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BUT since we are in the fudal middle age, house tarly shouldn't represent even a 5% of the Reach power Martijn Stuart Tahun Yang lalu Jack Daniels The Mountain beat Loras in fighting because he Loras was unarmed. Many people have said that Loras was one of the greatest swordsman in Westeros. Loras is a Kingsguard and his brother Garland was rewarded for his bravery in battle against Stannis. Alifengali Tahun Yang lalu thank you youtube algorithm Alifengali Tahun Yang lalu dude this is gold Dexpert Tahun Yang lalu This is hilarious. Even with all those mistakes, I will still love the show, keep up with good work, subscribed. Black Goat of Qohor Tahun Yang lalu Same here, I love the show as well, but for some reason I am called a hater, simply for making fun of something. Black Goat of Qohor Tahun Yang lalu Yup a match made in heaven. Jory Cassel Tahun Yang lalu UNCLE PEEEETA Adi Ahmad Tahun Yang lalu Edd: How'd I know that's true. MysticSaxophone Tahun Yang lalu The monty python bit killed me. TeleBlur Tahun Yang lalu 2:31 Lmfao chowdhury raisa Tahun Yang lalu keep these coming lmao. Black Goat of Qohor Tahun Yang lalu Yeah it should be more popular considering its awesomeness. Abd Allah Tahun Yang lalu You should use the WOMBO COMBO sound clip for when the night king downs the dragon Black Goat of Qohor Tahun Yang lalu I sometimes do dumb jokes, but that is a bit too lowbrow for me. I don't want to dip into the gaping pit that is YTP. Black Goat of Qohor Tahun Yang lalu Which one is that. If you meant Euron Greyjoy, I was not happy with the previous presentation so I redid it. Elessar Tahun Yang lalu Black Goat of Qohor with how well you take criticism I would actually suggest you stop making anything, it would be in your sanity's best interest really. Black Goat of Qohor Tahun Yang lalu Category: Comedy. The video does point out idiocies, anyhow, thank you for pointing out to me that I am not allowed to put lame jokes into my own videos, I didn't know that.

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They are right in not being able to make sense of it cuz it’s not happening on the show. It was simply taken and leaked so all the GoT tards out there could start reaching with their absurd theories and the one that stuck was Tyrion’s betrayal and sending Jon to KL. If it’s coming from the official source, don’t believe it. If they aren’t allowed to snap even their boots while shooting, how do you think this snap of Cersei and Jon came to be. I’ll tell you why, cuz the makers not only allowed it but orchestrated it so that you all can behave like human dominos with your theories and Tyrion’s betrayal or Jon’s meeting with Cersei. Let me break it to ya all, there will be no second meeting. Jon, Tyrion or Dany do not meet or come face to face with Cersei again in the remaining story, even Jaime doesn’t. Jon is resurrected the second time through a ritual Dany performs or is part of north of the wall. Dany burns all of KL cuz she is MK’s daughter - mind numbingly stupid and simple explanation for imagined crap. Jon cuz he is more like Ned and didn’t ever know his father. Tyrion is not cruel or ruthless like Tywin and far more intelligent. Dany is nothing like MK or she would have already been queen of ashes ending the story 3 seasons ago. Had they leaked a photo of Dany with Cersei in KL, you guys would have come up with theories of Dany’s betrayal. Do not let a stupid lil snap dictate the outcome of the story. Tyrion will be one of the few survivors on this show and you can take that to the iron bank. Do you really think it will leave any kind of impact from a viewers POV, watching the same repetitive resurrection. Stop, just stop ? It’s embarrassing!


