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Critics have claimed that the CCT scheme is also part of the state’s c ounterinsurgency strategy of filling time for the most recruitable of families into participating in anti-government protest actions. In other words, the libidinal driv e between the horror subjects in the film genre— all abjected in generic underclass professions and experiences, or if part of the elite, still believing and experiencing primitive and feudal folk experiences—is foreclosed in the state’ s own dialog for nation-formation. Only the players of equal power engage with the state. At the ground level, there is very little ongoing dialog with the state other than to be temporally and spatially alleviated from total emasculating poverty, analogous to low wages paid to workers, only assuring for minimum survival and ensuring that they can return to work the following day. The state maintains the unilateral flow and nation-formation, but in f ilm, the underclass is able to critique and engage the representatives of the state and their formational claims. WHITE LADY, AND HORR OR AS SOCIAL MEL ODRAMA In the Philippines the ghost of the “White Lady” has many different versions through various times and spaces. Almost all famous old places, hubs, and historical moments have their version of the White L ady. The most popular is the Metro Manila city version as this provides a hub of iconic horror conventions to the White Lady langue. The woman states that she be brought to her house in Balete Drive in San Juan, another suburb in Metro Manila. All throughout the drive, the driver stares at the woman in his rearview mirror. The driver approaches the house pointed by the woman. He stops the taxi and looks at the rearview mirror to find out that the woman vanished. The following day, he inquires at the gate, describing the woman who rode his taxi. Upon hearing of the description, the caretaker mentions, “It’s impossible sinc e the woman has long died. ” The reproducibility of the White Lady in various time-space idioms attests to its popularity and lingering presence. But it is also the tale, mostly orally told, of female violence and miscegenation, desire for liminal female sexuality and even necrophilia, female haunting, heterosexual desire, and nostalgia for truth, among others, that provides the template for cultural idiomatic imaginations. The langue may be reproducible but only if conventions are observed in the idioms of storytelling and reiterations.

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it 1. MB StuffIt Archive February 9, 1998. Discover 6. . F5. it 5. MB StuffIt Archive February. Engine 6. . . se. it 888 KB StuffIt Archive February. Portable Document Format (PDF) July 7, 1998 1:20 PM. Portable Document Format (PDF) July 7, 1998 1:10 PM. The News:Analyst Quotes 20 KB Portable Document Format (PDF) July 17, 1998 5. Information:FCCC Features and Benefits 16 KB Portable Document Format (PDF). Information:FCCC Product Info Brochure 152 KB Portable Document Format (PDF).

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QuaintonBelle I agree with this article exposing hidden, if unconscious, sexism. The article (although some parts were ridiculous) did point out some troubling things, mainly the car crash stats and the lack of studies in regards to certain medications. It's FAKE! Forza-Barca Today they want things to change tomorrow they will want to vote. Not everything is going to be perfect for everyone. They have had the vote for 100 years and are still failing. Truth it was Henry Ford who massed produced cars while Edwardian ladies were pressing flowers. But still doing what they do best, in tears that their whinging has got them nowhere. Oh, and I sincerely thank you for building my house and collecting my garbage too. My cousin divorced his wife after she admitted she cheated on him numerous times and he has to pay her alimony for 5 years although she has a full time job. Social opinion and legal justice are on their side a majority of the time. I walk into my stifling hot office every day and turn the heating off. And I'm the only woman in an office of men who moan they are cold drop their phones a lot and spend most of the day in the loo. My fat 8 inches. Aprons. And plenty of other things. Syther Whinge whinge, none of these are pressing issues.


