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He amassed worldwide criticism in January for uploading a video that featured the body of a man who committed suicide, leading to disciplinary action from YouTube — including the loss of YouTube Red projects and serious ad revenue. Paul returned to YouTube with his daily vlogs, but announced a couple of weeks ago he was looking to increase his streaming presence by joining Twitch to stream Fortnite. The Twitch community reacted to the announcement immediately, divided over what Paul’s presence on the platform would do to the community. Kanthes, whose real name isn’t being disclosed for privacy reasons, told Polygon he knew Paul’s first stream was going to attract some of Twitch’s most notorious troll communities. Although he and his two affiliates thought they were prepared for the influx of traffic, it took some time to get the chat under control. Not even they could stop the first wave of obscene imagery — including emoticons made to look like male genitalia — from hitting the chat. “We wanted to have control of the chat from the very beginning,” Kanthes said. “That first hour went just fine, really. We did a lot of fine tuning of the moderation bot that we use and figured out a lot of what the community was going to be like, but once the stream started — actually, about five minutes ahead of start — chat started getting more and more active. To the point where neither chat clients nor the moderation bot could actually keep up. So things that would have normally been filtered by the moderation bot, were getting through. That is when we started having the issues. Kanthes and his team tried a few different countermeasures: backup bots, using slow mode to try and reduce the speed of chat’s activity and even applying a special filter that blocks duplicate messages. Kanthes left Twitch earlier this year to effectively go freelance, operating as a contract moderation expert, and was put in touch with Paul through Discord. When asked if moderating Paul’s chat was one of the more stressful situations because of the attention he gets from the Twitch community, Kanthes said it was certainly up there. “I tend to measure the difficulty of an event depending on how stressful it is,” Kanthes said. “The most stressful one was Feminist Frequency. It was the hardest moderation job I’ve ever had to do so far. I have the experience to know how to react to what chat does. There are other options that Paul is looking to explore as his streaming career continues on Twitch.

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A few organizations and a good number of artists have managed to hang on. One, Victory Hall Inc. began hosting a series of programs in 2011 under the rubric of Drawing Rooms, a contemporary arts center in what was a former convent next to the campus of St. Peter's Preparatory High School, near the Paulus Hook neighborhood of Jersey City. Some have gone on to shows a bigger galleries in New York and elsewhere, but Drawing Rooms never lost the intimacy of its exhibition spaces, the informality and friendliness of the staff, or the affordability of works on display, for those interested in buying it. All of these set it apart even from most smaller galleries in the City. It was encouraging to see how many people were there that Sunday, and to later learn that a number of the artworks did sell. Below are some photos from the event; you can find the names and titles on the Masque link above. Five communities were chosen for this year’s round of installations that kick off this spring in the Village of Pinecrest, and Miami Ironside. Over the summer, the reproductions will be presented in the City of Doral, throughout Little Haiti, and in Miller Drive Park. Works are also found at the Pinecrest Community Center, Public Library, and the Village of Pinecrest City Hall. Known for its creative global restaurants, colorful street murals, and fruit stands, Little Haiti has a flourishing art scene centered around independent galleries. Complete with record stores and quirky dive bars, Little Haiti is the perfect place to enjoy the collection. The center provides art education services and cultural activities to the community, in addition to cultivating, promoting, celebrating and preserving the traditions found in Latin-American and Caribbean countries, and embracing South Florida’s cultural diversity. A total of 8 replicas will be on view this summer throughout the park. QueenBeeTickets. om Will be Offering Fair Prices on These Popular Tickets Cache Translate Page Tickets for Lady Gaga go on sale Friday, September 28, for a number of concerts that she will perform during her incredible 2013 tour. Fans in the following areas are in luck because they have a chance to purchase Lady Gaga tickets at fair prices today: Boston, Massachusetts; Tacoma, Washington; Brooklyn, New York; Tampa, Florida; Sunrise, Florida; Miami, Florida; and Toronto, Ontario. Lady Gaga ticket sales are expected to be high, and so will the savings when thrifty fans secure their seats from QueenBeeTickets. om this morning.

