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Lord Rickard rides to King's Landing, gets arrested, Lord Rickard and Brandon are executed by fire and strangulation. King Aerys calls for the heads of Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn refuses to give them up, leading to Robert's Rebellion. Littlefinger hadn't intended to cause a continent-wide CivilWar, only intending for the deaths of the Starks and Tullys, but he learned the power of words and what damage the wrong word can cause. He bided his time, gaining favor as a customs master in Gulltown, then as Master of Coin to Robert Baratheon. When he found that Jon Arryn was looking into the parentage of the Lannister children, he had Lysa poison Jon and frame the Lannisters to make it look like Jon was killed because HeKnowsTooMuch. Ned is appointed Hand of the King, Lysa writes to Catelyn, Ned finds out, gets arrested, loses his head, and the War of the Five Kings commences. Also, when Sansa talks about what Rhaegar did to Lyanna as the public knows them, Littlefinger gives her an odd look, that he knows more than the general populace knows about what happened. Those parts are crucial to any future development of Jon Snow's storyline. And Lady Stoneheart is crucial to Brienne and Jaime's storyline. If they were to Adapt her out they would never introduce Beric Dondarrion to begin with or show the Brotherhood. In the books it worked because it took place in one book, but in a single season where a character suddenly shows up like a GiantSpaceFleaOutOfNowhere hanging some non-entity Frey would come off as cheap. That said, if she's not in next season, then they really won't bring her back. One is (likely) mad, one is unable to take the throne, and the third is a wanted convict and allied with another house. She went to the Dragonstone first, as it was left vacated. Although a certain Baratheon bastard is still in the wind somewhere. In a more recent trailer, a voiceover from Cersei mentions 'enemies to the East', which indicates that she knows about the Targaryen threat. Dragonstone is the only major castle located ''east'' of King's Landing. Also, it's the traditional Targaryen seat and Daenerys' birthplace. For one, it would echo her son Joffrey shooting Ros with a crossbow.

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One of us (Heap 1984) has described the case of a depressed patient whose relatives funded a 12-session course of treatment with a Harley Street hypnotherapist (on the questionable assumption that 'that's as good as you can get'). The entire fee had to be paid in the first 11: SUGGESTION, POSTHYPNOTIC SUGGESTION, EGO-STRENGTHENING 129 session. The therapy consisted solely of sessions of ego-strengthening. Despite being assured by the hypnotherapist that his treatment had a 95% success rate, by the 11th session the patient had to inform the therapist that he was in fact feeling worse. The hypnotherapist then suggested he ask his relatives to fund a further course of 12 sessions. Soon afterwards, the patient was admitted to hospital, having made a serious attempt on his life. For ego-strengthening suggestions to stand any chance of success, there must be a good therapeutic relationship. Indeed Heap (1991) has questioned whether suggestions such as 'You are feeling more confident', 'Your nerves are getting stronger' and 'You are beginning to stand up for yourself can really be responded to in the automatic manner of the response to a hypnotic suggestion (compare with 'Your arm is getting lighter' or 'Your hands are feeling warmer'). These suggestions do not specify discrete thoughts, behaviour, feelings and imagery that we said earlier should characterise posthypnotic suggestion in therapy. It seems more likely that whether a patient responds positively to these general kinds of suggestions would depend greatly on the patient's faith in the therapist, and whether these good feelings are already being experienced, rather than on the patient's hypnotic susceptibility. Heap's ego-strengthening routine The following is a routine used by one of the present authors (MH) that is somewhat shorter than Hartland's and which may be a useful way of rounding off a session of hypnosis when progress seems to be under way. As you are relaxing and letting go, you may at some time be thinking of how many things you have learnt to do and how you learnt to do those things everyday things like reading and writing, walking and talking, (Others as appropriate. You have learnt to do all these things automatically, so you don't even have to t r y to do them. N o w as you're relaxing, and each time you relax like this, either w i t h me or on your o w n, you can be learning just from the experience, how to relax and be calm in everyday situations; not just when you're sitting or lying d o w n, but also when you're up and about and active. H o w to feel in control so when you do start to experience any anxious thoughts and feelings, you can control them, they won't control you. You are learning all this from the experience of relaxing, in the same way that you have learnt so many things just by experiencing them. And as you are learning that you can control these anxious thoughts and feelings, so you will find it easier and easier to put aside these thoughts and feelings when they do arise, just like when someone's trying to bother you and distract you and you ignore them and 130 MEDICAL AND DENTAL HYPNOSIS carry on w i t h what you're doing - they soon go away, and you don't even notice when they have gone. They w o n ' t control me! and you can immediately switch your attention away from yourself and towards whatever you're doing and whatever is happening around you.