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They appealed to the Leningrad party organs, who interfered in the publication. In a panic, he called Anatoly Chistobaev, director of the Geography Institute at LGU. It was a sensation. Its first print run of 50,000 copies sold out almost immediately. Exhibit A In the final two or three years of his life, Lev Gumilev gave over a hundred press interviews in top national newspapers, and a series of his lectures was broadcast on local television in Leningrad. Gumilev had lived to see his books published, but he was already in very poor health. In 1990 he had his first stroke, after which one of his hands was left paralysed. He became increasingly bitter about what he saw as the incompetence of the Soviet authorities and their inability to stop the break-up of the USSR, as economic catastrophe worsened. In a May 1990 interview published in Moskovskaya Pravda, he went so far as to hold Bromley responsible for the apparent failure of the USSR nationalities policy: It was he who advanced the thesis that ethnos is a social phenomenon, that is, belonged to the realm of class. And as a result, there are no ethnic groups in the Soviet Union, because we have no class distinctions, right. In the right circumstances (wide-ranging economic crisis, combined with a real fear of the rise of Russian nationalism) this was simple to translate into real statehood. Not a single ethnic group that was not given national status by Soviet ethnographers bothered to revolt against authority in 1991 (though later, Chechnya would). Rather than vindicating Gumilev’s theory that nations had been buried alive by the USSR, the break-up of the Soviet Union may just as well have vindicated the view of nationalism as a social force that was capable of being manipulated. The Soviet Union’s nationalities policy, in other words, manipulated nations into existence instead of recognizing existing ones. However, in the mind of the reading public, Gumilev’s reputation as a scholar was assured by the demise of the Soviet Union. That convincingly proved his theories of nationalism as an immanent and primordial force that could not be erased. The combination of Gumilev’s personal charisma, the mystique of his parents, and his suffering at the hands of the regime all combined to make him one of the heroes of perestroika.

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Dennis Carver, a minimum-security inmate at Gaston Correctional Center, left while performing maintenance duties outside the prison’s perimeter fence, said Keith Acree, spokesman for the N. C. Department of Public Safety. Carver is serving a five-year sentence for larceny of a motor vehicle and was scheduled for release in March 2019, Acree said. Anyone with information on Carver’s whereabouts is asked to call local law enforcement or Gaston Correctional Center at 704-922-3861. His name is Tim Owens, but online he goes by Skelotim, and he is a bald, perma-stubbled man who knows his way around a contour kit. Last week, he posted a video of himself applying dark purple eye shadow, sky-blue eyeliner, fluttery fake lashes and a bold grape lipstick. Then, after shooting the camera a succession of saucy glances, he raised a packaged Smucker’s Uncrustables peanut-butter-and-grape-jelly s andwich, revealing his culinary inspiration for the day’s look. He calls it “Fat Bitch Friday. Watching Skelotim at work is mesmerizing. He slickly sets his makeup routine to pounding pop music, transforming from a regular dude into a sparkling vision of the fabulously strange. It’s just like Cinderella twirling around and around until she finds herself wearing a poufy blue ball gown, except Skelotim is changing into a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto. In the age of the selfie, what more appropriate canvas is there for an internet artist than his own face. Skelotim is one of a handful of young men who have primped and preened their way into the female-centric world of Instagram and YouTube makeup artistry. Angel Merino ( 1. million Instagram followers), a celebrity makeup artist, rocks glam, high-gloss looks and possesses an almost supernatural grasp of flattering camera angles. Jake-Jamie Ward, YouTube’s 24-year-old Beauty Boy, favors a more naturalistic approach; his popular video primer “ Makeup for Men ” includes tips on blemish concealing and beard navigation.

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Maybe she doesn't know his fate, maybe they are only given their script and don't know what everyone else is doing until the episode airs to avoid leaks. I hope he hasn't fallen into Ramsay's hands, and instead that he made it to Skagos or something (but at this stage, Ramsay gets Rickon looks most likely). Looking forward to seeing this storyline progress past the books as well. You really shouldn't be on the internet till you watch the episode now. People should feel safe on the internet until the episode becomes legally obtainable. HBO refused to release any episodes ahead of time for review this year after the leaks last year. Forgot his name, the one that is getting all scaley on the wrist. She's not a witch of sorts but came upon a magical artefact. If this is the case, I guess we shall expect her to lose it or for it to break at some point. Also in S06E02 it doesn't glow at all during the ress, which might point to it coming from a non-rhollor power source, or at least not her typical way. Given we last saw him surrounded by the faith militant last episode, it's probably a reference to him. That or jon snow leaving the nightswatch, it's 1 of those 2. They'll probably have a wink to the fact in the show though. Dosh khaleen is the council of widows of past khals. After her husband, khal Drogo died, she should have been taken there but she went out on her own expedition instead. I think it will either be most likely Daario Naharis or, might even be Missandei(! , who is leading the harpies.

