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And the window of opportunity to do it together was slim. We have a beautiful hand-painted backdrop by painter Bill Cone, who was production designer on many great Pixar films. And Andy Jimenez has put that artwork to motion behind us on a rear-projected screen. Did the release of Pixar's The Incredibles produced that year have anything to do with it. She had written a biopic about Georgia O'Keeffe, her passion project, and other screenplays, so we formed the company for her work, mainly, and to provide more work for women as part of the mission. This became her signature piece during our moves and beyond. She chose the name of what has become our Production Company based on (the home of) Georgia O'Keeffe, an alter-ego persona for her. How fun was it to be able to have two references to yourself in the 2004 The Incredibles. When the phone rang in Chicago, we always knew who was calling pertaining to what name they used. John was a childhood name, JW from college, and Patrick was my actor name. Finally, JW was available with the union, so I'll go with that for now.

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As the hearing concluded Tuesday, Shelby told Kaiser his decision will not consider the state's position that a property owner's rights supersedes another person's right to record something there. The judge said the argument was not articulated in court filings, but was presented as a new argument without giving the plaintiffs an appropriate opportunity to respond. Respect for police officers appeared to grow as the number of on-duty officers shot and killed rose as well, the survey revealed. Another 17 percent said they have “some” respect for their local police officers, and only seven percent confessed they had “hardly any” respect. The surge signals a significant recovery from 2015, when Americans' confidence in police fell to its lowest in years, to just over 50 percent. Both white and non-white respondents showed increased levels of respect for law enforcement, signaling a change in trend since 2000. “Four in five whites (80%) say they have a great deal of respect for police in their area, up 11 points from last year. Meanwhile, two in three non-whites (67%) report having the same level of respect, an increase of 14 points from last year,” Gallup said. The surge has been recorded among most political parties, ideologies, and age groups. The number of young people aged 18 to 34 who said they respect police increased 19 percent since 2015. A 16 percent increase was also recorded among the 35 to 54 age group.

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Goudy Saks ( 1990: based on a typeface designed in 1934 by Goudy for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York). Kennerley Old Style (1986, after Goudy's 1911 design) Jensen Eusebius, Jensen Eusebius New Style (1989). A Venetian typeface. 11LivingstonJCL Lucianard Mediaeval Calligraphy Ornaments (based on 1928 figures drawn by E. Adler) Overdressed (2002): based on a sketch by Edward Benguiat for his Phototype Company. Prairie Poster (Plain, Fancy): arts and crafts face. Spiral (1991). Revival of John F. Cumming's Victorian typeface. Velda (2005, connected hand): the handwriting of Velda Burgess Will, classmate of the designer. Artist, calligrapher and type designer born in Portsmouth, England, in 1947.


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Rees’ direction is subtle: I particularly liked a shot on V. . Day with Ronsel, a member of General Patton’s Black Panthers, with his German lover looking out of the window at the celebrations in the street. He’s in the background and, despite the joyous scene, it’s clear he’s unhappy because it means his relationship is now over. She’s equally confident in the battle scenes conveying the visceral horror and fully setting up the relationship between two veterans when they return from war. It’s an adaptation from Heinrich Boll’s novel which, co-director Volker Schlondorff tells us on a Criterion DVD extra, was written as an attack on the sensationalist newspaper Bild. The film turns out to be a lot more than that, though when I turned to David Wilson’s 1977 review in Monthly Film Bulletin in the UK he claims the film is far less complex than the novel. If that’s the case, the novel must really be something because the film is terrific. The next morning the young man somehow leaves the block of flats unseen by the police who are baffled when they break in and he isn’t there. Crucially, the narrative is about both the police interrogation and the newspaper coverage by a peculiarly slimy reporter and his photographer. She comes from a respectable Catholic family and the church has in the past been a sanctuary.