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39:27 texas innit. SoftHands7933 2 tu? tru? (da ch? h s? ) 25:25 i flipped my pillow to the cold side and smiled myself to sleep:). It is one of the best horror movies that have been released in the last 10 years for sure. Pred rokem TheTedwms83 I finally got to see this movie and I'm kind of glad I bought this movie it is unsettling and also there's an after credit scene Pred 2 lety Daniel Yamin I will nerver get the ouiga board. This movie scared me so so much Pred 2 lety Sadiqur Rahman I think he is pointing out the absence of jump scares at the really scary moments (like when the little girl is whispering in her sister's ear). ut i somehow liked those scenes. Freaked me out a little Pred 2 lety Brad Dees i didnt like the 3rd act, but i liked the movie overall, probably will watch again Pred 2 lety TheRebelPrince I don't know what it is about this movie, I've seen a lot horrors this year, but for some reason I really, really like this. I got to me a lot! It's probably tied with Don't Breathe as my favourite horror of 2016. Hush was great too. 2016 has just been a phenomonal year for horror - The Conjuring 2, Lights Out, 10 Cloverfield Lane were all awesom, I even loved Blair Witch. The Purge was the only one I can think of that truly sucked. Pred 2 lety gregrocks66 It was decent but after seeing The Conjuring 2 this movie was nothing. As stated there were parts that could have been scary but they cut the scene and held back.


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NOTE: NASA is on record as having admitted that their agency is responsible for the current CHEM TRAILS program, a program they claim is being used for scientific discovery. Not a few people suspect nefarious purposes, as many nano-sized particles, including heavy metals have allegedly been detected within the chem trail output. Would every NASA employee know what is included above. But some do. They are not stupid people: they are educated, right. Could they not find the same information this author has. It is impossible that no one at NASA would be familiar with what is shown above, especially considering their occult foundations (even if it could be shown that there are no occult worshippers in the organization today, which seems very doubtful in light of their mission names, occult-based logo designs, etc. . Imagine someone saying that we are trying to find a way to make an airplane fly more than 10,000 feet high, when it was done many decades ago with lesser technology and experience. Why don't most people question such statements or find them odd. That indicates brainwashing has been successful, at least with some because who would actually claim that is evidence of the claim? To the objection that everyone at NASA couldn't possibly be involved in a conspiracy of this size, all we need to do is a little thinking about this. Unless you're at the top level in the organization, you must admit there are things you do not know. Maybe you are a salesman of industrial food packaging equipment. You don't necessarily know the exact cost of each unit or where each of it's components originated -- but those with a need to know do have that information. The provision of knowledge or information on a need-to-know basis is an essential function of a military model. The privates in the field of battle are not privy to the details the generals operate by. Evidence proves that some NASA employees, at least at upper levels (including astro-nots) are Freemason members.


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A few days later, they received their first eerie clue as to why the house had so long stood deserted with all its valuables left untouched. They all heard the unmistakable sounds of someone clomping noisily up the stairs, then running the full length of the upstairs hallway. In addition, there were slamming doors, cold breezes blowing past them, and the sight of the huge sliding doors being pushed open by an invisible hand. Then, one night, Mrs. N. was attacked in bed by an invisible assailant that attempted to smother her. At last she freed herself, only to be thrown to the floor with such force that her ankle twisted beneath her and her head hit the wall. Throughout the incredible attack, her husband could only sit helplessly by, his face ashen with fear. The three couples held a council to decide whether or not they should move, but they voted to bear the frightening phenomena and continue to save their money. And so they endured foul, nauseating odors, the sound of something sighing and panting in a darkened corner of the basement, and a remarkable variety of ghostly clanks, creaks, and thuds. They received some insight into their haunted home when Mrs. M. s grandparents came for a visit. Grandmother W. was a tiny woman who possessed great psychic abilities. She told the couples that the blond woman in the portrait that hung above the living room fireplace had been poisoned in one of the upstairs bedrooms. After a few days of getting to feel the atmosphere of the old mansion, Grandmother W. She stated that she was not easily frightened, but the creature had terrified her.


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Not sure if she is North yet or at Moat calin or still in the Riverland. Can't wait for the full stark reunion - I am hoping she hears of a wolf leading a giant wolf pack in the riverlands and she stays to investigate and we finaly see Nymeria ! - They are chased by somethings, wights, white walker or perhaps ice spiders. Hope Edd makes it out alive - Unsullied charging a courtyard with a big L and lions on the walls. Also i like how they don't show you who is riding the dragons, could it be Tyrion. Great trailer and man 7 weeks is going to seem like a full year. If it something else, then i have no idea I think Littlefinger will be trying to sow discord and mistrust and will cross a boundary here. I'm stoked for that as well and feel it will happen this season! - Unsullied charging a courtyard with a big L and lions on the walls. My guess is they are attacking either Lannisport or Casterly Rock. Probably. Although with Cersei on the Throne, and the Lion sigil now behind it in her scene, Lion decor might be seen in the Crownlands now too. The Westerlands are across the continent from Dragonstone. I'm having a hard time understanding why they would attack that when King's Landing is closer, and taking that is the goal that will force the Westerlands to capitulate as well if it falls. There's no need to sail or march all the way over there. - Our yearly shot of yara making out with a girl:laugh: That's Oberon Martell's widow, Ellaria Sand. - Davos reminding i am guessing Danny here that the real war is here. I'm stoked for that as well and feel it will happen this season!


