief that she is being terrorized by a monster is evidence of an inheritance-losing mental-health crisis, the truth is revealed to be good old-fashioned human villainy. — Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. The first screening took place at Studio des Ursulines, with an audience of “le tout-Paris,” or the most fashionable and elite Parisians. Bunuel claimed to have put stones in his pockets “to throw at the audience in case of disaster. Since its debut, no moment of the film has been debated or analyzed more than the infamous “eye slice” scene. In it, a man sharpens a straight razor while casually smoking a cigarette. He steps outside onto a balcony, and as he admires the moon above, we cut to a different scene: The man is now holding a woman’s face in his hands, opening her eyelids with his fingertips. He brings the razor blade to her eye, a shot of the moon quickly appears, and he slices open the eyeball, vitreous fluid oozing out of the wound. Thanks to some expertly placed lighting, the eye slice was achieved using the face of a dead calf, meaning a real animal eyeball was cut open on film. Thanks to the advent of the internet, this scene has remained one of the most memorable and GIF-able, even out of context. Strangely enough, both of the actors in this scene would later commit suicide. Pierre Batcheff overdosed on Veronal three years after the film’s release, and Simone Mareuil doused herself in gasoline and set herself on fire in a public square after World War II.

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William Holden gets the co-star ring spot with Stirling Hayden in Tomorrow's Admirals,' a tale of naval training, at Paramount Filming starts when Hcdden fin Jshea In The Remarkable Andrew. Formerly devoted to French language films, the arty sure-seater will use about half of its show to defense subjects, with about 60 minutes to documentary to scout Br BlUi HALUGAN Riverside, CaL, June 10. It mandatory upon all shows which run more thah 135 consecutive minutes to Insert a full IS-minute intermission every hour after the first two hours and IS minutes. This is Sergieant Buck coming to Such a bill was passed two years you from station U. S. A. and they ago by both the House and Sonata, is no If ands or butts about same of the niijiois legislature but that as I is now in the good old Army as killed veto by Dear Happy: a Recreation Director so dig up bits you usted to do in those tabs down south as I is as out of ideas as a radio script writer. We is located at Camp Haan with who wishted they had gone to West Point when they was kids. I has got 20 fellahs that were In the show business and they is all Belascos to here them tell same, but I never saw them before in my life so they ought to be good. I am putting on a show this Friday night and Joe Whitehead and Franklyn Ardell are coming up to knock them for a gool. Skins Miller and Buck Mack are massaging there Syracuse veins and brushing up their old act but they burned up when I ast them to do two denies in the show. Jimmy Carson and Abe Reynolds come up and they did a bit on Hitler that had the general laughing for the first time since he hit camp. We Is on field rations now and most of us is on a. iet. I took off 40 pounds which reminds me of the dame who went from 220 down to 110, coffin and all. Thoaghtfnl We go over to Palm Springs on Sunday but we take off the uniform as we do not want to embarrass the English actors who are down there resting after a tough season in the movies. We go into Riverside and San Berdoo but all the lugs at March field has the cream of the crop as a dame goes for those wings on the uniform like a moth goes for an Earl Benham suit But I is doing all right with a certain party what works at a drive-in over in Redlands but eating all them hamburgers has. I told him about a couple of gals from home who are in Pasadena going to school at a dressmakers college sew we drove over there and the Maj waited outside while I went in and had a 10-minute gabfest with both of them.

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Each two-hour part highlights important cars that changed the American landscape and the men behind them. The episodes take viewers inside the lives of Henry Ford, The Dodge Brothers, William Durant, Walter Chrysler, Lee Iacocca and John Delorean with reenactments and rarely seen archival footage. In a list published on August 1, History previewed some of the cars that will be featured in the series, including the Oldsmobile Model R from 1901; the Ford Model T from 1908; the 1931 Chevrolet AE Independence Six; the 1934 Chrysler Airflow; and the 1964 Ford Mustang. PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, August 13,2017 TIME: 8: 00 p. . ET OTHER EPISODES: Part 2: Monday, August 14 at 8: 00 p. . ET Part 3: Tuesday, August 15 at 8: 00 p. . ET CHANNEL: The History Channel. (To find out what channel History is for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. It’s a race to give new American consumers what they want, and the result is the golden age of the American automobile. Video of Charlottesville suspected arrest surfaces 11alive. om. She set up shop at a coffee house in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Fremont, hoping for good attendance, but brought her laptop to do some work in case no one showed. She recently expanded Meet a Muslim to churches, service clubs and private homes, and traveled to Arizona and Atlanta with the program. She gives the talks once or twice a week on her own time and her own dime to break down stereotypes. They've seen a resurgence with a recent uptick in anti-Muslim crimes.