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And her mother didn’t really like Jon because of the whole affair thing. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other, but it’s just typical sibling tension. He hasn’t actually learned his lesson from trying to pay attention to what she’s feeling. We all want a leader who’s going to be decent and honorable. And I think he’s definitely entitled to be running Winterfell, although Sansa might have a problem with that, I fear. Her relationship with Jon Snow, I think, is an indication of what’s going to come. Jon doesn’t acknowledge everything his sister has done for him, after all that they’ve been through. And it’s not that she’s looking for praise or anything. She did it because she wants revenge and also she wants her home back. You deserve it.

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Drawing from more than 150 photographs, personal items, papers, scores, correspondence, costumes, furniture, and films, Leonard Bernstein at 100 marks the official exhibit of the centennial and is the most comprehensive retrospective of Bernstein's life and career ever staged in a museum setting. In addition to the objects and the multi-media presentations, the exhibit includes a number of interactive displays, designed to allow the museum visitor deep access into Bernstein's creative mind and music legacy. A listening bar will enable visitors to explore some of Bernstein's most noted works; and a vocal booth gives visitors the chance to sing lead in West Side Story. Another interactive breaks down the parts of a symphony for greater understanding of Bernstein's greatest orchestral works, while a specially designed interactive gives visitors the opportunity to step into Bernstein's conducting shoes and lead the New York Philharmonic. Presented in cooperation with the Bernstein Family, The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc. Brandeis University, and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Additional support is provided by The New York Community Trust - LuEsther T. Mertz Advised Fund, the Leo Shull Foundation for the Arts, Barbara G. Fleischman, Howard and Sarah Solomon, and Dasha Epstein. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts gratefully acknowledges the leadership support of Dorothy and Lewis B.


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As we were saying our goodbyes, SueEllen leaned close and said, “I read you every day. . Their faith has gotten them through some tough times. They even invite their parish priest to their storied bashes. Once, they had a visiting priest from Africa as the honored guest at a New Year’s Day party. I’m not looking to insult the pious and the faithful. He believes in an inherent goodness in entrepreneurship. He sees rich guys, by and large, as honest, steady, hard-working souls who’ve amassed their fortunes the right way. He wants the federal government to watch its pennies. Nevertheless, David the LCR gobbles up the Pencil as religiously as SueEllen does.

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If true it would still be a super cold move to effectively use Jon as bait to draw Ramsay in so the Knights of the Vale could win the day. They certainly may have attacked regardless because Dany is a threat to them and their way of life so I can't pin all the blame on Tyrion, but I can see how one follows the other. Didn't Sansa visit her father's tomb, in the crypt, right before Littlefinger left her to marry Ramsay. And what about Robb's decree in which he's legitimizing Jon as a Stark an is naming him as his heir. I know it definitely happened in the books (and wasn't a Mormont witness to that? . I think Robb at least talked about it in the series (and Catelyn wasn't happy about it) but I seem to remember him sending a letter. At the time Robb wrote it (presumably) Jon was in the Night's Watch which meant he could not become the heir of Winterfell but now, Jon's watch has ended. Still, why anybody is still hooked on the Danaerys end of things is a little beyond me. In the next episode she sets sail for Westeros, and everything up to this point is a totally straight line from season 2.

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Or, if you want to translate the full page, you can go with the three ways But this one is not like that, it just embed result into web page, which means the. Create Your Translation Website - How To Promote Your Language You can go with a free one, like a test. Get Free Website Translation toolbar on your website. Your website visitors can simply select any text on a translated page and add their own. This image contains a screenshot of a copyrighted Wikipedia web page. MediaWiki, the software running Wikipedia, is free software; you can redistribute it. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can easily translate web pages in the or switching apps, you can simply go to the page you want to translate, tap a Bing Search for iPhone - Free - Download Now; Bing Search for iPad. Translate Safari Extension for Mac: Free Download - Translate Web pages. Install Translate Safari Extension with MacUpdate Desktop. i.