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Sometimes, there are some individual elements that are pleasing, or intriguing, but the artists never seem to do anything with them. There are a lot of different things at play here, but there isn’t any sense of overall composition or direction. And, indeed, other than recalling how it was bravely trying to incorporate all the things into one release, there isn’t anything that has stayed with me. (KM). That initial divergence from the more experimental expectations foisted upon it by me (and to some extent the press-release and presentation) initially wrong-footed, but taken on its own terms there are things to interest here. Much depends on your listening proclivities at the moment, I imagine; there is a quite specifically German electronica sensibility to the computer manipulation that makes up the structure of the tracks here. There’s also a tendency towards nods to more dance-based rhythmic structures on some tracks, mainly earlier on. Tricky post-2000 IDM rhythmic flourishes are made at least a bit more interesting through their acoustically-derived-sample nature, even so when the music resists beats and snippety rhythm and slows down to investigate the acoustics of the clarinet and room (such as on track 5) it becomes more individual. Interesting scrapes and textures derived from over-blowing and pressing of the clarinet keys are overlaid in a pleasingly engaging way. On track 9, with the (as advertised) 10 second reverb, a kind of ECM remixed vibe emerges. One track (number 8) even introduces some welcome dissonances. Where it resists overt beats and investigates texture more fully it is more appealing to me. But it’s definitely not an unpleasant listen and there’s enough here to reward repeated plays. (RF). This must be about the third release of his I now have, what with a CDEP owned (also on Boring Machines), and each and every one suggests there is a great album waiting to happen. Hope it comes before that ol’ campfire burns out. (RJ). Very Metal Box, but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends with Rotten’s PIL, although Mecha, like PIL’s second album, represents a departure to Mitchell’s usual sonic strategies. Guitars and post-rock atmospherics are dropped in favour of a gloopy electronic approach that draws from folk, downer pop, electro, machine musik and even the very same post-punk sound that PIL themselves helped map out. Not that you can dance to much of it unless heavily medicated yourself and merely think that you can.

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It’s what made us great but, ironically, it’s what keeps us all at arms’ length in these divisive times. So let’s go all light and breezy for a bit, shall we. Immediately after Martin Luther King was whacked, I delved into his life and adopted him as my hero. I learned that several white actors had participated with him in the March on Washington in August, 1963. Among them were Burt Lancaster, Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando, James Franciscus, and James Garner. Heston was warned off rubbing shoulders with King by his agents and his friends who ran movie studios. They told him it would be career suicide and, in fact, Heston’s career arc dipped significantly in the mid- and late-’60s. Prior to the March, Garner’d portrayed a charming, borderline-swindler card player named Bret Maverick on the long-running eponymous TV series. The year of the March he appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster The Great Escape. Then, after pix of him attending the March appeared in newspapers all over the country, it seemed he was only able to snag roles in mediocre, lower-budget films for a few years. She told me she purchased it in 1998 which, I believe, was back in the days when the interwebs were powered by steam. She’s been sitting on maryll. om for lo these many years yet Interpretations is only a couple of months old. She even occasionally does impromptu readings for interested parties at Soma Coffee. Loyal Pencillistas know that I look askance at things like tarot. Nevertheless, I like to flog for my blog-writing colleagues. Mayor Eddie Girdler of Somerset sez the city has no interest in making a profit on this venture, meaning he’s likely a child-molesting, commie, Nazi abortionist and prob. Their prices, natch, are higher than the city’s place because they have to stock their shelves with junk food, booze, and cheap prophylactics. Oh, and they have to hire sullen teenagers to put up product and sell it. The TV DJ died earlier this month even as his wife and other potential heirs fought tooth and nail over whom he loved mostest.


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I’ll be in the minority here and say I am really pumped to see Euron this season, even if his lovely locks appear to have been buzzed. In that he does have some insider info but does a lot of guesswork and over-interpretation of said knowledge to the point of taking things out of context (probably) and even making things up altogether (hopefully). Never heard it before but yes, an important word, so thanks for teaching me something today. PS it goes without saying that english is not my mother tongue. I think season six Euron suffered from much of the book Kingsmoot lines being moved to his meeting with Balon on the bridge at Pyke. I am hopeful that we will see more of Euron going forward, and that he will be a far more rounded character than he was in the little we saw of him in season six. I think season six was a hint at Euron, and season seven will show him in full flow. I’m not much of a book Euron fan so seeing LESS of him on the show is fine by me. Would be kind of cool to see Jaqen come after her for that though. I would like to see Jaqen with someone else not just Arya all the time. Yeah, I would love to see Tormund meet up with this lot. ETA: Though if Randyll Tarly’s opinion of the free folk is anything to go by, perhaps it is best he stays in the North. It would be funny though if Westeros houses would borrow money from IB to hire Faceless Men to kill Tycho. Back in Winterfell, he wasn’t even allowed to eat in the main hall with the royal family and Jaime mocked him for joining the Night’s Watch. Really, though, it’s mind boggling how things have change since those first few episodes. Back then, Ned was the Warden of the North, Robert was King, and Dany was basically a sex slave. Now, we’ve got Jon as KitN, Cersei as Queen (with no King), and Dany sailing to Westeros as a conquering Queen. I missed you and the cast pictures you share with us. Returning characters are not a major spoiler for me, so I’ve read the part of Tycho returning and I can say that I like that he is back. Hopefully, he will have a more significant role this time and not be just the “mouth of the Bank”.

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The YouTube clip will play inside a floating window on your smartphone. New WhatsApp update lets iPhone users play YouTube videos within the app. Use the YouTube iOS app to upload videos by recording a new video or selecting an existing one: Sign in to YouTube and your desired channel. Record a new video or select an existing one to upload. To record a new video: Tap the video camera icon and begin recording. For people without a subscription to popular music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, it's a good idea to listen to music on YouTube. It's totally free! But there will be times when you really want to download music from YouTube to your iPhone. Unfortunately, the site itself won't let you download. Google has rolled out a new update for its mobile app which should fix the issues. YouTube is the internet's replacement for the TV, so it's only natural that we'd use it as our background noise provider, however Google doesn't make that easy on mobile devices. Unless you have a YouTube Red subscription, YouTube only plays as a foreground app, meaning you can't use your phone. Unfortunately, none of this is possible with the YouTube app on Android and iPhone. The app has to be active in the foreground and the phone display should be turned on else YouTube will immediately stop playback. The limitation holds true whether you are playing videos inside the YouTube app or. For those unaware, action extension basically adds button to Safari action sheet that allows you to adjust video playback speed. It works with YouTube and virtually any other HTML5 video player, in Safari itself, rather then having to open different app. Download YouTube to MP3 on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac. Get best free YouTube to MP3 Converter app for your device. Its distinctive feature is the ability to save YouTube videos or music to iPhone, and directly to pre-installed native apps.