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I started taking it 2 weeks ago as a painkiller not because of opioid addiction and it is the only thing that is relieving my pain that I’ve tried. Another drup Lyrica never worked for me and weaning off it was horrible. As I was reading this I had Suboxone sublingualy dissolving and I spit it out. Rehab that would not prescribe and also blamed suboxone for relapse. Took Methadone 2 years, relapsed again following personal trauma. Encouraged by well-meaning family and friends to go to detox. Detox would not prescribe methadone, not even to wean me down. Went into full-blown psychosis from abrupt withdrawal of high dose Methadone, got out of rehab in worse shape than when I went in, had near-fatal nervous breakdown, subsequently relapsed. Saved my life. Saves many lives. Why is it demonized in halfway houses and treatment facilities when it’s the single most effective treatment we have for opioid addiction. Only barrier is cost, but Medicaid does cover in most states. Yes, makes money for the pharmaceutical companies, but so does every other pharmaceutical on the market So what. The cost to society of not affording its citizens access to MAT, i. . Suboxone or Methadone, is immeasurable in lost workforce due to ODs and chronic relapse. Yes, dipshits will always abuse suboxone and then blame the drug for their dip-shit-edness, but people snort Wellbutrin in jail. Let’s be honest that rehabs and detoxes make money by demonizing it and stigmatizing Suboxone and pushing all the familiar “you’re just swapping one addiction for another” bullshit, which just keeps addicts more vulnerable to relapse and cycling in and out of treatment and detox over and over and over, chasing the elusive “asbtinence-only is the only true recovery, 12-step model” proverbial tail. FOOLISH! Let’s stop demonizing these drugs and start really being honest about what is proven to have the most success in helping addicts stay alive the longest and function the best.

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But in all these professional environments there was a glass cubicle containing women as the restrictions on visibility remained dominant. Abdullah, who ascended to the throne in 2005, made a point of pushing women to the fore on several public occasions — for example, by including speeches from women (who were still visually out of sight) at some events. Then he started to appear in photos taken at unsegregated gatherings — for example, when he attended the graduation ceremony of the medical school in Riyadh. This sent strong signals to men and women alike that women can come out now, and participate actively in life. Saudi had female radio and TV presenters for quite a while, but in recent years some of them have become superstars. I've interviewed hundreds of women, and I'm struck by how differently their self-perception is today, compared with what it was a decade ago. The Saudi woman now wants to believe that she has an active role in her own life. Sometimes through seeking to be a high-achieving career woman, but also through cooking or house-cleaning, or in allowing herself to indulge in little luxuries. Also, she's more insistent, now, on participating actively in family decisions — from which brands to select to raising the children, to choosing where to live. Saudi women are learning they can roar; it's interesting to see the culture shift in order to accommodate and encourage this movement. It is about using the power of science and technology in the pursuit of personal progress. Today, a woman’s face and figure are proven to enhance her earning power and her social status and esteem. Perfect beauty is an alluring symbol of women’s empowerment, to acquire the kind of beauty that can get the world to dance to her tune. Skin that is flawless — no marks, no spots, no wrinkles, no dark circles, fair, perfect skin. Hair that is thick, strong, supple, flowing etc. etc. Science and technology are being used to eliminate the flaws that stand between the woman and the ideal of perfection. This is the role of products and of higher-order dermatological procedures. Instead, it’s about bringing internal processes to an optimum level of performance: for instance, boosting cell metabolism. And secondly, it’s hard for brands to sell products unless they’re offering some form of transformation or improvement.

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I agree if you didn't know who Ed Sheerhan was its not like he would have stood out negatively. Just took you out of the realism of the show for a second. The metal band Mastodon played a bunch of the White army as Jon's sailing away from Hardhome. Granted, Sheeren is likely the most popular of them all, but they've given some really minor roles like that to cameos before. I hate his music so that might be why it bugged me. With that being said, it was only a quick scene and doesn't mean much going forward. As a fan of baseball and groovy hair, I respect the shit out of him. Big wall designed to keeps some people out but the wall isn't built into the ocean so they can just go around. Certain news network accuses HBO of mocking a certain authority figure's border security plan. Rewatched the opening credits and it's pretty clear. This isn't the first winter since the Long Night certainly. Perhaps the Walkers aren't the purely evil beings they are depicted as. Maybe they never had a desire to cross south of the Wall until now, for whatever reason. All characters have both endearing qualities and personality flaws (some more than others). I don't expect the White Walkers to be any different. Ned Stark sent him out in season 1 to patrol, and it ended up developing into the Brotherhood Without Banners. Lord Dondarrion was sent out with Thoros of Myr and 100 men to bring Gregor Clegane to face the King's Justice for raiding and pillaging the Riverlands. The Mountain was raiding the Riverlands under Tywin Lannister's orders, in response to Tyrion Lannister being captured by Caitlin Stark and taken to the Eryie. Ultimately this was the beginning of the War of the 5 Kings. The remainder of the force scattered into the Riverlands and later Thoros, a resurrected Dondarrion (who renounced his lordship) and remnants of their forces formed the Brotherhood Without Banners to protect the common folk of the Riverlands from the various raiding armies that took turns raiding, burning and pillaging the area.

