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On a sidenote: Sue, do you guys have any info on wheather they will go back to the alcazar for filming. I think wheather or not they go back there could give us some sort of hint to where they will take the dornish plot (even thogh this season we are almost as in the dark as the unsullied). Although perhaps they could do a later one next season. That seems like stretching it out too much for the audience though. And following around one character (or two if we get Lyanna in multiple visions as well) like this in a linear fashion would make it easier for the audience to follow what was going on, then if they just suddenly showed the TOJ or some other random sequence. Hopefully the visions won’t be just brief flashes like we’ve had in the past with Bran. The tale of Brandon, Rickard, and Aerys can be told by Tyrion, maybe to Dany, along with a reprise of Rhaegar and Lyanna’s disappearance. I hope they don’t mess up the Tower sequence, as it’s a gorgeous acid trip in the novels. Otherwise, I wouldn’t never like the books or the show, or any other show, because there are so many things that are pointless from the perspective of the plot, but they are just interesting. If they followed that, you would see much more of her in this season, doing nothing. You can say that her chase could be trimmed, but IMO than it would be rushed. My big concern for that scene, when I heard that Sansa and Brienne will meet, was that scene will feel rushed and pointless, but I really liked that scene more than anything in Brienne’s book plot. Just like audience cared for Snape in HP because they saw his past, not because someone told them. I don’t want anything to be left for some future project that everyone will hate like every prequel. I think hodor will just be added in to it to give a sense of a character who’s still around. When that happens, don’t keep submitting the same post, that makes it worse. Someone has to go manually take it out of Spam in that case if you’ve double (or quadruple) posted. If there’s to be a sparring scene with young Ned, it needs to have Lyanna participating in it as well, to establish her tomboy persona. It’s an important part of her character that she was never the ladylike Sansa type who sits and does needlework while the boys play rough. It’s not censorship, it’s enforcing the policy of not allowing people to post deliberately fake info here to mess with people.

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Tricia Miller, for example, may be a homeless junkie, but she is not a thief. While Mendez may abuse his power at any opportunity, even he is disturbed by Healy sending Piper to solitary confinement for essentially no reason. Power Rangers has had plenty of villains who followed this trope: In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Villamax, who had proven earlier in the series to have a code of honor, questions Trakeena's desire for revenge on the Rangers for destroying her father when she attempts to destroy all of Terra Venture. After saving a little girl from death and he is ordered to attack a shuttle full of innocent people, he disobeys. Since he refuses to fight back, Trakeena kills him. Trakeena: You taught me to fight too well, it seems. Villamax: You've learned nothing. In Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Diabolico, a literal Noble Demon, swears off his loyalty to Bansheera when she tricks his best friend, Loki, into fighting the rangers and forcing Diabolico to attack them, resulting in Loki's death. He starts helping the Rangers, showing that even though he hated them, he hated Bansheera more. This is a creature who saved a man's son so he could keep him for years while turning him against his father, sent monsters to destroy a city, and considered killing the infant prince to keep his place as second-in-command, but the loss of his best friend caused him to go renegade. In the final episode, his ghost arrives and saves Carter (the Red Ranger) from Bansheera, resulting in the latter to fall in a pit where several monsters presumably torture her for eternity, fulfilling his revenge. Diabolico was also disgusted by the fact Bansheera cares more about conquering Earth than about her own son and that she absorbed Vypra just to gain a fully functional body. Power Rangers Time Force: Ransik is a human-hating mutant bent on killing every last one. His daughter Nadira, after witnessing a baby born and spending time with kids, causes her to question her father's hate for them. After the loss of Frax and much destruction, she tries to convince her father that enough is enough, but he refuses to listen. During his final battle with the Rangers, he attacks Nadira, mistaking her for Jen (the pink ranger) while she was saving a baby. The shock of almost killing his daughter causes Ransik to realize what his hate has caused him to become, and he willingly surrenders. There's also a minor case with Sixth Ranger Eric, a morally gray character and Aloof Ally to the Rangers from the time he gets his powers. That aside, it's shown several times that he does have a good heart, most notably when he spares the good mutant Noticon after Green Ranger Trip stands between them. Power Rangers Wild Force has a similar example to Diabolico with the season's Those Two Bad Guys, Jindrax and Toxica.