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“Ayah pasti bangga melihat kerja keras kami semua”, ujar Vino yang menganggap perannya di sini bukan sekedar warisan yang ia dapatkan, melainkan lebih kepada tanggung jawab dan baktinya kepada sang Ayah. Olahan teaser ini aja rasanya udah Hollywood banget. Pake sound “Duummmmm” kayak bass Michael Bay segala. Lirik “Wiro, Wiro Sableng! yang digubah dari lagu lamanya kedengaran menggebu-gebu banget. Syut demi syut outdoor itu tampak demikian fantastis, mengalir dengan mulus. Pacenya cepet khas film aksi, tapi enggak pernah membingungkan. Adegan Wiro nangkis meja pake ceker ayam itu udah kayak penggambaran adegan dalam buku komik banget, yang mana semakin keren karena mengisyaratkan film ini paham bahwa salah satu yang paling fun dalam menonton Wiro Sableng dulu adalah bagaimana Wiro menggunakan environment sekitar. Orang-orang melayang dengan sling enggak kelihatan konyol dan over-the-top. On the other hand, CGInya memang masih terlihat sedikit kasar. Adegan Wiro di pinggir tebing, adegan Wiro berantem di puncak pohon, lingkungannya terasa unworldly.

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You can use Lark to lose weight or just for general fitness. It mines the information in your iPhone's Health app to understand how active you've been, and you tell it what you've eaten in text message conversations. Eat too much bacon and it'll tell you to find protein elsewhere, for instance. On the Watch it offers quick pep talks and you can log a meal by dictating what you've eaten. Lark can be a bit naggy so won't suit everyone, but if you like it, the Watch offers simple extra functions that work well. National Rail Enquiries is a brilliant app that if you're a regular train user is quickly essential. It's full of data like live departure boards and notifications if there are service disruptions, all colour-coded (green is on time, red means it's late). On the Watch it works in three ways: to show the nearest stations, your favourites (which usually includes your home station) and recent enquiries. Check out the Easyjet app on the Glances screens and you'll see that even if you don't have a flight booked it's kind enough to tell you the temperature in Tenerife, Palma or some other warm place. When you have upcoming bookings, it gives you a countdown to your flight date, and shows you weather for the week ahead at your destination. There's also flight status info in Glances and more features are arriving, airport by airport to show gate notifications and reminders of when to head from duty-free to the plane.

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Households 6. General government 7. Corporations 8. Capital 9. Reference series National Accounts at a Glance - 2014 National Accounts at a Glance 1. GDP 2. Income 3. Expenditure 4. Production 5. Household 6. General Government 7.

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So in retrospect, my initial reaction that there was a total double-standard at work didn’t quite hold up. It not only acknowledges that gay male sexuality exists, but by including it in a hugely popular magazine like Rolling Stone, it’s shown as being a perfectly appropriate topic. Which isn’t to say that we don’t have a long way to go for full equality. While the Colfer pic is progress, we’re still a long way from how heterosexuality is portrayed. After all, can you imagine any of the Glee guys posing for these pics Michele did for GQ. True Blood on the cover of Rolling Stone this ain’t. (Then again, that cover was really remarkable for featuring two naked men in the same pic. . In fact, it’s probably given us more as I can’t recall seeing any scenes of the girls’ lockerroom. Meanwhile, Glee practically lives in the guy’s lockerroom, including the showers. Then when you throw in shows like Spartacus and Blue Mountain State, which not only serve up huge portions of male beefcake (and great gay characters in the case of Spartacus ), but are shows presumably aimed at a heterosexual male audience, you really can see how much things have changed.

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When he pulled his hand away, the dagger stayed where he had buried it. In the cold night air the wound was smoking. “Ghost,” he whispered. When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face-first into the snow. You guys know that hot, smoking black blood is the hallmark of one who has undergone fire transformation, as the solar king does when he turns into the dark solar king or is reborn as the dark solar king. In other words, both Jon and Sunfyre, with their identical wounds, are described as having hot, smoking black blood, as dark solar king dragons should. Sunfyre received his “Jon Snow stigmata” wounds when he killed the fire moon dragon, Meleys, an act which symbolizes the beginning of the Long Night. Jon was assassinated just as winter falls, and just as the Others are poised to begin their invasion. I know they’ve been “poised to begin their invasion” for years now, but the next book is called Winds of Winter, so I assume it will actually be happening in short order. Consider also that Jon is killed as a direct result of his letting those Other-like wildlings through the Wall, which also symbolized the invasion of the Others. It’s the same message: the solar king transforms when the Long Night falls.