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After next weekend things will slow down and I’ll go back to knocking them out Day one. The five session isn’t an indictment on the quality of the episode in anyway. If it is anything like Inside a Mind’s first two videos, it will be very useful and informative. He was never the best, but he had some fun looking variations of moves including his top rope headbutt. Personally though, if I’m going to be compared to any Barbarian tag team, I’d prefer to be compared to The Barbarian and Haku rather than the inferior The Barbarian and The Warlord. Has anyone seen it? If so, is it considered 2017 or 2018 release. For those unfamiliar, it tells a complex story which starts strongly with home videotape from 1990 with someone who can’t fall asleep and showing his descent into “madness” and a memorable exorcism type scene with an asian religious “priest”. The middle 90 minutes flip between 1942 and modern times interweaving 2 storylines (one a war story and the atrocities, the other a scientist and his link to the past) and an ending you will not soon forget. I know that is a crappy description but it needs to be seen to fully understand. If you enjoy Hong Kong action films and asian supernatural creepiness, give this one a shot. I work for fedex and have a significant airline discount, so maybe I can come to this years meet up if that happens again in Utah. As for the Ritual, I may have been a little harsh on it. I’m not a fan of Blair Witch, not sure if that had anything to do with it.

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That would put it closer in line with the MacBooks as well as competing tablets, like the iPad Pro. Surely, you’ll need as many milliampere hours in the Surface Pro 5’s lithium-ion battery as you can get. That said, if the Surface Pro 5 could garner anywhere near the Surface Book 2 manufacturer’s suggested battery life of 17 hours, you would find no complaints from us. Come on, Microsoft, we know you’ve thought about it. With a razor-sharp 267 ppi (pixels per inch) already at 2,736 x 1,824 pixels within a 12. -inch screen, it's not as if the Surface Pro 5 needs to be much sharper. However, if the next Surface Pro were equipped with, say, a 4K (3,840 pixels wide at the very least) screen, that would rip its productivity and entertainment capabilities wide open. Film and photo editors could work at the native resolution that's increasingly becoming the norm, while average Joe's (teehee) could finally watch Netflix in 4K on a tablet. That said, the realm of super sharp resolutions might be reserved for the Surface Book range at this point. The Surface Pro 4 is big enough for almost all tasks, but it's still not the established default size for most laptops: 13. inches. Then again, doing so may cannibalize Microsoft's market by negating the need for the Surface Book 2. Assuming the resolution doesn't bump up too much alongside a size increase, the extra space could allow for a battery life boost. Now, imagine if the next Surface rocked USB-C It might finally be time for USB-C At this point, no Windows device is complete without implementing USB Type-C, the reversible, versatile port that can deliver power, audio and video while also transferring data at rates of up to 40Gbps.

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Arya thinks that they're lost and asks him what he plans to do after he takes her to the Eyrie. A farmer and his daughter appear and ask them what they're doing on his lands. Arya makes up a story about the Hound being a soldier for House Tully, which luckily gets them access to his home and food. The Hound has beaten the farmer and taken his silver. Arya says she can't go to sleep without saying all of the names. He calmly replies that hate is good as a motivation as any to keep a person going. He makes a note that if they would come across his brother, both of them would cross one name from their death lists. Arya asks the Hound what he would do if the Mountain was at their camp, and he responds he would tell his brother to shut up and let him sleep, implying that Arya asks too many questions. Sandor, predictably, makes fun of her for prancing around. When Arya tells him that she learned her fighting style from Syrio Forel, whom she believes was killed by Ser Meryn Trant, he openly mocks the Braavosi for being defeated by such a worthless fighter. Eventually, he lets her have a go at him, for her dead friend Mycah whom he killed, but Needle won't even pierce his armor. Sandor gives the man a gift of mercy by stabbing him in the heart. Moments later, Sandor is ambushed by Biter who bites him on the neck. He snaps Biter's neck and drops him dead in the dirt.

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ElUott Paul Charles H. Hose. Buddy Rogers. Sol A. Rosenblatt Robert Rosson. Spencer Tracy. Tom Walker. No OKAYED ON U. . VISA Dramatic (Seorg Kaiser, who left Germany voluntarily many years ago and is. The Department of State has granted Kaiser a visa and he hopes to come here shortly. Miss Massey canceled out some weeks ago, but subsequently agreed to go through with her commitment to Hal Sands, the agent Mary. Dixie Dunbar, Herbert and Dorothy Fields. obert M.

