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Mel will probably be a POV at the Wall till Jon comes back. Maybe even beyond if they get separated subsequently. They can make it a Blackwater-Battle for Castle Black-Hardhome triple feature. That’s still the defining moment of the series for me. Dream of Spring will never make it out before the show ends. Super 8 should have been the red flag to me about what Star Wars: The Force Awakens would end up being, but I so enjoyed his Star Trek films I didn’t make the connection. (Maybe someone like Christopher Nolan might have done something interesting with The Force Awakens. . I’m actually looking forward to him continuing the adventures of Dunk and Egg instead. My guess is hell just stop writing after WOW and give the project to someone else. So what he brought to it was different and interesting to me. And it was a TV series first, so it suited his writing style better. It’s not for me, but it’s good that some people got enjoyment out of it. Like I said, it’s testament to Star Wars staying power. The Jeyne storyline needed to be told to develop Ramsay’s character and further the northern storyline, but they were easily able to sub Sansa for an unknown. I can picture fans with pitchforks if that happened. As a statistician, I thought I’d stand up by giving you the stats so all can see how JJ’s sci-fi movies have been regarded by both the critics and the audience at large rather than by one or two anecdotal reviews from one or two fans. I do get how an extremely intelligent person can hate a movie based on personal preferences, but I would argue that these movies can’t suck if the vast majority of both critics and audiences love the films. The IMDb rating (which appears first and is out of 10) is mostly audience-based, whereas this particular Rotten Tomatoes rating is the percentage of favorable reviews from critics.

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His teammate Mr Hinchey, 31, later found himself in hospital after breaking a bone in his foot. He said: 'We've only just set the team up really so we've been meaning to get a proper photo but I didn't expect it to be like this. 'It was a pretty innocuous tackle and Ryan just came off badly. We know he's hurt his knee before but this time it was really swollen. 'We moved to the next pitch and just played on without him. We stayed on after obviously to make sure he was OK. I think he was cold more than anything, 'He had been taking selfies so we thought it would be the ideal time to take the team photo. I stubbed my toe and hobbled around for a bit but I didn't think it was that bad. 'Next thing I know I'm in a cast for three weeks. I fractured a metatarsal, but you wouldn't know it from the way I'm smiling in that picture. 'I don't think the team have won since all the injuries so that's probably not a coincidence. . The woman told authorities that she did as he demanded and quickly left. Student threatened she would be set on fire if she didn't remove her hijab. And it isn’t the first time this year that a racially charged incident has occurred at the University of Michigan. In September, posters proclaiming white superiority appeared on campus. U Mich leadership issued a letter to the campus community chronicling some of the offensive events that have occurred in recent days: “We saw a threatening message painted on the rock near our campus; a student walking near campus was threatened with being lighted on fire because she wore a hijab; another student left his apartment to go to class and found a swastika with a message telling him to go home. Some students have also been shouted at and accused of being racist because of their political views. “Emotions are high all across the political spectrum.

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Bran knows what role he played in setting the War of the 5 Kings up, Sansa seems to be getting tired of his creepy presence, and Arya knows that he doubled crossed the Starks and has a means to kill him. Either death via direwolf or via Arya either wearing her own face or Cat’s. I seem to remember Sansa refusing to go because, at that point, she wanted to marry Joffrey and be a princess. The thing about Game of Thrones is that it’s never as simple as a person being entirely good or bad. Arya and Sansa weren’t close when they were younger, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t glad to see one another now, but still, it would be false if they were weeping in each other’s arms. Arya acted out a lot, because she was younger and less mature. In the books Arya feels remorse when she acts out at Sansa. And she never puts Sansa on her “list. When the Lannisters betray Ned and start killing all the Stark retainers, Sansa actually forgets about Arya until the next morning. She is almost portrayed as not being caring enough over her little sister. Like I said, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with them. In history the naked hordes usually won and it was probably out of striking fear into how they entered the battle. Heck after seeing the Dothraki on horses, I would poo my depends as well. In the real world, Jamie would drown because of the weight of his armor. Many knights drowned because the weight of their armor pulled them under. The only thing that could save him would be a rope being tied to him, and a horse pulling him out. And as my husband pointed out, he’s not only wearing armor, but also a gold hand. This isn’t some slender 20-something girl, after all. Where would they be able to get that much of the stuff, assuming it would even work on a dragon.


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What a no brainer! Then, naturally, the over won more than it lost — and Tom Brady and the Patriots came within a touchdown of single-handedly putting their game against the Denver Broncos over the point total. This week, I won’t make such a stupid blanket statement, but I will continue to bet against Tom Savage. If only, by some magical means, there was an available quarterback who played like their mobile-but-injured Deshaun Watson. Somebody with postseason experience and has a history of moving the ball without turning it over. Of course, that free agent quarterback doesn’t exist. The Detroit offense has scored 30 or more points in its last two games — one of which was at Lambeau Field, where the Lions traditionally don’t play well. Starting left tackle Taylor Decker is expected to return this week against the Bears. Chicago, meanwhile, couldn’t contain Packers backup quarterback Brett Hundley last week and can’t move the ball on offense thanks to an overly conservative style. Good teams have beaten John Fox’s squad by at least a touchdown. This will be a good test if the Lions are actually good or not. The main event: Blaine Gabbert vs. Tom Savage. The ol’ These Teams Have No Excuse For Not Signing Colin Kaepernick Bowl. Niners fans know how ineffective Gabbert is at moving the ball. Savage hasn’t taken a snap in which he’s looked like a professional quarterback all season. Its offense ranks in the top three in rushing yards per game, total yards per game and points per game. They’re coming off of a 47-10 beatdown of the Bills in Buffalo. There’s no reason to believe they can’t continue to put tons of points on the board in their return to the Big Easy.

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God the narrator is so fucking annoying with all their side talk, we don't wanna hear ur bullshit opinions about how long each episode is we wanna hear the plot. Like awful I am certain that this is total bullshit Guilherme Tosetto 28. Hey, just rewatching seasons 1 through 7 and want to clarify something - did Jaime ultimately order the massacre at the Red Wedding. He said to Roose Bolton that the “Lannisters send their regards” and when it becomes apparent things aren’t good at the wedding, The Rain of Castameres is played. Bro, you have a good channel here just stop calling them leaks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining but your channel will fall miserably when season 8 starts. You will lose a lot of subs. Jus sayin. Keep up the work and thankyou for entertaining just stop with the leak titles. Lmao This is the dumbest leak I’ve heard yet Luka Bosanac. Nothing is confirmed until I see it with my own damn eyes. This is horsehit jaimie already rode north in season 7 he has no reason to go to back south Paulo Felicio. Paulo Felicio ? ? I didn't see any new spoilers, all of this was already known months ago. That is links master sword ahahahahahah jokes dude. Alex Walker ? ? this all sounds so fucking stupid Leon Eldarion.