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k Pregnant Marion Cotillard skims her baby bump in glam black mini as she flashes endless legs at Allied premiere in London dailymail. o. k. Its central character is an ambitious former army officer who rises through the ranks of Conservative MPs to become home secretary. It’s about nothing very much but everything that matters. George Osborne I absolutely loved J D Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy: a Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis (William Collins). A painfully honest account of America’s white underclass by a brilliant young man who escapes his upbringing in Ohio and Kentucky for Yale and Silicon Valley, it’s a book that seeks to explain the anger in modern US politics and has echoes here. It’s not the last we have heard from these forgotten people, or this talented young man. Tim Farron Geoffrey Household’s 1939 thriller Rogue Male (Orion) is one of the best books I have read this year. The main character is a fugitive fleeing the agents of a totalitarian foreign power whose leader he has unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate. The tension and excitement of the pursuit of the hero and his efforts to evade capture provide a persistent, gripping narrative. The story was written before the Second World War, and even though we might assume the foreign power is Nazi Germany, we don’t know that. Rogue Male is almost 80 years old; the writing style has a formality, innocence and enthusiasm about it that makes it an enthralling read. Michael Howard The novel I have enjoyed most this year is Mothering Sunday (Scribner) by Graham Swift. Erotic, emotional and very moving, it’s an enthralling tale of life, love and death in the aftermath of the First World War. I also enjoyed Charmed Life (William Collins), the biography of one of my predecessors as MP for Folkestone and Hythe by my successor, Damian Collins. Sir Philip Sassoon was an extraordinary man whose life vividly illustrates how politics changed between 1939, when he died, and 1983, when I was elected. Ross is a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, and knows many of the big US tech companies: he is alive to the opportunities that automation, artificial intelligence and the gig economy will create but clear-eyed about the consequences of the new industrial revolution.

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It’s more unsettling if you have characters and situations that the audience can identify and you introduce something that is outside of established normality. I’ve been around for a long time, writing about horror movies for well over thirty years and associating with filmmakers and performers at high and low levels in various capacities, so you might think I’d be a bit jaded by now. But when John sent us the first edited excerpt from OUIJAGEIST a few months ago, I watched open-mouthed as I saw actors dressed as policemen speaking dialogue that I’d written. I’m more than happy to take the credit for it though. Whenever Darrell and I veered-off trying to explore other ideas, the director pulled us back onto the course he had in mind. We had carte blanche with the ending though as John didn’t have any idea of how to tie it all together. I had a very specific idea on the ending, but I can’t tell you what it is because if I mentioned the title of the film that inspired the idea you’d guess the ending straight away. I’ve spoken to enough directors and received enough advice over the years to know not to do that. You have to bear in mind that the screenwriter is the first person to finish their job on a film. Assuming the project isn’t riven with problems, by the time the camera roll on the first morning of the shoot, the screenwriter is (hopefully! already working on the next project. There’s considerable distance between the writer’s idea and the thing that ends-up on the screen. The script is filtered through the director, the camera operator, the lighting person, the actors etc. The resultant film might be very, very different to your own imagined vision of things. From those, I’m rather impressed with what John has achieved on very limited resources. The scene I mentioned previously was written as a big action set-piece, with a policeman turning into some kind of hairy creature, smashing backwards through the window of a cafe, and being blown away by a sawn-off shotgun produced by the proprietor from under the counter as the customers scream in terror. That’s been reduced to three actors in a car park pretending to be police officers. It’s a very good scene but it isn’t exactly the action-packed crowd pleaser that I intended.