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If anything I would think he'd be more like the Great Other(supposedly the god the White Walkers follow). Lord of Light is a reference to a book of the same name by George R. R. Martin's friend Roger Zelazny. The only question is why haven't people hired them to take out their enemies. The way it works, you go to them and tell them who you want killed, and then they negotiate the price. But this is arguably the last season (split in two) and a little more than side plots of Stannis, Mareen, and the Boltons who we all knew really did not have a place at the end game. Yes, it could have taken multiple days, but we really arent given anything that even hints at that. What else are the Dothraki for if not open field combat to unsiege an ally. Im not looking for giant, entire episode length battles or 300 style fighting. I just want to make it look like the show ATTEMPTED to tie up some loose strings of the plot and answer the most obvious questions that fans will have. I dont think the current writers care much for that. They have an end game plot and want to get there as efficiently as possible, which is annoying when there are a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies with the way they are choosing to do it. The scene with Jamie was a lot more like the 300 scene.


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The manner in which he kept anxiously looking over his shoulder was anything but smooth and both his gait and demeanor screamed government agent. Luckily for him, the people he walked by were generally involved in their own thoughts and no one took note of the nervous stranger in their midst. Even now he couldn’t quite believe that any other governmental types had even considered the possibilities that they were involved with. Especially a G-Man! If anyone were to figure them out he would have expected his own (former) people or someone from the agency. G-men just didn’t have the ability to think outside the box. Or so he had presumed, based on years of personally-gathered empirical data. They had been working on this for nearly a year and were close to solving the first of their two main problems. There was no way they were going to let Mr. and Mrs. Nosy-FBI get in their way now. Like most cases that got shuffled down into the basement, there had been little comprehensible evidence and lack of desire to correctly interpret the little evidence that was available. Without the mathematical background and the propensity to explore odd phenomenon, the cases had been written off as unsolvable. The place itself was yet another non-descript university building, florescent lights, dirty couches, beige walls and all.

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Arya uses Walder Frey’s face to hold a banquet and poison his sons. Not going to lie there are some silly things about this So according to the leak, Arya kills all the male Freys and lets the women go. Can’t wait to see how the fandom will praise Arya to the high heavens for sparing people who are innocent of their father’s mistakes, while bitching at Jon for sparing children who are actually innocent of their fathers’ mistakes. You’re right about the double standards and hypocrisy. Flayed Potatoes: while bitching at Jon for sparing children who are actually innocent of their fathers’ mistakes. With that sort of attitude, one must wonder why you’re on a site dedicated to the show. And you can call it fan service all you like, but I’m not aware any of us know what goes on in the last two books. Your comments almost everytime i scroll down are always the same. Certain people are just very quick to judge show events as poor without having any background or context. Some spits out a few broken lines about something that may happen and it seems silly. I predict Arya’s Frey Pie recipe will become so wildly popular that she’ll open a chain of restaurants with Hot Pie and even write a weekly food column for the KL Times Sunday Magazine. I’m just waiting for the “show is fanfiction” crowd to change the narrative into they are the victims. Really funny IMO. Can’t take an argument then don’t start it.

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With respect to randomized controlled trials (RCTs) regarding Alzheimer's disease and hip fractures, the literature was searched with PubMed. Three RCTs were identified, and the relative risk (RR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) were calculated for individual RCTs. Exposure to sunlight with calcium supplementation, menatetrenone (vitamin K2) plus calcium and vitamin D supplementation, and risedronate plus calcium and vitamin D supplementation improved hypovitaminosis D and hyperparathyroidism, contributing to a reduction in bone resorption. Risedronate itself strongly decreased bone resorption. Menatetrenone also decreased the serum level of undercarboxylated osteocalcin. The three interventions increased metacarpal BMD and reduced the incidence of hip fractures. Previous research has mainly dealt with causalities and acute treatment, while the recovery process from the patients ' perspective has been less comprehensively described. Expanded knowledge of what the patients consider important in their recovery process may have important consequences for how these patients are treated in the future and thereby on future patient outcomes. The aim presently is therefore to explore how elderly patients with hip fracture enrolled in an ongoing RCT have experienced their recovery process. Eight frail elderly in recovery after hip fracture (aged 69-91) were interviewed in their home four months after their fracture. The interviews covered issues related to their experiences of facilitators and barriers throughout the different stages in the recovery process. The patients were already enrolled in an ongoing randomized controlled trial, examining the effects of habitual functional training during their short term stays at nursing homes. The patients were chosen strategically according to age, gender, and participation in rehabilitation. The interviews were recorded, transcribed and subjected to a method of systematic text condensation inspired by Giorgi's phenomenological method.