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Out of the 5 chapters actually set in Dorne, the first two are internal matters, but they are looking outwardly from the very beginning, while the Iron Islands are all about internal matters until Euron reveals his plan. In these two supposedly “self-enclosed” chapters, we immediately discover the three eldest Sand Snakes want revenge for a character most readers and watchers loved, and each would seek it differently: Obara would go on an aggressive war; Nymeria would content herself with assassinating the four leading Lannisters; and Tyene would crown Myrcella not only as a power-play but as a trap, to wage a war on their own lands, by their own rules. Meanwhile, Arianne would crown Myrcella mostly because of her internal beef with her father (which is a pretty good reason to cut her: her motivations have to do with a personal history and characters we are not familiar with, while the rest of the Dornish characters are very much looking outwardly —they are also new characters, but their raison d’etre is all about characters we have known for years. Now, in the middle chapter, Arianne tries and fails in her Queenmker plot. The last two chapters are a setup for what’s to come: Doran’s plans are revealed to Arianne and then the Sand Snakes, and he sends two of Oberyn’s bastard daughters along with Myrcella back to King’s Landing, both in positions of power and influence, quite similarly to how Victarion’s imminent arrival to Meereen was teased. If you like the Greyjoys better and would rather see Dorne cut than them, that’s a perfectly acceptable position to have, but please don’t imply Dorne is in any way less relevant to the main plot than the Iron Islands. Then both had a dramatic and actual clash in the middle, which is a single chapter for Dorne and two for the Iron Islands, and finally both have a couple chapters teasing what’s to come. Unless, of course, your personal taste doesn’t care much for the Dornish, the Ironborn or both, which IMHO is the rather subjective reason most people dislike AFFC to begin with; you’d be an exception. The item in question is NOT a Chekhovian Gun: those are things of prominence about which some deal is made. What Chekhov was saying is, don’t burden a narrative with unnecessary details: if you make a big deal of something, then make that something a big deal in the end. What those people want to convince themselves of is that. Once Jon learns that she is not a Lannister, and once he learns that Rickon is still alive, then there will be absolutely nothing that will convince him to take it, even if Robb had willed it. Jon would know perfectly well that Robb assumed that Rickon and Arya were dead (and Brann, but he effectively is dead), and his honor demands that he stand aside for Rickon. Yes, there is going to be a tussle over the succession of Winterfell. And, no, the non-Chekhovian item in quesiton will have nothing to do with it. Instead, we’ll get what the show has set up: Sansa vs. Arya vs. Rickon. Sansa thinks that the other two are dead, and we now have definite reason to think that she’s moving towards a more Cersei-like view of life. Arya thinks that Sansa is a puppet of the Lannisters, and one could easily see her taking a next step to rejecting sons-before-daughters.


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km east of the Yazman BWP Road and 5. km east of the Lal Sohanra National Park. The ground elevation of the Park varies from 119m to130m above sea level. General slope of the area is towards north-east, The terrain is flat in the some parts in the north east and mid-west, while the remaining area is undulating having sand dunes all over. Master Planning Report for Infrastructure Development of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Cholistan 34 Chapter 3 SCHEME OF GENERAL LAYOUT 3. GENERAL LAYOUT 3. . Site Selection and Planning Scope of the Park The proposed site for Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is located in Cholistan desert, near Lal-Sohanra National park in Bahawalpur District. This site was selected by the Energy Department, Government of the Punjab, in view of availability of abundant land with adequate sunshine, availability of 132kV transmission line within the project area for immediate evacuation of power up to 100M W, proximity of the grid station at Bahawalpur and easy accessibility. The site lies 8. km south of the Bahawalpur-Hasilpur highway, 6. km east of the Bahawalpur-Yazman road, and the north of Kudwala road. The total available land area is 10,000 acres which is mostly barren. This scheme has planned that the total planning area is about 5,114. 2 acres. 3. . External Facilities 3. . .

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I can’t wait. Man, Brienne is going to be in a lot of places this season. Why would she leave Sansa or why would Sansa send her there. Would she think Bran might have run to his mother’s home. Trust me, Luke Fergus wont be young Ned, he will be Raeghar. Fergus Leathem could also just be young Rodrick Cassel. We may have seen a glimpse of him in one of the HBO featurettes (I’m refering to the scene with the two young boys sparring in the Winterfell courtyard and overseen by some stocky lad) I am starting to think though (as someone said up thread) maybe they dont come together until after BastardBowl. aybe they are in Crypts at WF. Fredrik P och F: Why is nobody talking about the banner behind Davos, when he’s on horseback. The banner of the King in the North and Riverlands! (Since the field is in both white and grey! Huh, is it possible that the Blackfish is in the North rather than in the Riverlands. I plead brain-cramp. ? And, yeah, it’s possible that it will be set up that way. FWIW, I think that the red haired guy in scene with Jon’s body is the person who had his hands over Jon’s eyes in the first trailer. Probably totally inconsequential, but I lightened a still from the first trailer back when it came out and was wondering who had wavy red hair and might be in the room with Jon. I was thinking maybe Tormund, but I bet it was that guy. Ghost: The Iron Throne shadow is definitely there too, but the guy getting stabbed has a cape on, like the KG wear. The shadow getting stabbed (at) also has a shield.

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