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The sample studied consists of 73 consecutively admitted female patients aged 12 to 18 years, with eating disorders. Different temperamental factors were most pronounced between AN-R and BN patients, whereas AN-B patients exhibited a personality profile between those of AN-R and BN. BN patients scored higher on Novelty Seeking but lower on Persistence than AN-R patients. In contrast to AN-R patients, both BN and AN-B patients scored lower on Self-Directedness. The current results of differential temperamental dimensions in adolescent patients with eating disorders tended to be similar to findings for adult patients, which strengthens the assumption that distinct personality factors underlie the different subtypes of eating disorders. Participants then completed a self-report questionnaire to gather sociodemographic data, and the presence of each symptom of depression was assessed with the Beck Depression Inventory. The proportion of women (12. %) with MDD was higher than that of men (5. %). The symptoms of depression found to be significantly more prevalent in women were sadness, crying, difficulty making decisions, and lack of energy, as well as self-criticism, irritability, changes in self-image, work difficulty, and loss of interest in sex. Sadness and self-criticism were significantly more severe in women than in men. The presentation of depressive symptoms in young adults with MDD differed between men and women. However, the mechanisms by which estradiol regulates daily and circadian rhythms are not fully understood. Ovariectomized female NERKI, ERKO, and wildtype (WT) mice were given a subcutaneous capsule with low- or high-dose estradiol and compared with counterparts with no hormone replacement. We measured wheel-running activity in a light:dark cycle and constant darkness, and the behavioral phase response to light pulses given at different points during the subjective day and night. Estradiol increased average daily wheel-running, consolidated activity to the dark phase, and shortened the endogenous period in WT, but not NERKI and ERKO mice. The timing of activity onset during entrainment was advanced in all estradiol-treated animals regardless of genotype suggesting an ESR1-independent mechanism. We propose that estradiol modifies period, activity level, and distribution of activity via classical actions of ESR1 whereas an ESR1 independent mechanism regulates the phase of rhythms. To determine whether the relation between these risk factors and affiliating with adult male sexual partners is stronger in females with greater, rather than fewer, substance use disorders (SUD).


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FILM IS DEAD. And yet many camera apps still insist upon attempting simula Decimal Binary Converter This is my first application and I am currently developing it! IT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL and i believe it does what every other DEC BIN converter fail to do! Currently supported: Hexadecimal, Decimal, Binary and Octal. That means it divides the day in ten equal hours that are themselves divided into 100 minutes with 100 seconds each. Provides decimal floating point math for Java via a clean, easy to understand implementation. Much easier to use than Big Decimal, nearly IEEE-854 compliant. By playing with this app your children will enjoy lots of activities designed to help them in learning how to read and write decimal numbers. This game for Prima Decimal Percentage Flash Cards These flashcards have been designed to help children have a better understanding of decimal and percentage. The front side of the card displays a decimal square of 10x10. The back of the card displays the answer in decimal or percentage format. Decim Decimal Rounding This math app can be used to teach and study the rounding of decimals. You can set your own problems or solve random problems. The decimal numbers can be rounded to nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth or thousandth. They can also be rounded to 0, Decimal Time Confuse, Amuse and Amaze your friends now by organizing everything in Decimal Time! Maybe you need to turn time into a decimal for a school project? This is very useful when invoicing for a number of hours. A Time Traveler from the Future lost his wrist watch here on Earth. After weeks of intense scrutiny I figured out how to read this watch.


