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Experience in RTL coding and synthesis in SystemVerilog, Verilog, or VHDL. From Facebook - Fri, 12 Oct 2018 06:18:10 GMT - View all Redmond, WA jobs Is This Fastback Ford F-150 Cool. More Than 400 People Think So Cache Translate Page A couple of weeks ago, a photo surfaced showing a Ford F-150 equipped with a fastback-like bed cap, complete with window louvers. We first saw it on Twitter, but apparently, it had been making the rounds on Facebook and forums before that. Was it someone’s custom one-off or something you could buy. More Than 400 People Think So appeared first on Motortrend. We’ve come up with five unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, that little holiday in February sneaks up on us, and before we know, we need to plan something, whether it’s with our significant other, family or friends. Skip the lines and forgo the crowded restaurants, here are five ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one(s) that shows your appreciation, gratitude and says, “I love you. . Together, you’ll be able to have fun in the kitchen, laugh at silly mistakes and then enjoy a nice meal. It’s a way to spark a new conversation and build more intimacy with your significant other. Giving the gift of relaxation and self-care shows your love and appreciation for your partner. Go try a new fitness class your loved one has been talking about but has yet to try.

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Franklin Manor hits the road starting in Tokyo, July 2015. Check out the latest single “Lost Angel” released from their new album “Motive”. There will be booths and games, a Sega Genius “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker” competition, a Bettie Page photo booth, and karaoke. Play Operation with Patch Adams! Take a stroll down the Dead Celebrity Hall of Fame. This is a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza! Be there. Bang! Kroll Show) CHRIS GARCIA (This American Life, Last Call with Carson Daly) NEEL NANDA (Garfunkel and Oats, Funny Girls) MARCELLA ARGUELLO (Last Call with Carson Daly) STEVE YOUNG (Fashion Police, Hollywood Improv) KRYSTAL THE PISTOL (TBS Just for Laughs Festival) SIMON GIBSON (Good Heroin, Church). Organica is a ferociously nuanced hybrid of Alternative Pop that is deeply rooted in lush vocals, ambient guitars, with thick, dynamic grooves all created by humans not machines. A shabby oasis run by a family known as The Sibleys, the beer costs two dollars and they sell twinkies at the bar. It has an out-of-tune piano missing some keys and its most dedicated patron is a tall mannequin with a giant cat mask for a head. With her flexible vocal styling she’s found herself performing in all kinds of venues, from crooning at galas to national anthems in arenas to just belting at the bar next door. When it comes her newest release “To Me,” Jenny cuts to the chase and sings about what young love means to her and how she can only speak the true words of her heart through her music.


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Combining thundering hip-hop beats with her sassy, urban vocals, it’s being dropped in night-clubs all over Australia. Showing just as much diversity as Santogold, but without the hit record; Catcall is my favourite female hip-hop artist this year. Up in Manchester UK, cats make strange electronic dance music with keyboards and raucous guitar lines from the ’80s topped with scratchy, delirious vocals. We’re here to supply the schizophrenic genre-defying feline pop that will be. Copycats’ thinking is worlds beyond many of their counterparts and should see them helped along the golden path by some wise money merchant sooner or later. Trust me, with their blend of Horrors vocals, screwed rhythms and mad techno beat skills, what’s not to love. The renowned and award-winning local music video director Sally Tran is taking the reigns on this one to ensure it is kick ass awesome. Dancers are asked to turn up at Cross Street Studios behind K Rd at 1. 5pm tomorrow dressed in bright, colourful 80s-style clothing (see picture below). If you want to hear the song you’d be dancing to, click the link below. Also, check out D-Rad’s last colourful video for Awesome Feelings, and check out Sally Tran’s amazing work on her website. On August 5 they are releasing their fifth studio album titled Fascination on their own record label, blank. av. A track from the new album has been made available and we have it.