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Portfolio. Audax Mezzanine partners with leading private equity firms to make investments in a broad range of private middle market companies. Filter by Status. MICE. (Product Manager: Mezzanine Applications). A new range of software products for the mezzanine floor industry has been developed by. Main Mezzanine Capital provides Worldmeetings with mezzanine loan for management Main Mezzanine Capital issues mezzanine loan to MUIS Software. MEZZANINE FILES. Technical test. ru o. Software development and initial data populated by. The 96Boards Sensors Mezzanine adapter makes it simple and easy to connect sensors shields and interface to software running on the 96Boards baseboard. Catalyst uses big data technology and proprietary algorithms to assemble and train software development teams and provide outsourced software development. The Corporate Mezzanine team invests in privately negotiated junior debt and equity securities of middle market and large cap leveraged buyouts. We launched project Mezzanine as a massive attack to conquer that as a “monolithic” software architecture with a bunch of app servers and a. Providing world-class software for the international mezzanine floor industry. Mezzanine floor quotation, pricing, design and detailing software supplied as a fully. Archive management and backups are also available from Mezzanine.


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Battleship was originally a pencilandpaper public domain game known by different names, but Milton Bradley made it into the well known board game in 1967. Find great deals on eBay for Battleship Board Game in Traditional War Board Games. History of the game; Game rules of Battleship; When playing classic Battleship game the board is divided into two with each player having his own territory. Underneath the sweeping history of the Russian Revolution is another story, one told through the lesserknown people. Defeat your enemies and vanquish your foes while playing these popular war board games. Battleship of the best war board games History comes to life. A profile and history of the board game Battleship, first published in 1967. Read about how it was created in the early 1900s, and published in 1967. History Comments (14) Share the Battleship board game has sold more than 100 million copies. More than 155 million Battleship game pieces are created by Hasbro. Candy Land Connect Four USS Maine (1898) The USS Maine was America's second commissioned battleship. Battleship Blazing Team Beyblade Our Toys Games All Hasbro Products By Category. WikiAnswers Categories Technology Inventions Who invented the game Battleship. Retired teacher with an advocation in history who loves to travel. Find and save ideas about Battleship game on Pinterest. To direct an adaptation of the board game Battleship, of course. This is a shareware version of the classic board game Battleship by Milton Bradley. More than 150 million Scrabble sets have been sold in 121 countries After determining what he believed were the most enduring games in history board games.


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definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you saved to fav to check out new stuff on your site. ook into my website: Hidden Messages in Postcards. The positive aspects of being environmentally conscience transcends preserving the planet in unforeseen methods. By remaining “inexperienced” we frequently see instantaneous rewards by the dollars we preserve. Applying “inexperienced architecture” when developing and transforming is no exception. Here are 5 ideas that are aiding us be additional earth friendly when creating and remodeling. Reclaimed wood can be utilized for flooring, trim and exposed wooden ceilings. Recycled rubber tire chips can be made use of in landscaping. Even broken glass fragments are being made use of inside walls for insulation. Their new attractive models helps make them far more “environmentally friendly architecture” helpful. Solar panels are most generally made use of to warmth swimming pools and to electric power the full residence. Most hardware suppliers have large barrels that are employed for the sole objective of accumulating rain drinking water. This drinking water can be utilised to water crops as well as a other takes advantage of constrained only by types creativity. When thinking about the installation of these examine first with your city to see if code permits them. The further insulation helps preserve electricity usage down. Thanks, quite nice post. lso visit my weblog Cryptic notes cryptography. I really like what you have got right here, really like what you are saying and the way by which you say it.