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Taking a second giant career leap backwards (after his other schmaltzy Sparks project 2010's Dear John), Director Lasse Hallstrom, who created such dramatic treats as My Life as a Dog and What's Eating Gilbert Grape slips further and further into laughable territory with more predictably formulaically fare. In an attempt not to divulge too many plot details, here is a really basic summary. But I warn you, not guessing the end may not be an option. Running, bloody handed in the dead of night, Katie (Julianne Hough) abruptly jumps the nearest bus out of Boston. Stopping on-route to Atlanta in the charming tourist spot of Southport, North Carolina, Katie has a moment of serine clarity on the wharf and decides to remain. Renting a rustic cottage, Katie hikes daily to the local convenience shop where owner Alex (Josh Duhamel) takes an instant shine. A recent widower and father of two; the willful Josh (Noah Lomax) and curious Lexie (Mimi Kirkland), Alex generous attempts at kindness unnerve the vigilantly alert and connection shunning Katie. Although her self-preservation shield is slowly brought down by Alex, his children and the help of a close yet myserious neighbor, outrunning her past is not going to be so simple. When her drunkard abusive husband, Tierney (David Lyons) utilizes all means at a police officer's disposal to find her, no-one and nowhere; no matter how remote, is safe. Dogged by dreadful dialogue and a lack of chemistry, Duhamel's charming warmth and trademark self-deprecating sense of humor has little opportunity to engage beyond the status of eye-candy, whilst trained dancer Hough with her limited acting credits is the weakest link seemingly unable to summon the requisite dramatic skills. Almost as bad is the manic alcohol-swilling Lyons, who we no-more believe as villainous as gummy bears. Two redeemable and genuine appealing performances are from young Kirkland and Lomax, both terrific scene stealers with talent far beyond vibrant cuteness. The Verdict: Personally if you're looking for an intriguing balancing act between blossoming love in the midst of suspense and anguish, I would look back 20 years when Julia Roberts slept with an enemy.

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The conflicts between these two camps (and the camps do shift within the diegesis) are the kinds of abstractions with which vernacular cinema, like primary orality, can operate. These oppositions encapsulate vernacular ideas that are demonstrated to the audience. These dichotomies encapsulate debates within the diegesis contextualized, the “lifeworld” of the intended audience, and are presented without the mediation of literary analysis. I have tried so far to demonstrate the similarities between Ong’s primary orality and what I have been calling “vernacular cinema,” but is this comparison fair. Put differently, even though the two media have similar psychodynamics, they are describing very different phenomena. We experience cinema, whether elite “art cinema” or vernacular cinema, through time. As I noted, although we can purchase a videocassette and fast-forward or rewind to specific sections (made all the more immediate through DVD technology), to experience a film requires an ordered sequence of narrative processes. Skipping ahead or going back to what one may have missed, although possible, is not part of general filmgoing. In other words, cinema is a largely homeostatic phenomenon. It is always experienced in the present, and references to the past are not referred to or demanded unless they have direct relevance to the present, just like primary orality, according to Ong (1982). In particular, the classical Hollywood mode of filmmaking, whereby narratives are situated within contexts that demonstrate a high degree of verisimilitude to the experiential “lifeworld” (49), with the direct intention of the audience’s empathic participation in the diegesis, further underlines the similarities between primary orality and vernacular cinema. Therefore, if movie reviewers approach films like Weekend at Bernie’s or its sequel from a literacy perspective, they are seeing films as though they were written instead of performed. The address to their audience is not as literacy or even quasi-literacy but as audiovisual or neo-orality.

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Tony Benne Joyous. George Benson Tickets: 17. 0, 19 C The Heat Is On. The ul mate celebra on of the greatest songs from the musicals and movies. Russ Spencer of Eurovision s Scooch and hit musical Chi y Chi y Bang Bang appears with West End singers, dancers and the incredible Heat Is On! live band. They celebrate the greatest songs from Glee, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Saturday Night ever, ootloose, lashdance, Mamma Mia, ame, Hairspray, We Will Rock You and more. Britain s best known pub philosopher will be serving up his own special brew of bar room banter. Suitable for ages It s sharp and memorable sa re like the white wine for the ladies, Al gets finer with age. The Very Hungry Caterpillar An Intimate Evening with Joe Longthorne Wednesday 2nd November at 7. 0pm Richard Keys and Andy Gray Antique Antics with Eric Knowles Sunday 6th November at 2. 0pm Live puppetry in black light CONNAUGHT and other Eric Carle favourites Monday 31st October and Tuesday 1st November Monday at 12 noon and 2. 0pm.

