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The result is pragmatic, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less romantic. TH. Barbra Streisand is a bolshy, strident Jewish lefty, Redford a WASP prince out to further his own literary career. They seem like chalk and cheese, but such is the stuff of romantic sagas. Old Hollywood might have pictured the local girl trying to keep her honour yet win the heart of a dashing navy recruit. Not that there hadn’t been romances before, some of them fairly amusing. It’s been endlessly remade (twice in Bollywood alone) and can count both Stalin and Hitler among its celebrity fans. But in no other area does Moodysson compromise: the emotions are raw, the romance giddy, the truths it exposes impossible to ignore. TH. But the film’s honest depiction of marriage as both a gift and a struggle is both honest and unexpectedly romantic. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Depp and Burton, who’ve made seven films together since. Not such a happy ending for Depp and his co-star and then-girlfriend, Ryder. Of course, Grant and Bergman fall in love, leading to one of the most twisted, manipulative and unsettling romantic tales in cinema. It does, however, contain perhaps the all-time greatest screen kiss: a two-and-a-half-minute blast of raw eroticism that’ll make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. TH. Both are already attached but when they dock at New York, they agree to meet at the Empire State Building in six months’ time. Hildy Johnson (Russell) has just quit her job as star reporter on the Morning Post to marry a nice-but-dim insurance salesman. Trouble is her boss, Walter (Grant), who just so happens to be her ex husband, won’t let her go.

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9m) clinched the bronze medal. A national record also fell in the boys’ U16 200m semi-final heats. Delhi sprinter Nisar Ahmed clocked 22. 3s in the first of the two semi-final heats while Haryana’s Kapil finished first in the second heat with the timing of 22. 2s. Both sprinters bettered the national record of 22. 1s created by Chandan Bauri of West Bengal in 2013. In 1000m sprint medley relay for boys’ U16, team Haryana clocked 1:56. 5s to break the previous national record set by Tamil Nadu (1:57. 9) and won the gold medal. Uttrakhand (1:59. 4) and Telangana (1:59. 9) settled for the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Meanwhile, in girls’ U20 high jump, Rekha of Haryana setup a new meet record of 1. 4m to clinch gold while in girls’ U20 shot put, Kiran from UP bettered previous meet record of 13. 3m with her 14. 4m effort. Shreeshankar from Kerala also made a new meet record in boys’ U20 long jump with his effort of 7.

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6 hours ago Read more. Jerome Flynn net worth: The incredible fortune Game of Thrones star has made from the show Jerome Flynn net worth: The incredible fortune GameofThrones star has made from the show GOT 7 hours ago Read more. Game of Thrones beaten by Sir David Attenborough to most popular TV show on IMDB Who are you backing for the top spot. Conleth Hill: Game of Thrones cast member who plays Varys SNUBBED by fans amid hair shock Conleth Hill, the Game of Thrones star who plays Varys, has revealed he was SNUBBED by fans due to a hair shock GameofThrones 9 hours ago Read more. Game of Thrones season 8: Jon Snow denied Iron Throne as boss drops game-changing hint. GameofThones Jon Snow denied Iron Throne as boss drops game-changing hint. Game of Thrones season 8: Daenerys Targaryen to LEAVE Jon Snow for another love interest. Could Daenerys Targaryen leave Jon Snow for Jorah Mormont in GameofThronesSeason8. I wish xD Slow news day, huh? 16 hours ago Read more. Emilia Clarke compares last Game of Thrones to Meet the Parents Emilia Clarke compares last Game of Thrones to Meet the Parents 19 hours ago Read more. Spoiler alert! How TV and film are trying to protect their blockbusters Spoiler alert. How TV and film are trying to protect their blockbusters 21 hours ago Read more. Game of Thrones creators discuss how the show's ending will differ from the books Game of Thrones creators discuss how the show's ending will differ from the books Much of the tv series has been different to the books and as the story-line in the books has not ended, how can they discuss how the tv series ending differs from the books? 21 hours ago Read more. Game of Thrones season eight: how do you think it will end. I hope it ends with Tyrion and some others watching a beautiful sunset and the final line spoken as the sound and image fades to the credits is Tyrion saying “Well, I once took a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel, and the Madame said.