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ustaf III Airport (St. Bart) Gustaf III Airport dikenal juga sebagai Saint Barthelemy Airport adalah airport komersial yang pedesaan St. Baik airport dan nama kotanya dinamakan berdasarkan nama King Gustav III dari Swedia. Airport ini melayani pesawat komersial kecil yang beroperasi secara regional. Rata-rata pesawat yang menyinggahinya tidak berpenumpang lebih dari 20 orang seperti pesawat Twin Otter. Pendeknya landasan yang berahir di pantai dan awal landasan yang tertutup bukit membuat airport ini berbahaya bagi turis yang berjemur di ujung landasan, walaupun ada peringatan untuk jangan berjemur di lokasi itu. 3. ourchevel (France) Courchevel adalah nama tempat olahraga ski di pegunungan Alpen, Perancis. Airport ini memiliki beberapa kendala seperti pendeknya landasan yang hanya 525 m dan derajat kemiringan sampai 18. %. Saking pendeknya, pilot harus mendarat di landasan yang menanjak dan terbang kearah landasan yang menurun. Lainnya ? kita harus menggunakan helikopter atau pesawat charter kecil dan pilotnya pun harus ditraining terlebih dahulu sebelum mendarat disana. 2.


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Windows Media Player can frequently play media clips that PowerPoint cannot. Microsoft Office PowerPoint and PowerPoint In Normal view in. Verify that the necessary bit codec for this media format is. You can find a list of supported video codecs for Windows Media codecs, such as Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Video, and In order to play a PPT with embedded videos back, you'd need PPT SP2 or later. This is esp. true for older versions like Powerpoint or the video using a Microsoft proprietary codec such as WMV and to save it as. It may encode your WMV using a codec that PPT and your system can now it will play in mplayer2 (MCI Player), but NOT in powerpoint. PowerPoint doesn't recognize the video format, video codec or audio codec of your by PowerPoint, the simple and efficient solution is to convert MP4 to WMV. In this article we will show you 3 methods to export PowerPoint to video: but you can only save PowerPoint as WMV video and the conversion is really slow. Converter can import all PowerPoint versions (,,,,, etc. video parameters like codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, etc. One of my client asked us to play our report in PowerPoint, but our report is to Microsoft, PowerPoint and lower version only support WMV, AVI, is to convert the video to a format and codec that PowerPoint supports. How to solve can't embed and play MP4 in PowerPoint. Inserting Windows Media Video into Power Point Verify that the necessary codec for this media format is installed and December 9, The VLC media player includes an ActiveX control that you can embed into your PowerPoint presentations.


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It’s definitely a retro film, from plotting to style, but it doesn’t rely on cheap gimmicks, film scratches, or obvious visual cues to remind you of its origins. Christopher Jimenez, Shock Till You Drop. Despite something of a novel setup, it’s all down the drain with cardboard characters and borrowing from much better films, topped off with pacing issues and a genuine lack of anything interesting. While it’s nice that Henkel sought to give his fellow Texas Chainsaw Massacre participants some work, it does nothing to add to the film, and just cheapens the overall experience. There are better ways to spend 90 minutes of your time. Don’t spend them watching this. Pat Torfe, Bloody Disgusting. The film was inspired by the photography of Lionsgate’s chief marketing officer, Tim Palen. After Danni, a young, sensitive nurse, joins the hospital staff, Abby pursues her friendship. Years later, four college students, Patrick ( Tom Felton ), Lydia ( Julianna Guill ), Greg ( Luke Pasqualino ), and Ben ( Sebastian Stan ) attempt to recreate the Charles Experiment on a larger scale by using modern technology. During the experiment, something attacks the students and pulls Lydia into the wall. Some time later, Ben and his girlfriend Kelly ( Ashley Greene ) are living together. The characters here are likeable and genuine, and even though the ending wasn’t what I was looking for, the rest of the movie to a lesser degree was sort of what I wanted to see. In fact, there are quite a few details about the film that really work.