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The intention is to jeprint these weekly using the relative week of 1921 with the current date of issue. Irene on comprehensive most (Reprinted-from 'Vabietv of June 17, 1921) Franklin and Burt Green ever pub musical, 'Panama Hattie,' for a rousing reKay, Katya and Kay fol low with standard ballroom stuff and unique comedy bit, well liked by the - sponse. customers. complish that feat are not so promising. Miss Barrymore came back with Sir J. M. Barrie's The Twelve Pound Look'. It is interesting in a mild way, without any opportunities for Its players. The same author's 'Half an Hour' has much more for all concerned. Still New York vaudeville Is lucky to have Miss Barrymore. Harry Plimmer is the star's chief support, and as Sir Harry Sims he drew a splendid characterization of the smug, successful English business man who had by power of his milUons lifted himself above the classes. Ena Shannon, as the second wife, who, though showered with jewels, forlornly envied the typist, suited well, while James Kearney handled the butler in polished though brief manner. Another special summer attraction was coupled on the same bill, Harland Dixon and the London Palace Girls out of Tip Top' (New Acts) being the show's novelty. The appearance of Dixon at this time indicates that he has definitely split from the team of Doyle and Dixon. Ruth Roye, mistress of lyrics, was sent on next to closing. Miss Roye has always been careful in placing new numbers in her always surefire routine. But she has found a new one that is a 'bear' one of those numbera that comes along not oftener than every other season. Jack Donahue, fourth, easily went for the comedy hit of the first section. Donahue landed so strongly in the musical comedy field production managers have not lost sight of him. He was listed to open with the new 'tollies,' but with that show startling in Atlantic City this week it looks as though this comedian-dancer had decided to stick to his first love.

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288. ISBN 978-0-230-21313-5. The Telegraph. London. Archived from the original on 8 November 2013. National Geographic. 2007. Archived from the original on 29 September 2008. London: Guardian. Archived from the original on 28 June 2013. Despite the country's travails, eight in 10 say it was a good thing for the United States to oust the Taliban in 2001. And many more blame either the Taliban or al Qaeda for the country's violence, 53 percent, than blame the United States, 12 percent. The latter is about half what it was in 2012, coinciding with a sharp reduction in the U. . deployment. New York Times. Archived from the original on 11 April 2014. Afghanistan. said. ov.

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'But once I knew Colin was available there was only one person I wanted here. Brighton boss Hughton had expressed his surprise and disappointment at Calderwood's departure after Friday night's 1-1 draw between the two sides at the AMEX Stadium. The Seagulls had insisted on Calderwood serving a lengthy notice period had they not received satisfactory compensation from Villa. The former Swindon, Tottenham, Villa and Nottingham Forest defender was capped 36 times by Scotland and has had spells as manager of Northampton, Forest and Hibernian. Infrastructure spending is a cornerstone of the Trump administration's plans, which Croft said could mean more fracking on U. S. soil and an expansion of measures like the Keystone pipeline. I am absolutely desperate. Martina read through her email once again and hovered her finger over the send button. The message was addressed half a world away to Women on Web, a Dutch not-for-profit group that mails abortion drugs to pregnant women who live in countries where abortion is outlawed. She had lost her job to downsizing, and in its place she had found only part-time work. There was no question that she couldn’t afford to have a child. The question was whether she could even afford an abortion. She hit send. Then she began to case the internet for other ways she could cause her own abortion. If this scene feels out of place in 2016, that may be because there was a time in this country’s history when thousands of back-alley and coat-hanger abortions prompted calls for the procedure to be legal. After the US supreme court established a right to a legal abortion, in the 1973 decision Roe v Wade, self-induced abortions were supposed to become a thing of the past. But almost as soon as the court legalized abortion, opponents of abortion rights began to whittle them away. Congress began prohibiting poor women from using Medicaid to cover abortions in September 1976. Obamacare, the largest healthcare expansion in decades, allowed insurers to continue to pick and choose the circumstances under which they would cover abortion and allowed states to ban the coverage altogether.

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