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He also remembered the Saviour of Kashmir, Brigadier Rajinder Singh for his great sacrifice on 26 th October, 1947 when he laid down his life for saving Kashmir from the invaders from Pakistan. e expressed hope that under the dynamic Prime Minister Sh. He also spoke at length about the need for an aggressive policy on Kashmir Issue by educating the world community about the false propaganda being pushed by Pakistan and its agencies. He said that being grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh he owes a lot to the people of the state and would work tirelessly for the public welfare. Ajatshatru Singh was accompanied by his wife Kumwarani Ritu Singh and son Rajkumar Ranvijay Singh. oday’s function was a culmination of the six day extravaganza of JK Festival that showcased various aspects of Jammu and Kashmir to the Londoners. He also expressed his gratitude to the British Parliamentarians and distinguished guests who participated in the proceedings. BJP remembers Savior of Kashmir Brigadier Rajinder Singh BJP Mandal Bhaderwah today organized a meeting at Ghati Morh Bhadarwah wherein tributes were paid to Brigadier Rajinder Singh who bravely fought till last and saved Kashmir from Pak soldiers (in disguise) who had already captured Kashmir. Mandal President Ramneek Singh, District Kisan Morcha President Raj Singh Charak, Senior BJP leader Bhaagat Gian Chand and Shadi Lal Kotwal spoke on the occasion. They spoke about the bravery of the great soldier and said that had he not laid down his life while fighting, Kashmir would have been captured and become slave of Pakistan. Slogans like “Brigadier Rajinder Singh Amar Rahe” and Bharat Mata Ki Ji’ were also raised during the function. he function which was organized by Mandal Secretary and Shakti Kender in-charge Uttam Sharma and was attended by workers drawn from booth no-47-48-49-50-52-53. Prominent among those participated in the function include Rajesh Sharma, Manjeet Kumar, Ashok Kumar and others. Ashok Khajuria, Vikas Sharma, Vinay Gupta, Vijay Sharma, Pitamber Sharma were prominent among others who attended the program. POJK is unfinished agenda that should be a focul point strategic discussionas to how to retrieveit from Pakistan Dr. Gagan distributes free LPG Connections under P. Ujjwala Yojna M.

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He congratulated the participants and the best speakers of the youth parliament, who showed that how an ideal parliamentary works. rof. Pawan Kumar Sharma from Gurukshetra University and Prof. Gupta was told by the public that road connectivity in the hilly region, is still lacking in the interior of the Villages, causing inconvenience to the general public. Gupta said that 40 nos of roads under District plan against an estimated cost of 46 crores is under progress in Rajouri Constituency, whereas 3 no. Public of the area also raised the issue of the exaggerated Bills, from PDD Department. Gupta assured them for constitution of committee, which shall verify the Bills. Gupta welcomed the decision of the Cabinet and State Coalition Government, for creation of 17 new colleges in the state, Up-gradation of 400 government schools— 200 middle schools and 200 high schools— to their next level with the Creation of 8200 teachers’ posts for these colleges and schools. upta said that shortly identification of Schools shall be started for up-gradation as per the feasibility and the selections of the schools shall be on merit. Gupta said that this decision shall also serve the opportunity of employment to the youth of the state, as 2800 posts for teaching and non-teaching staff have been approved for middle schools that will be upgraded to the level of high schools, 5400 posts have been approved for high schools that will be upgraded to higher secondary level, he said. He said that contribution in education sector is the major contribution and all stakeholders should join their hands to improve the Educational System. Gupta said that the teachers should take students outside the traditional classrooms to help them, for acquiring knowledge practically. e urged the teaching community to come forward and share the social responsibility of transforming the society by giving their best by working with dedication and co-operation so that a new educational system is evolved, only then the creation of Colleges and up-gradation of Schools can be beneficial to the society. He said that steps are being taken by the District administration for making Government schools attractive for the children, so that the education sector can became an engine for growth and development of entire society. t last Public of the area thanked Gupta, for his efforts in sanctioning and installation of 50 MVA Transformer, which shall further reduce the Curtailment in power. They also thanked for sanction of Bridge, which shall connect the Batalamang and Thudi area and a way to Medical College, giving a short passage to kalakote area as well. rominent citizens present among others, Sr.

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Jon Snow’s mother wasn’t some rando battlefield hookup, but rather his aunt’s child. Which means Ned Stark wasn’t Jon Snow’s father (We can assume that, right. And it means, also presumably, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen is the father. Which, if correct — and we don’t know the full paternal story 100 percent here — Jon Snow is half Targaryen and half Stark. Born out of wedlock, presumably (Rhaegar was already married), but still: a noble with a major claim to the Iron Throne. This also means he’s Dany’s nephew, so chew on that. We’re going a little out of order here, but this is what goes down in Winterfell. Davos has long had it out for Melisandre, and he finally has a smoking gun — or charred stag, rather — suggesting her guilt. His pain is magnified since he’s a man who lost his own sons to war. So the loss of Shireen too, so senselessly, is particularly upsetting. “I didn’t lie, I was wrong,” she says, but cold comfort that would be to Shrieen. Jon is faced with a tough decision: Keep Melisandre, and lose Ser Davos and have a child-killer in your inner circle. Or kill Melisandre, and execute the woman who brought him back to life and a potential helper against the Night KIng. Tricky. So he makes a compromise measure, and exiles her. But Davos warns: If he sees her again, he’ll kill her. Not sure he can do that, but it’s a pledge that we suspect carries some weight.

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Because they neglect their closets, and do not thoughtfully meditate on God's Word. They love the wheat, but they do not grind it; they would have the corn, but they will not go forth into the fields to gather it; the fruit hangs upon the tree, but they will not pluck it; the water flows at their feet, but they will not stoop to drink it. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. On his way to a scheduled appointment, a snow storm forced him to cut short his intended journey and to turn into a Primitive Methodist chapel in Colchester where God opened his heart to the salvation message. His baptism followed on 3 May in the river Lark, at Isleham. Later that same year he moved to Cambridge, where he later became a Sunday school teacher. From the beginning of his ministry his style and ability were considered to be far above average. In the same year, he was installed as pastor of the small Baptist church at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, where he published his first literary work, a Gospel tract written in 1853. In April 1854, after preaching three months on probation and just four years after his conversion, Spurgeon, then only 19, was called to the pastorate of London's famed New Park Street Chapel, Southwark (formerly pastored by the Particular Baptists Benjamin Keach, theologian John Gill and John Rippon). This was the largest Baptist congregation in London at the time, although it had dwindled in numbers for several years. Spurgeon found friends in London among his fellow pastors, such as William Garrett Lewis of Westbourne Grove Church, an older man who along with Spurgeon went on to found the London Baptist Association. Within a few months of Spurgeon's arrival at Park Street, his ability as a preacher made him famous. Spurgeon's sermons were published in printed form every week and had a high circulation. By the time of his death in 1892, he had preached nearly 3,600 sermons and published 49 volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, illustrations and devotions. The first attack in the press appeared in the Earthen Vessel in January 1855. His preaching, although not revolutionary in substance, was a plain-spoken and direct appeal to the people, using the Bible to provoke them to consider the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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