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Realizing that Brienne is a woman, the Stark soldiers laugh uncontrollably. Brienne suffers it in silence, and at this even Jaime seems sympathetic towards her over this rude treatment. She deflects the men's amusement by asking if the hanging women were given a quick death, and is told two of them were. When one of the men recognizes Jaime from the Battle of the Whispering Wood, Brienne is forced to fight them. She kills two quickly, but deliberately gives the third a slower death. Her skill impresses Ser Jaime, who points out that the men she killed were Stark soldiers. On their way there, they are spotted by a traveler. Jaime urges Brienne to kill the traveler, since he believes the man recognized him and will give away their whereabouts, but she refuses. Later, the pair have to cross a river, which means they can either attempt a dangerous fording or take the bridge, which will probably be watched. He cut his bonds and they engage in an extended sword fight on the bridge Jaime, one of the most skilled swordsmen in all of Westeros, nearly overcomes Brienne several times. However, Jaime's mobility is reduced because his hands are still manacled, and he is malnourished after having spent the past full year chained up in a cell. After a protracted fight, Jaime finally slumps to the ground in exhaustion, after being thrown off balance. Just then, riders from House Bolton (guided by the traveler who spied them earlier) arrive led by a man named Locke, who gives the traveler silver for his services. Tied up back to back on one of the horses, Jaime warns Brienne that when they make camp for the night, they will rape her, more than once, and that his honest advice is to give no resistance, and just think of Renly. They were only sent to capture Jaime, therefore Brienne means nothing to them, so at the slightest provocation they will kill her without hesitation. Brienne says she will fight even if they kill her, and Jaime agrees that if he were a woman, he would fight to the death before being raped, too. At first, Brienne chastises him that he cannot take it when life gets tough, comparing him to the stereotypical interpretation of a woman that she clearly is not.

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The Germans indulged in all sorts of wild speculations as to why this was so. Take care, Misha Superfluidity and Bose-Einstein Condensation Cache Translate Page A few times I heard people from the outside of the atomic physics community wondering why was the discovery of Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) in alkali gases so special, since the existence of BEC in superfluid helium was considered to be an accepted fact. Of course, very soon after a BEC of ultracold atoms was created, the implication of the employed technology (as well as of several related developments ) became crystal clear. By now, the field of ultracold gases grew into one of the mainstream areas of physics; it already allowed to use our knowledge about atoms and molecules to understand solid state physics, photonics, and even chemistry better. However, a direct experimental observation of the BEC, as a novel state of matter, was of crucial importance. Laszlo Tisza, who was together with London in Paris (no pun intended) at the time, got excited and quickly elaborated on these ideas. The first, superfluid component, represents a Bose condensate of the atoms occupying the same single-particle quantum state. This results in a macroscopic coherence allowing a flux without friction or viscosity. The second, normal component, whose fraction depends on temperature, behaves as a regular viscous fluid. Three years later, Lev Landau derived his version of the two-fluid model, based on the quantization of classical hydrodynamics equations. His theory was phenomenological and didn't require the particles to obey Bose statistics. As a matter of fact, it took several decades to unify the ideas of Landau with the ones of London and Tisza. Namely, it was possible to obtain only indirect evidence that about 10% of the atoms form a condensate, based on high-energy neutron scattering and spectra of atoms evaporated from the helium surface. Thus, it was the observation of a BEC in ultracold gases and later experiments on their superfluidity which allowed to establish a connection between the two concepts beyond all possible doubt. Quite unfortunately, even nowadays the contribution of Allen and Misener remains widely disregarded. The 1917 in mathematics Cache Translate Page You probably know that in 1917 the October Revolution happened in Russia: the bolsheviks got power and created the Soviet Union five years later. Part 2 Cache Translate Page Unlike other ethnic minorities in the United States, American Indians are defined not solely by self-designation but by federal, state, and tribal laws.

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The man said their equipment could pinpoint a purr at four hundred yards, and Eric being such a. Kernel Attaturk had an entire menagerie called Abdul. NB: The TV Version continues the album version continues below. Praline: Then I would like a statement to that effect signed by the Lord Mayor. Mayor gorgeously dressed with dignitaries enters flanked by trumpeters. . Praline: Look, if you intend by that utilization of an obscure colloquialism to imply that my sanity is. Surely the third tallest mayor in Derby's history. And. And now the Aldermen are finishing their oranges and leaving. Crowd roaring as the aldermen, mayor, mayoress, town clerk, Dawn Palethorpe (on a horse) and. England this season. On the left hand side of the picture the Lord Mayor has been running such. Blacks kick off) And Wilson kicks off and it's the Town Clerk's taken the ball beautifully there, the. All Blacks are up on it very fast and the whisde has gone. I think it's an All Blacks' ball. 'They were upon them very.