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Trump ’s surprise pre sidential victory, the nation’s professional political forecasters and persuaders — the pollsters, the ad creators, the campaign strategists — gathered in Denver for their annual convention. It was supposed to be a celebration of big data and strategic wizardry for a multibillion-dollar industry that has spent nearly a century packaging political candidates. But everything about this election seemed to throw into question the value of those tactics — and even of the consultants themselves. In the end, Mrs. Clinton’s battalion of advisers were defeated by a wild, seemingly unchoreographed candidate who, according to the most recent data, spent more money on shirts, hats, signs and similar items than on field consulting, voter lists and data. Over the weekend, 150 or so participants moved between a high-ceilinged conference room at the Westin hotel and other activities, including the reception at the governor’s mansion and a dinner at an adobe fort in the foothills of Rocky Mountains. (Organizers nixed a tour of a marijuana grow house after too many people expressed interest. In one session dedicated to polling, three panelists who had predicted Mrs. Clinton would win took to the stage, framed by a royal blue backdrop. Instead of PowerPoint presentations and state-by-state voter analyses, there was morose self-flagellation, as some admitted they had spent the election seduced by “magical thinking,” unable to envision a Trump presidency and therefore blind to the story in front of them. Margie Omero of PSB Research theorized that pollsters had held back Trump-leaning data, unwilling to release something that looked like an outlier. They do not think the same of Trump. So I believed that at the end of the day they would vote for Clinton. It appears they did not. In one of the more raucous portions of the conference, consultants assembled for a post-mortem session on campaign strategy. Onstage was Ms. Ruiz, who ran Mrs. Clinton’s operation in Colorado, and Rich Pelletier, a deputy campaign manager for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, whom Mrs.


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65 Episode Cartoon: Which aired over the course of two months. ’80s Hair: Almost everyone, some more than others, with Jett having the poofiest, with Gig coming close. This prime lens can be said to be like Canon’s famous nifty fifty for the a6000 since it’s reasonably priced and boasts fantastic image quality. Also, a 35mm lens on an APC C sized sensor, as the a6000 has, is equivalent to a 50mm lens on a full frame camera. Beyond the technical specs, this lens has great build quality, clear images, and great looking bokeh. He said one was written by a Marine chaplain and discussed God’s presence that day for those fighting. I know God means different things to different people and appears in differentways to different people,” Isabelle said. “But to those Marines on the ground that day God was wearing a flight suit and he was flying an A 10 and he was doing everything he could to counter those who attempted to take American lives. I don’t get that sense with the brothers at all. . “With pleasure,” the girls respond. It’s all about learning mutual respect the instructor says, and learning how to work as a team. Ironically, while the fifth graders work on their manners and dance steps, many fear some adults in the Alisal Union School District have forgotten how to do the political two step and the real reason they ran for office in the first place: to make sure the children of the district get the instruction they need to succeed. Contrary to what you might think, light doesn’t travel in a straight line, it bounces back and forth from one reflective surface to another. This causes glare, especially from glass, water, shiny green grass and even white sand from such things as sand traps and beaches. You gotta run that band and he does, maybe to a fault. The flat bottom Fake Designer Bags makes it easy to set by her feet at the cafe, knowing it won’t tip over and spill. The top zip closure keeps all of her essentials secure.


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Many fans don't like this idea because they are related by blood, but this is not uncommon in Game of Thrones or the Song of Ice and Fire. Many have pointed out that Jon Snow is like ice and Daerys is like fire, so there's would be a song of ice and fire. Game of Thornes season 7 sees the series moving towards its end. We know that the white walkers north of the wall are moving closer to invading Westeros, and Daenerys is trying to remove Queen Cersei from the Iron Throne in the south. Daenerys' dragons could be critical to fighting the white walkers, but at this time Jon is the only one who understands how dire this threat is. If Jon and Daenerys became lovers or were married this would create an alliance that makes a lot of sense in the War for the Dawn that's coming. Game of Thrones fans have also speculated that Daenerys and Jon Snow might have a baby together and their child could be the prince that was promised. Jon and Daenerys themselves are also the most likely candidates for the Azor Ahai and Prince that was Promised prophecies themselves. Many fans have long awaited seeing Jon Snow and Daenerys kiss for the first time, while others detest the idea of them getting together. This means shipping Daenerys and Jon, or as some say Jonerys is one of the most controversial things going in GoT season 7. What are your thoughts about the Targaryen Queen marrying the bastard of Winterfell. Are you hoping to see Jon Snow and Daenerys hook up. Would a marriage between Jon and his aunt Daenerys ruin Game of Thrones for you. Melisandre can do magic, but does it come from the Lord of Light. Is R'hllor real or just a mythical symbol for the Red Priestess and the others of her religion. Thanks to Maria Marino Costa for the Spanish subtitles. Will Varys betray Daenerys, and will Daenerys kill Varys. This video takes a look at all the evidence that hopefully answers the question, is Varys informing on Daenerys.