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In addition, US negotiators were able to block exceptions and limitations for audiovisual works, under the pressure of MPAA. Who loses? All of us, but especially the 285 million visually impaired people in the world. We reject complicated requirements for checks on whether the books are commercially available. But many of the important decisions were deferred to an “extraordinary session” called for December 17-18. At this point the main question is if WIPO will proceed with a diplomatic conference in 2013. These are some of the core issues under discussion. As we have pointed out, EFF, KEI, WBU, and many other organizations support a binding instrument (a treaty). Even worse, they call the language “recommendations,” which would have even less impact internationally. The alternative texts vary from allowing cross-border exchange to not allowing them at all. But we ask: if publishers have not explored that market yet, why are they trying to protect it. Copyright impedes cross-border exchanges if there is no authorization of the copyright holder, which in most cases is not the author but the publisher. A great number of people with print disabilities are in developing countries. Developing countries would be the main beneficiary of such a provision and would thus import books in accessible formats. This is a clear public good, a matter of human rights, and EFF urges country members to allow it. EFF affirns TPMs must not be a barrier to the production, distribution, and making available of works in accessible formats. So, countries should ensure the right to circumvent digital locks in order to enable accessibility and be sure the rules under negotiation are effective in the world we currently live in. Otherwise the negotiations followed the normal path of assembly discussions. They have commented: “What we do want to happen is that each country can be protected so that it can either keep the national law it already has for print-disabled people, or implement national law for print-disabled people. The WBU does support countries like India, which wants to ensure that they have flexibilities in their own national law.


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The requested recompense was surely fair, and the powerful Long Salt clan, who at that time numbered over a hundred members, possessed many sheep. But since the flock was grazing at a considerable distance from the old priest’s village, the two Long Salt men assigned the task of slaughtering the sheep decided to substitute five wild antelope in their place. He wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the animals, and they would preserve five valuable sheep for the family’s own use. The Long Salt elder who awarded the priest the five carcasses was himself unaware that antelope had been substituted for the specified sheep. A few weeks later, an older member of the Long Salt family who had been healthy and without illness died suddenly. Then a very young and robust Long Salt male fell dead for no perceptible reason. As his pregnant wife and other family members sang their mourning songs, an uneasy feeling began to grow that something was not right. Every few weeks after the young husband’s death, a member of the Long Salt family would become ill, begin to waste away, and then died in suffering. To the wiser members of the family, it was becoming increasingly obvious that a Chindi had been set against them. The old priest admitted that he had discovered the deception and had become very angry. He also acknowledged that he had set a Chindi against them with the instructions that the entire Long Salt family should be eliminated one by one. The representatives of the Long Salts beseeched him to call off the avenging spirit. They tried to make him understand that they, too, had been duped by two deceitful and lazy members of the clan. And already many members of their family had been killed by the Chindi. The elderly medicine priest carefully evaluated their words and deemed them sincere. He told them that he was not an evil man, but he had been forced to uphold his dignity and reputation. He would remove the curse, but he must charge them a price somehow commensurate with the laws of the spirit world that had required him to set the Chindi upon them. The Long Salt delegates answered that they would not question his judgment. They would pay whatever price he asked in order to call off the Chindi and to save the lives of their family members. The old priest called his son to his side, complaining that he was now very tired—too weary to determine a proper compensation.

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This has bad long term ramifications to your business and reputation. It makes me deeply consider abandoning your engine. But if you’re gonna jerk us around with ill advised updates to your EULA like this, I can’t afford to stay long term with an unstable business partner. I can’t trust you folks, or at least I can’t trust your corporate management and lawyers. Which means I can’t trust Unity Technologies as a business. We can read the TOS, the problem is not that we can not comprehend the meaning. How is a one person developer supposed to pay for something like that. I can’t even imagine what they must have been trying to charge Improbable. Unfortunate, since I love the Unity Engine at it’s core and the people that work on it are almost universally awesome. Is it talking about a service which embeds the Unity Runtime. If I create a service to manage my server instances and run the game server, is it against the ToS. As far as I can understand, you are telling me I can’t automate my service scaling, distribution, balancing without your authorization (probably not free) first, is that right. Because that would involve third parties messing with Unity Runtime in some way. The streaming they’re worried about is something like GeForce Now, or PS Now, not something like Twitch. Basically, they’re worried about a game rental model where an entity other than the developer is recognizing most of the revenue off the title. In that case, they want a separate agreement with the streaming company to make sure that they get some royalty money out of it. This just shows that someone at Unity got butthurt at Improbable and this was a knee-jerk reaction and everyone is paying for it. UT will continue to do this kind of thing and there will be a point in time (within the next 5 years I would guess) where you cannot defend them. It is in his best interest to side with Unity whenever possible. This was all just about Unity wanting to charge Spatial more than they wanted to pay.