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I don’t know whether she had permission or not, but I do believe that when her company found out what she was doing, there were consequences. To this day the wife is still doing the books for the other companies her husband is a shareholder and or director of. Dodgy. Number 3: Last example for today: I will be discussing the matter of company auditors in more detail in another article later this week. However, for the purposes of this article I would like to highlight the following: During our investigations into my business partners, my legal team and I found out that they had approached five different audit firms over a matter of less than 12 months to perform the annual audit on our company. Only two of these firms agreed to audit the financial books of the company. Strangely, the audited draft financial statements which were provided after these two separate audits took place and without obtaining any documentation whatsoever from myself (a 50% shareholder and director of the company), reflected completely different numbers. It was only thanks to my legal team questioning this audit firm that we got these auditors to admit that they were indeed conflicted, considering they were responsible for the so-called independent and impartial audits of my business partners’ other companies. Yes, the same companies, including the Mothership, which were benefiting considerable amounts of money from the forced payments made from my little company by my business partners. I was disgusted that this audit firm had not extricated themselves from the situation sooner. I’m not sure whether these business partners are adopting the same strategy with other entrepreneurs whom they are currently in business with, but it certainly seemed to be their modus operandi at the time. In summary, be very wary of going into business with anyone who is conflicted. Whether they own stakes in multiple companies which might impact their ability to make impartial decisions, or whether they try to pull their family into the fold. Tomorrow I will be sharing the next topic in my Legal 101 series and I will include some further real-life examples from my own experience.

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Tokyo is a major ally of the United States, and has watched as Duterte increasingly attacked the U. S. and said he would scale back America's military engagement with his country. And he has worried Japan and the United States by reaching out to China. Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida acknowledged Duterte's remarks have triggered concern, and told reporters he planned to ask what his real intentions were when the two have dinner Tuesday. They are particularly concerned about his meeting with Emperor Akihito on Friday. Japanese TV shows have repeatedly shown Duterte apparently chewing gum — at meetings, shaking hands and at other public occasions. He walked in with his hands in his pockets and chewed gum during the hand shake and a signing ceremony. Hundreds of camp dwellers, many carrying all their possessions in backpacks, waited for busses to take them on to temporary accommodation across France, as the start of a massive operation to demolish the site. Some kept warm around piles of burning rubbish in the camp, a filthy expanse that has become a symbol of Europe's failed migration policies as member states bicker over who should take in asylum-seekers and economic migrants. There was no repeat of the minor skirmishes with security forces seen over the weekend and French officials said the early stages of the demolition operation were going peacefully. London and Paris have been at odds over the fate of about 1,300 unaccompanied child migrants. The French government last week urged Britain to step up its efforts and resettle child migrants. On Monday, British Interior Minister Amber Rudd said Britain would take in roughly half of the camp's children who are alone.

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Longing for New York City, she came to the realization that the dark, urban settings of her previous paintings felt out of place in the tropical light of Miami. Following a fortuitous accident upon which she looked at the back of a grid painting and observed a resulting “bleached-out light” effect—an effect much more in line with her new Miami surroundings—Gelfman began consciously turning the back to the front. For example, her oil and sand series references the curling, linear metal work used in many working-class neighborhoods in Miami to secure windows and gates. Meanwhile, her between paintings transform the grid of chain-link fences, often used to aggressively divide urban spaces into shimmering, transparent patterns that recall the movement of sunlight on the sea. Series that evidence these influences include lines, where invisible horizontal markings interact with applications of dripping paint that move vertically down the surface, creating a patterning that recalls the irregular grids of textiles. The thru series additionally recalls weaving patterns, through its use of repeating triangle and square forms. She began this series in the 1970s but has returned to it in recent years, producing works at varying scales and formats. The artist has described this aspect of her work as referencing the rapid disintegrations and manipulations of values and ethics within our contemporary society. Her first solo show was a prize awarded by Miami’s Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in 1974, then under the leadership of Arnold Lehman. Since then, Gelfman has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Her work is also a part of many public and private collections, including Perez Art Museum Miami. For the last 15 years, she has developed art projects with inner-city children at the Barnyard, Coconut Grove. Following the walk through guests can join in a toast to the artist on the Joy Terrace with complimentary bites and beverages. The work is a classic example of the Modern Master’s highly prized works from 1932, a particularly fruitful and pivotal year for the artist that was marked by his first major retrospective at the Galeries Georges Petit, Paris.