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From a movie standpoint, those were the references I looked at. If I have the ability, I’ll try to always go with the vintage. There was a Zandra Rhodes vintage dress that I was dying to use, but I couldn’t re-create it. I hit a lot of estate sales, and then I’ll re-create from an actual body. Because sometimes our prep time is so short, sometimes you have to start with the body and then re-fabricate and re-create. And then other times, if you have the time and if you understand what the period is saying, you can find something very referential in stores, and I did some of that as well. The designer said she was actually “screaming with joy” when she first set eyes on the tuxedos that Joseph Abboud created for her bridal fashion show on Thursday night. It’s all part of her desire to think outside the box. “I don’t like runway shows,” she said. “I want people to feel something emotional and I think events should be all-inclusive and an experience to attract people’s attention. . Last season, Acra wowed show-goers with a floral fantasy collaboration with Preston Bailey. The Mossimo fashion designer and “Full House” actress are now facing additional charges for their involvement in the nation’s largest college admissions scandal to date. Last month, they were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and honest services mail fraud. Prosecutors are now indicting the couple for money laundering in addition to the other charges, according to court documents released Tuesday. According to the U. . Patent and Trademark Office, Grande filed for a trademark under the title, “Ariana Grande Thank U, Next,” on April 2.


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are nominated for the Nightfall Award. ? Caught, dir. Maggie Kiley, USA, World Premiere. Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, Jon Salmon, USA, World Premiere. Santiago Cendejas, Mexico, North American Premiere. Adam Schindler, USA, World Premiere Zeitgeist (6) A competitive section of curated, World Premiere films that embody key trends in American independent filmmaking. 2015 captures hard knock, coming of age stories. ? A Girl Like Grace, dir. Michael Dwyer, Kaitlin McLaughlin, USA, World Premiere. The Official Host Venue is Regal Cinemas L. . LIVE Stadium 14. The Premier Sponsor is BMW North America and the Principal Sponsor is Jaeger-LeCoultre. For nine days, French film lovers were treated with some of the best French feature classics, new television movies, shorts and documentaries. I have made a list of some of the ones I have enjoyed. Some of these films will have a regular theatrical run in the U.


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She tried the Buttermilk Fried Squirrel and was convinced that it was the best squirrel she had ever had—better, even, than her grandmother’s squirrel stew. GEORGE is the unlikely Allied nickname for the best Japanese naval fighter produced in quantity during World War II. The official Japanese name and designation was Kawanishi N1K2 Shiden (Violet Lightning). This outstanding land-based fighter sprang directly from a floatplane fighter design, the N1K1 REX (see NASM collection). Many countries used floatplanes for scouting and reconnaissance duties, and to hunt submarines and surface ships, but only Japan built and fielded fighters on floats. The Japanese Imperial Navy intended to use these specialized aircraft to gain air superiority above a beachhead to support amphibious landing operations where carrier or land-based fighters were unavailable. The Kawanishi N1K1 (Allied codename REX) was the only airplane designed specifically for this purpose to fly during World War II. Many countries used floatplanes for scouting and reconnaissance duties and to hunt submarines and surface ships. But only Japan built and fielded fighters on floats. In September 1940, the Japanese Navy issued a specification for floatplane fighters capable of supporting offensive naval operations. A team of engineers including Toshihara Baba, Shizuo Kikuhara, Hiroyuki Inoue, and Elizaburo Adachi had readied the first prototype by May 1942, and it flew on May 6. Tests showed that the speed of new airplane was only slightly less than the Mitsubishi A6M Zero (see NASM collection) and the amphibious fighter was almost as maneuverable as its land-based cousin. This was remarkable performance for an aircraft that could not retract or jettison its huge landing gear. Long before the first Kyofu flew, Kawanishi engineers believed that the basic design would also make an excellent land-based fighter. The conversion appeared to entail simply replacing the main and wingtip floats with a conventional landing gear. The company decided to develop this variant as a private venture. As the project unfolded, the engineers decided to replace the 14-cylinder engine with a new 18-cylinder model expected to produce about 2,000 horsepower. The new engine required a larger propeller and this component, in turn, required abnormally long landing gear struts to prevent the blade tips from contacting the ground.