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AND AWNING CO. GEO. JOHNSON, V. P. TENTSSPECIFY USTREcNIPTEDSAII:AAKER HAND BANNERS MADE RIGHT, PRICED RIGHT 701 NORTH SANGAMON STREET (Phone: Haymarket 0444) CHICAGO, ILL. Show carries six rides, a number of shows and concessions and a revue. Among shows are Jack Case's Bar -20 Ranch Melody Round - Up, Milo Anthony's Circus Side Show. International Conclave of Wonders and a wild animal show. Circus features include Don Philipc, wire walker; Elwood Emery's Baby Mine Elephant; Atterbury's high act; Jack Case and Rex, wonder horse; Chris Cornalla and clowns, and Jay Gould Jr. s band. Revue has new stage settings and electrical effects. Mason Bros. Shows Ready For Baltimore Launching BALTIMORE, May 25. Recently organized local enterprise, Mason Bros.


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I didn’t do that. woman in hairnet: Oh. I’m going to—when I take the pins out, the ruf? s are just pinned there. Oh, it’s a joke? second girl: No, it wasn’t. ? st girl: I’ll tell you what. The ? st girl picks up a bottle out of a dumpster and continues after the other girl. A kid bombs his parents with artillery shells because an erroneous fear of a parental attack was resented. In another case, a child asked his parents if he could go outside, and the father said no. When you hear about abuse, you usually think of parents abusing children. Whether it was mental or physical abuse, you’ve heard the stories.


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Letupan-letupan besar disisihkan terlebih dahulu demi memberi ruang bagi penonton untuk berkenalan secara intim dengan dua karakter kunci dalam film; Katherine dan Ben, sekaligus memahami secara utuh rentetan peristiwa yang tengah dihadapi oleh The Washington Post. Kelihaian Spielberg dalam bercerita membuat materi dongeng yang rada-rada njelimet ini terasa menarik buat disimak alih-alih menjemukan. Ketertarikan memang tidak serta merta terbentuk melainkan muncul sedikit demi sedikit seiring bergilirnya durasi. Seiring didapatnya gambaran lebih utuh mengenai apa yang sejatinya hendak disampaikan oleh The Post. The Post bukanlah Spotlight (2016) yang meletakkan sebagian besar fokus penceritaannya pada pengejaran berita. Tentu dibutuhkan keahlian bercerita yang tinggi agar dua cabang ini tidak terasa penuh sesak atau timpang sebelah. Spielberg, seperti telah diperkirakan, mampu menyeimbangkan dua fokus penceritaan tersebut sehingga keduanya dapat berjalan beriringan dan saling menopang. Cerita milik Ben memang mesti diakui lebih menggigit karena menyoroti pada jurnalisme investigasi. Akan tetapi, cerita milik Katherine tidak lantas melempem sekalipun cakupannya personal terkait upayanya memperoleh kepercayaan dari dirinya sendiri maupun laki-laki alpha di sekelilingnya. Ditunjang oleh akting gemilang Meryl Streep, kita bisa memahami keragu-raguannya, ketakutannya untuk berbuat kesalahan, harapannya untuk mendapatkan respek dari pria-pria di sekitarnya yang memandangnya sepele, kemauannya belajar dari kesalahan, serta keberaniannya dalam mengambil keputusan. Ndilalah, Meryl Streep memiliki lawan main yang tak kalah piawainya dalam berolah peran, Tom Hanks. Sosok Ben yang menyala-nyala memberi keseimbangan di saat sosok Katherine cenderung lebih kalem. Keduanya mulai sering bertatap muka tatkala dua cabang cerita saling beririsan yang sekaligus menandai terdeteksinya eskalasi ketegangan dalam The Post. Ketegangan dapat tercium dengan jelas pasca anak buah Ben menginformasikan bahwa dia telah mendapatkan materi berita yang dibutuhkan.