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Instead, he is home and safe and hems and haws and basically ignores Brienne’s plea until after the purple wedding, when he see’s risk for Brienne staying in Kings Landing. Before that, why upset the apple cart when he got what HE wanted. Cersei. That doesn’t make him a bad guy (other things play into that), it just means we know his ultimate weakness. I never really bought into Jaime, books or show, as a redemptive character. I think he has had glaring moments of being a Knight worthy of more than a page in the Book or Brothers but his motives have always been tied to Cersei. In the books, he see’s helping Sansa Stark as his last chance at glory. He isn’t helping because it’s the right thing to do. She see’s that there is something to salvage in Jaime but no matter how much Brienne could preach duty and honor, Jaime will always be tied (even in death) by his duty to Cersei first. The show obviously could have him do a 180 but that won’t happen, in my opinion, unless Cersei is gone. He may not know it all but he knows what she is capable of. It will become impossible eventually, to ignore who she really is, but until then, he is still all Lannister. If nothing else, then he would just hemorrhage to death again if they did not generally heal when Mel revived him. But “still, still,” people would find some way to rationalize it away. And, insofar as I can see, only the Dothraki do Monty Python parodies well. Ramsay’s terms cannot be met: Jon does not have Arya or this “Reek” person. It would be breaking his NW vows to hand over Stannis’ family. As Lord Commander, it is Jon’s job to defend Castle Black: and that means he has to find some way to prevent Ramsay from sacking it.

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The CEO of WWE; Vince McMahon was brutally attacked. He was rushed to the hospital and required surgery as well, and Kevin Owens is about to face hell. It started with photos of headlines disproving the claim of PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa that the Pres. The European journalists are among more than 50,000 people who have been arrested in Turkey under the state of emergency imposed after last year's foiled coup to oust Erdogan. According to the P24 press freedom group, there are 170 journalists behind bars in Turkey, most of whom were arrested after the coup. The worsening tensions with Turkey have raised concerns over the fate of a deal struck with the EU last year that has helped stem the flow of hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants into Greece. The death toll from Irma, previously ranked as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record and the second major hurricane to strike the U. S. mainland this season, climbed to more than five dozen. Of those, 43 were killed in the Caribbean and at least 18 in the Southeastern United States. Twelve Irma-related fatalities were confirmed by Florida emergency management officials on Tuesday, while authorities in Georgia and South Carolina each reported three deaths from the storm and its immediate aftermath. Destruction was widespread in the Keys, a resort island chain stretching southwest from the tip of the Florida Peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico and connected by a single, narrow highway and a series of bridges and causeways along a route of nearly 100 miles (160 km). “I don’ t have a house. I have nothing, ” said Mercedes Lopez, 50, whose family fled north from the Florida Keys town of Marathon last Friday and rode out the storm at an Orlando hotel, only to learn their home was destroyed, along with the gasoline station where he worked. “We came here, leaving everything at home, and we go back to nothing, ” Lopez said. Her and three other families from Marathon planned to venture back on Wednesday to salvage what they can. Initial damage assessments found 25 percent of homes in the Keys were destroyed and 65 percent with major damage, according to Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Brock Long. “Basically every house in the Keys was impacted, ” he told reporters.

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Esyalar? ? kilometrelerce yol yapar ve yeni evinize tas? m? olur. Bu arada zarar ve hasar gormemesi sizlerin tek istegidir. Ancak yap? an her yanl? tercih sonucu sadece esyalar? ? hasar gormez. Bunun yan? s? a daha fazla odeme yapmak ve sinir ster yasamak durumunda kal? s? ? . Bunlar?