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Apalagi dengan adanya transportasi BRT yang masuk pelabuhan sehingga memudahkan akses bagi masyarakat,” tuturnya. (fri-43) Pekunden Bakal Jadi Pusat Kuliner Sunan Kalijaga berharap, melalui organisasi ini, advokat berada dalam satu forum komunikasi tanpa membeda-bedakan latar belakang dan berbagai macam organisasi. Pengurus harian HAMI Jateng, Ketua Sujiarno Broto Aji, Wakil Ketua Dedi Suwasono, T Joshep Parera, Sekretaris Arief Agung Wiranata, Rizka Abdurahman, Akhmad Yudin, Bendahara Tegar Haryoseno dan Pujo Marjoko. (J14,J17-43) SEMARANG - Kota Semarang bakal memiliki pusat kuliner baru dengan pembangunan selter pujasera di kawasan Pekunden (Jalan Batan Miroto) yang ditargetkan rampung akhir tahun ini. Wali Kota Semarang Hendrar Prihadi menegaskan, penataan PKL kuliner di Pekunden akan dikonsep sama seperti PKL yang ada di kawasan Simpanglima. Diharapkan kawasan tersebut nantinya bisa menjadi pusat kuliner baru, sekaligus sebagai kawasan pusat oleh-oleh Semarang. Kami akui keberadaan PKL memang bisa membawa dampak posistif dan negatif. Setelah membangun kompleks PKL di Kelurahan Pekunden, pemkot juga akan membersihkan saluran Kampungkali. “Ke depan PKL Batan Miroto akan ditata lengkap dengan fasilitas penerangan, air dan tempat parkir yang tidak menganggu arus lalu lintas. Upaya PK diajukan karena dirinya merasa menjadi korban kriminalisasi atas perkaranya. Pada 27 Januari lalu, ketua majelis hakim, I Gede Komang Adhinata menyatakan Etty bersalah melanggar pasal 317 ayat 1 KUHP tentang laporan yang bersifat fitnah dan menjatuhkan vonis empat bulan. Tak menerima putusan PN, Etty kemudian mengajukan banding di Pengadilan Tinggi Semarang. Namun, amar putusan hakim tinggi pada pengadilan tingkat kedua itu justru memperberat hukumannya menja- di enam bulan. Bahkan, itu lembaran itu tanpa segel sah kepolisian,” ujarnya. Etty menegaskan, tanpa berkas perkara penyidik, tidak ada alasan bagi warga negara untuk diseret ke persidangan. Panitera Muda Pidana, PN Semarang Muchammad Chayat mengatakan, sidang PK akan dipimpin ketua majelis hakim, Fatchul Bari. Dua anggota hakim pendampingnya, Tamto dan S Yulie. Berdasarkan data PN Semarang, tahun ini sudah ada lima perkara pidana umum yang menempuh upaya PK.