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Home to the Contemporary Arts Center, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Taft Museum of Art as well as other museums and galleries, Cincinnati is a top destination for art. The bloggers analyzed the 100 most populous cities in the United States based on six pieces of criteria that included universities and colleges per person, libraries per person, education level, media per person, museums per person and public school rank. Cincinnati came in among the top of the list as a result of its library system and number of colleges and universities per capita. Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine was one of five in the nation that were named as finalists for the Urban Land Institute's 2014 Urban Open Space Award. Cincinnati was ranked one of the nation's 10 greenest cities in 2014 by NerdWallet Finance. In 2012, Cincinnati became the largest city in the U. . to provide 100% renewable electricity to its residents through and continues to use green energy today. The city also offers 70 neighborhood parks, 34 nature preserves, one of the largest public plant conservatories in the nation and more. In fact, Cincinnati’s rate of 10. parks per 10,000 residents is one of the highest of all cities in the U. . Most recently, the Cincinnati USA CVB has received the following awards, all based on receiving top votes of meeting planners.

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Roughly translated, with blood and whip, we worship the dark. This is the latest collection of atrocities from Gnaw Their Tongues, an eight song investigation into the rites and rituals that emerge from the copper-scented frenzy of the serial killer, the obsessive acts of death worship enacted by those that live on the edge of abyss, the limits of experience sought by black cults. The sound is, as always, immensely heavy, with fractured drums and tunderous tympani skins reverberating within a maelstrom of seething black doom, screeching classical strings, horns, piano, and some of the most vomitous vocals imagineable. While remaining aggressively percussive, many orchestral movements and melodic constructions accompany the virulent proclamations of J1 StatiK (Luftwaffe) and N2 ItinitI (Valence). Also accompanying Gnomonclast for this release are a host of musicians from such bands as Art Abscons, Cult Of Youth, Awen, Stahlfaust, State Research Bureau, Giftstrauch, and Front Sonore. This album exemplifies its title, for never before have so many diverse artists gathered together to tell a coherent, yet complex narrative concerning time's certain movement toward an end. Mechanical, sadistic and threatening blasts by Funeral, with obsessed and psychopathic vocals by Chaos (aka Walking Death). Ill and diabolic sounds with controversial content. Combining the deep layers of machine-like hum and minimal melodic keys, Nikita creates highly emotional and dramatic journey to the netherworld. Two parts of this one hour long suite are the partly presented in the program of Add Noise II festival on May 15th, 2007. Beginning in 2003 as the part of duo aptly titled CD-R, Nikita Golyshev quickly became the one of the most promising electronic musicians on the Russian underground scene. His output progressed from rhythmic noise mayhem to diverse and heterogeneous experiments, ranging from machine improvisation through bleak drones to pure processed acoustic minimalism. He released some CD-Rs and published many works online, as well as on his own Musica Excentrica, Electrosound and Share My Wings imprints.

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This change is almost three times of that with V-V distance. Users give commands via gaze gestures, i. . looking away and back to the Gaze Watch. Rapid presentation of single words on the watch displ. Finally, we exemplify how the Gaze Watch can be used as a ubiquitous pointer on large displays. Self administered pre- film survey conducted immediately before viewing and post- film telephone survey conducted within 1-5 weeks of viewing. Two commercial cinemas in Melbourne, Australia. 323 cinema patrons were recruited before screening of target films. 182 watched The Insider, 141 watched Erin Brockovich. Pre- film questionnaire: assessed movie viewing habits, demographic characteristics, smoking status, attitudes towards the tobacco industry, intentions for smoking. Post- film questionnaire: assessed same attitudes and intentions plus questions on the film viewed and perceptions of smoking prevalence. 266 (82%) subjects completed the post- film survey.

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? No, no, no and no, you can't annul a consumated marriage with children this the highest level of bullshit that the show reaches. imme back my dirty bastard Snow born out of rape, none of that forbidden love shite. EmoFurry 125 ? ? the annulment makes no sense Skyler Maves. I'm gonna be honest about the Jon x Dany relationship, it kind of freaks me out. Great channel. Sanno Ryujin ? ? The whole thing about Arya besting the Waif in the dark and besting Brienne is total bullshit, I agree, where I KINDA disagree is where she is totally being unreasonable to Sansa. Cameron Charles ? ?

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Trump is building enthusiasm among supporters by laying out plans for his first days in office and challenging the accuracy of the latest low poll numbers. But in Florida and many other key battleground states, the odds are stacked against him. He again questioned Clinton’s fitness for office and the FBI probe that cleared her of wrongdoing. “We have to investigate the investigation, folks. She never had a chance of being convicted,” Trump said. I think we’re going to win Florida big,” Trump said at a Palm Beach County roundtable. At a meeting with Florida farmers, Trump weeded out polls that show he’s facing a big loss to Clinton. “They call them dark polls, they are phony polls, put out by phony media,” Trump said. Trump’s campaign also debuted a new nightly web show on Facebook, feeding speculation about a post-election Trump TV network. He hit other battleground states through talk radio, dismissing new accusations of sexual misconduct. “One said, he grabbed me on the arm, and she’s a porn star. And they make it so - it’s all lies,” Trump said on New Hampshire Today. In another sign the Trump campaign’s confidence may be only skin deep, vice presidential nominee Mike Pence is being dispatched to the reliably Republican state of Utah Wednesday -- a state often considered one of the most Republican in the country, that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964.