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This is what happens at 3am I just talk about random stuff. I’ll return in the morning and probably cringe at this. Have a nice day ? I need to stop omg. Jordyn Elizabeth 9 thang tru? I’m in Australia, and it’s 3 o’clock in the morning right now, and you just uploaded a reading paranormal stories at exactly 3 am on the dot. Haley Alise 9 thang tru? Omg conspiracy theory what if the wasp comes when she says hey I’ve got another scary story for you guys or like I’m reading more of your paranormal stories MAYBE it just wants to hear them. Sophie Eldred 9 thang tru? I’ve actually been obsessed with ur channel for long now:) love youuuuu. AldosWorld TV DMCA Copyright About Us Terms And Conditions Privacy Contact. A visita comecou por Pomerode, na fabrica da cervejaria Schornestein (chamine, em alemao). O lugar e lindo, as cervejas deliciosas e adoramos a visita. This new endeavor is aimed for younger audiences, and I think it's a great idea.

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I haven’t bought a new bike in a very, very long time, if ever. It wasn’t an informed perspective, but in general, I think of a bicycle as a commodity product. When I saw that it was more of an exclusive product, with some of what you’re describing it and at that price point, I was really surprised. I believe as a consumer that there’s more quality in those things. So the people who are very expert consumers of chickens or bikes, they are a tiny fraction of the overall market. They’re the ones who are willing to pay a premium, so now whatever your product is, it’s going to be a fairly low volume item, meaning that if you were going to have it as a sustainable business, the prices are going to have to have a fairly high margin, so you can keep going. We want orders to trickle in a bit, so that production of the bicycle isn’t a chore that we hate because we’re squeaking just a little bit of profit out of it instead of other things we should be doing that would be making money. For it to be a viable product, it has to have some kind of ongoing benefit to the producer. It seems like if the market really does kind of push you to one side or the other. I’m glad to get the benefit of your perspective on it because I think of it as a consumer in categories that I’m involved in as a consumer, like chickens or bikes or ice cream. You made an interesting point early on where you said that looking at what the manufacturing process was going to do to the cost, that then informs the design, the details, the trim, the materials, and so on. It has to be chosen in a way that supported the price point. I hate to bring up chickens again, but kind of a chicken and egg between the whole set of decisions. I guess it comes from choosing to be small manufacturing.

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It has been a refreshingly-varied set of releases throughout 2018, providing something for everyone in both the indie and AAA market. As is the case annually, there are a fair amount of games that everyone from the players that spent real human money to get them, and the publishers that funded their existence, feel ashamed about. Whether it stems from an inexperienced development team or major design choices that just didn't work, these titles came and went without much more than a collective groan. When reaching the end of the year, it's important to recognize both sides of the spectrum. It's easy to go on and on about the games you love and cherish, but it's just as important to bring up those disappointments as well. Here are 20 Best (And 10 Worst) Video Games Of 2018, Officially Ranked, based on their Metacritic score. Praised for its art style, character roster, and for simply being downright wholesome, this Metroid vania platformer was a clear product of love. With it being the most recent version, this release was Owlboy's most critically-successful launch. Now that it's available on all platforms, everyone can try out this charming title that's fun for any age. Originally released back in 2006 for PS2 and GameCube, Okami HD is a remaster of that title, with all of the prettiness of modern gaming mixed with the original beauty of its initial release. Its focus on Japanese culture and mythology lends Okami a unique quality that few other games can offer. It's a perfect experience for Switch owners, as well as dog lovers. How about trying to create a first-person action RPG with under a million dollars to work with. That's what developer OtherSide Entertainment had available when making Underworld Ascendant, and it unfortunately shows.

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The spinning of the Discdoes not harm the elephants because thats how theuniverse is arranged. Ive got some drawings I did of the Discworld at the startand Ive always thought of it like this: The shell of the turtle is slightly smaller than the world,but the flippers and head and tail are all visible from theRim, looking down as Rincewind does in The Colour ofMagic. And the DWuniverse turtle, world, sun, moon moves slowlythrough our own universe. A) Its directly over the centre of the Disc;B) Its in a small cafe. On the subject of constellations and what they would looklike (see also the file discworld-constellations availablefrom the Pratchett Archives): GA must move fairly fast in The Light Fantastic a stargoes from a point to a sun (I assume GA haltedsomewhere in the temperate orbits) in a few weeks. Ivealways thought that Discworld astrology would largelyconsist of research; we already know the character traits,what were trying to find is what the new constellationsare, as the turtle moves. And of course some particularconstellations might have very distinct and peculiarcharacteristics that are never repeated. Someconstellations, facing in front and behind, would changevery little. Bearin mind also that the sun revolves around the disc and thedisc revolves slowly, so that every group of stars in thesky would have a chance to be a constellation for birthdate purposes. In short, we need hundreds and hundredsof constellation names good job theres Usenet, eh. Finally, on the less cosmic subject of planetary maps (formore information about the Innovations comics and theClarecraft models mentioned below, read thealt. an. ratchett Frequently Asked Questions files, 163 The Annotated Pratchett File available from the Pratchett Archives): The map of the Discworld in the Innovations comic isjust an artists squiggle. The surface of the Discworld inthe Clarecraft model is.