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The reason the Hendersons were up in the Boston was for a baptism for a friend’s newborn child. Were Rickey and Mrs. Henderson cracking jokes during the ceremony about the quality of the water the priest was dunking the kid in. On this Mother’s Day weekend, Rickey just wanted you to know that. Rickey heard that somebody actually tried to figure out the odds, but promptly committed seppuku when they learned that Luis “Meat Train” Castillo has another 734 games to go until he’s halfway through his contract as a New York Met. Well what do you calculate the Mets odds of winning the World Series to be. The odds are about as good as Mrs. Henderson successfully teaching Rickey how to correctly load the dishwasher. What? Why can’t Rickey place the dishes face down on the lower rack. The knives don’t get put in the utensil basket pointy end up. A thousand curses upon you and this infernal machine, you treacherous harpy.

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et? them. There are two in that sentence, aren? there? 7) ? felt a sense of peace, as though I? been invited to a war but at the last moment had decided not to attend. (page 465) Ahhh. Interesting concept, isn? it? 8) ? he reason why guys like BTK and John Wayne Gacy and the Green River guy, what?


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I think there are some things from the filming news that need to happen prior to Danaerys returning that probably shouldn’t appear to be immediately before. Keep an eye on the opening credits for Peter’s name and we’ll know before it starts. While she definitely hasn’t had the chance in past seasons, I am actually hoping to get a good “come with us” speech out of this. Her confrontation with Littlefinger is the first time I can remember when we actually got to hear Sansa lay shit down and tell it like it is. A snark and burn here and there is great but to finally get to hear her voice rally support, will only emphasize how far she has come. I’m glad to see her interactions with other characters. She looked a bit out of her element during the strategy meeting with Jon, Davos and company (north or not, the Karstarks aren’t going to forget Robb killed their Lord), but I think she was supposed to. Sansa is being given a chance to turn the nightmare she has lived into action. Took a long time to get here but now that she has, I like she is making the most of finally having a voice. The conclave has met, considered reports from maesters all over the Seven Kingdoms, and declared this great summer done, at last”. They haven’t made any effort to make any part of Westeros look cold, aside from the North and the Eyrie. The Riverlands still look pleasant, KL is balmy as ever.


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Lannister-saga wraps up in four episodes (Jamie kills Cersei, fights for Dany, who is crowned). Strange alliance between the Brotherhood, White Walkers and the House of Black and White. Fair point, maybe I shouldn't go expecting depth where there's none intended. Biscuits), Monday, 27 June 2016 21:30 (two years ago) Permalink. I don't like the movies of child molester Woody Allen. At best they're tangentially addressed, at worst they're entirely ignored or glossed over. Really the institution we know the most about is the Night's Watch. I'll feel silly (or sillier) if I've posted about this before. ? sits in the living room with a bunch of people, the television announces Game Of Thrones is coming on, everyone but. He went to Dorne, and in the meantime, Jon gathered the houses in the north (or did everyone think they all teleported to winterfell, as well. However that's a personal inclinaison that I'm not going to force on everyone and I can get behind with the directions they are going eg.


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And to this I say, I'm Asian - I come from a culture that revels in its familial ties, and my culture has created a person like me, and my family is with me. So when you say Family First, I say, 'Thank you very much. Now sit your ass down and let my family and I tell you what we want. Maiden Cache Translate Page Through out my twelve or so years of internet memories, I started and unfortunately faded away many blogs. These included Diary Land, Live Journal, Word press, but not blogger. Okay I lied I just deleted my lame ass blog for college English and some other random project that only went four posts far. My problem may have had to do with creativity, interesting material, probably presentation most of all, but I have started to not give a shit-because this blog is really only for myself and close family and friends. I have had a major desire to get back on the blogger scene mainly do to my upcoming vacation (back to Oregon), and through Seattle. I also had the AMAZING opportunity of seeing Iron Maiden live one week ago in SLC's USANA Amphitheater. In other news (besides work and stress-fully packing all my shit), I take a few moments out of my day to tend to the garden. I'm sure I should be spending more time but between gym, work, and kiddo what are ya gonna do. My serranos are growin-growin and a few eggplants will be ready to harvest soon.


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The King’s Speech is a good film with fantastic performances. I’m glad I’ve seen it and I did actually enjoy it but I can’t imagine ever watching it again for any reason. It’s just not all-time classic “Best Picture” material. Or IMDb Top 250 material, which is why I think this has actually now dropped out of that list (I started this project in 2013 so I’m still working off the list from that time). Thanks for the recommendation, S. . Like Shinkai’s other work, it’s a lovely film and I really enjoyed it. I have to say I slightly prefer his other films, though, which I didn’t expect as the story in Journey To Agartha is much more “me”. I’m still fairly new to anime so I stick to the most mainstream stuff and admit that Studio Ghibli will always be what I love the most. This is mainly because of his style more than the actual stories themselves: his films are beautiful works of art. They’re all very “teenage love story”, though, so I was looking forward to Journey To Agartha as it sounded like a far more interesting plot. It’s “weird” and much darker than the other Shinkai films I’ve seen.


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Ia punya keyakinan, perang tak selalu berarti muntahan peluru. Dan ia berhasil melalui Perang Dunia II dengan keyakinan itu. Desmond mengevakuasi puluhan tentara, sendirian, tanpa pernah menembak. Ia pun menjadi satu-satunya tentara yang tak pernah mengangkat senjata selama perang. Setelah memperjuangkan haknya, ia pun dianugerahi penghargaan tertinggi, Medal of Honor. Ouija: Origin of Evil Kemampuan Alice Zander berbicara dengan makhluk dari dunia lain ternyata hanya tipuan. Ia berpura-pura jadi cenayang, padahal arwah-arwah yang selama ini berkomunikasi dengannya adalah kedua putrinya. Papan ouija yang ia mainkan benar-benar memanggil arwah. Putrinya kerasukan. Keluarganya pun jadi dihantui arwah jahat. Alice kini harus benar-benar melakukan komunikasi dengan arwah dan mengirimnya kembali ke alamnya. Film ini dapat disaksikan di jaringan bioskop XXI.