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The studio launched in September 2015, offering Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Animation services. Their first project was the award-winning The Story of Gin. This animation won the Audience Choice Award at the Dublin Animation Film Festival and was chosen for the Official Selection for the October Monthly Film Festival and the Professional category of the upcoming Anim! rte Festival. Santa Fe New Mexico, United States Film Smoking Rabbit Film Production Film Editing Post Visual FX AVID CERTIFIED TRAINING: - Avid Media Composer Effects - Advanced Avid Media Composer Effects - Advanced Techniques for Avid Media Composer - Creating Graphics and Mattes Avid Media Composer using Adobe Photoshop - Color Grading with Avid Media Composer 2015 NPPA BOP Editor of the Year, 1st Runner Up More. Denver Colorado, United States Animation Broadcasting Film Jacob Collins Motion Graphics Television Production Post Visual FX Jacob is a graduate from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts: Theater, Film, and Video, emphasis on Writing and Directing. During his work history, Jacob has taken on many roles, always seeking to increase efficiency, and ensuring success with strong communication skills and work ethic. He currently works as a successful freelance Motion Designer in the corporate landscape of the burgeoning Colorado tech community. We Provide excellent outsourcing services with affordable budgets. Woodland Hills California, United States Film Mammal Studios Post Visual FX Based in Hollywood and focusing on film and television, with an emphasis in creating CG environments and realistic set extensions, the studio is headed up by Visual Effects Supervisors Gregory Oehler and Gregory Liegey, with Michele Vallillo serving as Executive Producer. Spearheading its pipeline development are Digital Effects Supervisor Michael Harbour, Compositing Supervisor James Kuroda and CG Supervisor Jason Wardle. More. Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa Graphic Design Film Animation CLIP Creative Total Creative Management Post Visual FX Motion Graphics Over 17 years experience in the creative field, including film adverts, title sequences, motion graphics, and general graphic design More. San Francisco California, United States Film Animation chadaporn mitinunwong Post Visual FX Movie Production Production Studio Animation Feature Films, Animation Series, commercials, Film Production. Media Production. More. Simi Valley California, United States Film Jeff W Smith Post Visual FX Jeff W. Sabadell Cataluna, Spain Post Production VFX Film Slidemedia Digital Compositing Visual Effects Post Visual FX I'm trying to enter the vfx industry coming from several years doing motion for video-mapping. I've coursed different studies of VFX and now I look forward to get an opportunity to start as a junior compositor.


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Since 2010 he has been working as a freelance graphic and type designer. Arsinoe (2012). A condensed geometric typeface noted for its unorthodox long ascenders and low x-height. Althea (2015). Free. Ethlinn. A Gaelic uncial typeface. A connected penmanship font inspired by Palmer method of business writing. A Carolingian miniscule typeface that imitates manuscripts from the 10th century. In the style of the Beneventan minuscule (also called Lombardic, Casinense, Langobarda, Littera Longobarda and Longobardisca) from southern Italy found in 11th century manuscripts. Based on Roman uncial writing style found in manuscripts from the 4th and 5th centuries. Spanish penman, calligrapher and engraver, 1565-1636. He lived in Toledo from 1591 on and moved to Madrid in 1612. He was respected as a great penman, who, incidentally, was ambidexterous. Scans: a calligraphic drawing of Felipe IV in 1624, a Spanish Bastarda (1624), a chancery hand (1630). Type designer born in Boston in 1948 who created many exquisite designs such as Alexia (1992), Sallando Italic, Dorothea or Cresci Rotunda. His work shows the influence of masters such as Arthur Baker. At Alphabets Inc: Alexia, Benedict Uncial, BouwsmaScript, Juliana and Weissenau. From 2005 on, he started publishing his typefaces at Canada Type.