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And so the Tar Heels will not lack the time to learn new things about each other. For UNC's freshmen, it will be their first real road trip. For UNC's more experienced players, it will provide a chance to lead, like they were once led. Other teams might have been more talented in those seasons, but few teams, if any, could have been as close on the court, and off, as UNC. Rebuilding that dynamic, or continuing it, is one of the Tar Heels' early-season challenges. It's as important as any on-the-court concerns, if not more so. During the 2015-16 season, then-seniors Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson built that chemistry, which had lacked, at times, during the previous season. An experienced nucleus of Berry, Theo Pinson, Justin Jackson, Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks carried over the dynamic last season. And now it's Berry, Pinson and Maye passing down to this team what they've learned in the past. In many ways, the team-building began in the summer, with the arrival of the freshman class. There were the usual summer pick-up games then, and the gatherings for meals and other outings. We don't have any guys just, like, after practice you don't see them. Guys are just so down to earth and we don't have any guys that's trying to isolate themselves from the team. Even if UNC did have players like that, there will be no hiding, no isolation, during the next week.

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He’s good in the movie, and everything he’s asked to do, he does well. He’s got an easy chemistry with Harrison Ford, he handles both the comedy and the action easily, and my favorite overall setpiece in the film, the motorcycle chase across the University campus, is a real showcase for LaBeouf. It’s the role itself that I have a problem with on a conceptual level, and there’s nothing any actor could have done to make it work any better than it does right now. I question the need to introduce a child of any gender for Indiana Jones. It’s desperate. It’s the sort of thing an aging sitcom does to try and squeeze one or two more seasons out. I can’t think of a single time in the history of a franchise where introducing a kid has worked to creatively revitalize the proceedings, and IJATKOTCS has not broken that streak. Could they make more movies after this using Mutt as the main character. Do I have any burning desire to see those films? Nope. I’d rather see Shia move on and use his obvious ability to establish some new series, something he can help define. Here, the very best he’ll ever be able to do is mount a decent imitation of Ford, and that’s just not a good enough reason to make more movies. Marion remains one of the great female leads in action movies because she stood toe-to-toe with Indy in every scene and gave as good as she got. She was the perfect foil for him, and each of the female leads since has been a let down because, as Indy himself says in this film, “None of them were you, honey.


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HOLMES: I want to turn to D. . now and our Reynolds Wolf. He has been in that area for the past several days. We were talking about the storm maybe being a little late coming to New York. But looking at the picture there in D. . looks like it's right on time. REYNOLDS WOLF, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Well, T. . to you and our viewers tuning in from across America, the snow is beginning to come down once again and the wind is also beginning to pick up. And there is a chance you could see another four to eight inches of snowfall in the area before all is said and done. And it's really good reason because the roads are still in pretty bad shape. I'm going to step on over here and get over on Third Street.


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Award-winning comedian Judy Gold joins master illusionist Elliot Zimet in a brand new evening of magic and laughter. She's the funny lady known for her acclaimed HBO, Comedy Central, and Logo network stand-up comedy specials, as well as appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and breakout shows like I'm Dying Up Here, Louie, Broad City and Search Party. He's the America's Got Talent semi-finalist whose innovative approach to magic includes heart pumping illusions, exotic birds, humor, and today's hottest music. Together, they create a unique evening that will leave you mystified one minute and laughing hysterically the next. Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) Steve Lehman (alto saxophone) Brian Settles (tenor saxophone, flute) Matt Mitchell (piano) John Hebert (bass) Craig Weinrib (drums). A playful and soulful Shabbat experience for the whole family, filled with music, puppets, art and creative prayer. New York City's first and only all-women mariachi group honors and reimagines traditional Mexican music. Since arriving in New York in 2009, Jazzmeia has worked with top musicians like Billy Harper, Mike LeDonne, and Delfeayo Marsalis. The festivities will be hosted by Radio 103. fm and WPLJ 95. on-air radio personality Roxie Digital with live performances by DJ Olivia Dope and Rakiem Walker Project. The 2018 Honorees are three dynamic individuals with strong community ties to Harlem. Garner, Chief Diversity Officer, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and President, 100 Black Men. Harlem Legacy 2018: Bevy Smith, Co-Host, Page Six TV and Host, Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Bevelations”.


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We are sorry to inform you that two weeks from today your job here will be eliminated. This decision is not a reflection on you or the fine work you have done for the company. We have tried for several years to avoid downsizing. But now, frankly, we must radically cut staff just to remain in business. And, unfortunately, even more job cuts loom around the corner. This letter will be received by two dozen others today. To be fair, some of the recipients will be family members. The associates that remain will be under increasing pressure to pick up the Persuasive unit workload from the eliminated positions. With My Personal ? We are worried that this decrease in staff may affect our quality of service. We hope not. We depend on our reputation for excellent customer service and losing it would be the final nail in the coffin. Unit ? As you know, our father started this company at with my personal statement university, the end of World War II when he got out of the military.


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So, Jon and Beric are fire wights, but so is EVERY wight. And they already have their little prince or princess, or one of each, in Danny's belly. I think, as Smokescreen is fond of saying, the Starks were descended from the Proto Stark, the Nk. And he was a man. AND, furthermore, I think that the Targs are also descendants of him and his first NQ. That's why they are so fancy. ? Jeffery Young 3 bulan yang lalu This makes perfect sense and there is more to back it up. Remember when she was getting punished for killing Trant. She was tearing face after face off of a corpse and one of those faces was hers, I'm curious if she has been dead since then, OR when she left Kings Landing, where did Jaqen really come from. Minkley McMoo 4 bulan yang lalu The final twist is that the Ice wall isn't the magic wall. I think Harranhal was made from what remained from it. Mein Fuhrer 4 bulan yang lalu he wants the 3eyed raven to assimilate the full extent of greensight and warging Laura Eilers 4 bulan yang lalu If it happens, it needs to be everyone with stark blood. John, any remaining karstarks, random bastards we've never met and descendents of those bastards.


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Cersei just makes a stone face and otherwise does very little. Tyrion used to be one of the most clever characters in the story, who regularly outwitted others, but now doesn't do anything either except give bad advice to Dany. The conflict between Arya and Sansa seems forced and it is not convincing. The reason I'm still watching is mainly to see how it will all end, as the end will assumedly follow GRRMs plot outline and will therefore be semi-official. The visual and sound effects are good, directing is fine, acting is as good as it was in the first seasons. Some scenes are epic, especially the end of the episode. The dialog in the first seasons was much superior to what we see now. The drama between the characters, their motivations, cunning tricks and lies are either absent or terribly made. And the general plot writing is just horrible, not at all GOT level, more like Marvel movies with last minute saves and illogical events. The lack of the books shows vastly and the show writers are not able to write anything nearly as good as George R. R. Martin creates. Generally, the show has gone downhill after season four, with only a few good episodes in season six, and one in each of seasons five and seven. As soon as I started to make popcorn and food I realized that the show has changed.