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If the war had ended differently, these children eventually would have been required to breed baby Aryans of their own. Inspired by a novel by Hannelore Hippe, Georg Maas and Judith Kaufmann have constructed a historical thriller, complete with falling walls, deeply embedded spies, murder, intrigue and seriously blemished reputations. “Two Lives” opens in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain, when clandestine operations and facilities were being rapidly shuttered and abandoned throughout Eastern Europe. We watch as Katrine Evensen (Juliane Koehler) calmly enters the East German orphanage in which she was raised and is directed to the archives in Leipzig, which, too, are easily accessed. Katrine removes a section of a page with her name on it and returns to her Norwegian home. Not long thereafter, Katrine and her mother are approached by a lawyer who asks them to testify in a trial against the Norwegian state on behalf of the children kidnaped for Lebensborn and their parents who were never informed of their children’s post-war fate. Katrine is the illegitimate daughter of Ase Evensen (Liv Ullmann) and a German occupation soldier and, as such, was hustled out of Norway with her blond hair and blue eyes. As the story went, teenage Katrine had escaped from the now-East German orphanage and made the arduous journey back to Norway and her mother at the height of the Cold War. The intrigue kicks into high gear when Katrine adamantly refuses to participate in the reparation hearings, mystifying Ase, the lawyer and viewers. Maas and Kaufmann take their time getting to the truth, but, when they do, much room is left for additional shocks. Although adapted from the novel “Eiszeiten,” we’re told in the end credits that the story’s central conceit is based on actual events. The actors, especially Ullmann, make it easy for us to buy into the tautly bound narrative, as well. Fans of political thrillers ought not pass up “Two Lives. . Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” opened the door for such wartime movies, including “ The Chef, the Actor and the Scoundrel ” and recently reviewed “Eastern Bandits,” that successfully merge action, comedy and thrills. World War II was no laughing matter, of course, but such films as “Kelly’s Heroes,” “The Dirty Dozen,” “Catch-22,” “How I Won the War” and “Mr. Roberts” walked the thin lines separating comedy, drama and action. In China, where atrocities occurred on a daily basis, the truth is still too ghastly to be approached straight-on.

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The laughter was aimed at a 10-year-old me and was coming from my Dad and the hairdresser who I’d just asked to make me look like Fox Mulder. People were rushing home from work and school to catch classics like ER, Friends, multiple Star Trek series, NYPD Blue and of course the X-Files. It was everything this suburban milky bar kid needed in a TV show. It was scary, full of weird paranormal mysteries, conspiracies, and had FBI agents. I lost my mind, I literally jumped up and down on the spot, “I need this show” I screamed, “I ache for it”. My parents looked at each other in disbelief, there was discussion around the amount of sugary dessert products I was eating and talk of limiting my exposure to television. “Calm down and stop being a wee fud” came the eventual fatherly advice. One of these colonies was attacked by unknown aliens which leads to war. We met humans who had navels on their necks called “In Vitro’s” that were bred in tanks to fight and serve as manual labourers. Lee Ermey (Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket) and a training mission to mars. On this training mission our main cast come face to face with the alien antagonists of the show the Chigs (they look like chigoe fleas). It was 2 hours of sheer joy for me and I knew immediately it was something special. We witnessed them going from green rookies to hardened veterans as they experienced the horrors of war and the constant threat of being massacred by an enemy who appeared to be unstoppable. The Chigs were a terrifying enemy, for almost of all the series we knew nothing about them, they appeared merciless and often committed atrocities such as mutilating bodies of fallen soldiers and killing the wounded. They were clad in armour and we never even got a glimpse of what was underneath until the very end. Glen Morgan and James Wong created truly Alien creatures that appeared to be nothing like us. Their bodies dissolved on contact with our atmosphere and at one point a captured Chig committed suicide by convincing one of our marines to give it a drink of water. A minor clue to their culture which also explains why they mutilate fallen humans.


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The movie may have been a mammoth box office flop (and put a serious damper on its director's career), but Elaine May's films live on as testimony to her uncompromising originality. In this Bob Glaudini show, the Horvath clan deals with its particularly difficult problem at a series of gatherings. He's always popping up to remind us how lucky we are to have him. He's performed the world over, opened for greats including Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins, toured with the Village People, and appeared as soloist with the Boston Pops. He demonstrates his artistry and versatility once again in this show, a unique pairing with performance painter Nancy Ostrovsky. Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, 41 Second St. Cambridge. 617-577-1400, cmacusa. rg. See June Wulff and Courtney Hollands' picks for the top things to do around the Hub this long weekend. The Sanctuary Theatre, 400 Harvard St. Harvard Square, Cambridge. 617-354-7467. ballettheatre. rg. People bravely baring their young souls at this cathartic event will share tales, letters, and lyrics — including a short story inspired by Indiana Jones that takes place in the human digestive system. The leisurely ride is sponsored by Portland Velocipede and starts at 1 p. .