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Getting the ships ready would take quite a bit of time not to mention mobilizing all of the armies to get them on board too and setting things up for that dude to rule while she was away. Did you see they built some sort of dragon landing thing on one of those boats. My guess is there was a bunch of prep time (many weeks) that we just didn't see that allowed him plenty of time to get back. Also if you check a map Dorne is much closer to where they are then Kings Landing is. I actually really liked the episode despite a few missed opportunities (showing the White Walkers in an episode called The Winds of Winter or having Brienne meet the BWB since she was in the Riverlands. . Little things like Varys jumping around the map seemed weird at first but can be explained so they didn't really bother me. After watching it a second time and enjoying it just as much, I think this episode is at least as good as The Battle of The Bastards. It really set things up for the final battles but it was way more exciting than your usual set-up episodes. He could potentially be the 3rd head of the Dragon, with the other two being Dany and Jon of course. Sorry I didn't realize it was such a popular theory, I thought I had stumbled onto something interesting and as usual I was just playing catch-up. doh. That's what got me to thinking about it and the more you look at it the more sense it makes. I have it from a reliable source that he is definitely. The scene with him and the dragons was foreshadowing. I noticed that as well, they definitely showed us that for a reason. So The Mad King is Dany's father, I'm not certain on the timelines but could he also be Tyrion and Jon's father as well. Lyanna Stark? Possibly, we still don't know that whole situation.

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I'd heard all the words before, either in my home town or at school. Not one of the them was unfamiliar, not even the blasphemous phrases. And I haven't had any emotional problems afterward, as people kept saying I would. The Rev. Edmund G. Ryan, executive vice president of Georgetown University and an expert on exorcism, temporarily accepted dismissal from the university yesterday and vacated his office, as ordered, but said he intended to fight his ouster. For, contrary to the large claims made for it and the weighty charges laid against it, the movie that author-producer William Peter Blatty and director William Friedkin have concocted is a crude slice of Grand Guignol, seriously deficient in both artistic imagination and spiritual feeling. The plot revolves (and revolves) around the random demonic possession of a movie actress's young daughter near the campus of Georgetown University, a Catholic institution outside Washington DC. The symptoms include levitation, self-propelled bedroom furniture, grotesque physical transformation, cascades of vomit, obscenities and blasphemies uttered in an alien voice. Following an unsuccessful series of grisly medical probes and the mysterious violent death of a family friend, the church is called in. Yet The Exorcist lacks any kind of resonance and shows little sense of the way in which good and evil might be seen to function in our society. In consequence this basically frivolous film never transcends the superficial gut-jabbing shock level to become even a lively lightweight fable like Polanski's Rosemary's Baby. True, the special effects are often impressive and the acting is more than passable, but the whole affair struck me as about as morally edifying and aesthetically satisfying as watching the Gaderene swine plunge into the sea in slow motion, or seeing Going My Way possessed by the spirit of Ken Russell. There is a certain falling off towards the end, but nevertheless any five minutes of this richly suggestive film have more to say about life in advanced Western societies than the whole of The Exorcist. I kept having nightmares about Satan and Mendoss, the prince of darkness. Mr Rhodes Boyson, Conservative MP for Brent, North, is to ask Mr Jenkins, Home Secretary, to ban public showing of The Exorcist, the film about a child possessed by a devil. It shows that not all of the classic image of Capt Howdy is shadowing. Poor little Regan was caught in the middle between these two dark forces. They want you to believe that there is a difference between these two powers, Evil and Good, Dark and Light.

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Dr. Nirmal Singh urged the farmers to take benefits of Govt sponsored schemes and take to cocoon rearing, bee keeping, cattle stock rearing to supplement the agricultural income. Among others present were Dr. AK Sharma, Project Officer, Seri dev deptt. Similarly, Anuradha Charak has been nominated as Seh-Prabhari for Jammu Rural District, Arvind Gupta as Seh-Prabhari for Kathua District, Arun Chhibber as Seh-Prabhari for Ramban District and Suresh Sharma as Seh-Prabhari for Udhampur District. Sat Sharma also nominated Moti Koul as Prabhari for All Kashmiri Migrants(Displaced Persons). However, Incharges for Kashmir and Ladakh shall be nominated later. Jan Vishwas Yatra launched at Doda Mandal of Distt. Doda Jan Vishwas Yatra launched at Doda Mandal of Distt. Doda by BJP State Addl. Office Sec. Jugal Kishore Gupta,Distt. BJP strong enough to sweep MC polls in Rajouri: Vibodh Says India emerging strong power under leadership of ModiClaiming to sweep Municipal Committee elections in Rajouri, Member Legislative Council and Senior leader of Bhartiya Janta Party Advocate Vibodh Gupta has said that public has realized difference between previous and present regime by tasting the fruit of good governance and corruption free system and they want to move ahead with the party having developmental approach. Taking forward his Jan Vishwa Yatra which was commenced from Muradpur, Advocate Vibodh Gupta today held workers meeting at Ward No 4 of Rajouri town where he briefed the workers about the party programmes and agenda. He pressed upon workers to spread the message of Prime Minister Narinder Modi and make them aware about the developmental scenario of Rajouri, state and even country. Addressing workers, Vibodh Gupta claimed that his party has strengthened its roots in Rajouri and are in well position to sweep Municipal Committee elections. He said that people living in Rajouri town have realized the difference between previous and present regime and they will no more go with the people who raised hollow slogans and did nothing on ground. He added that public is best judge and they know whom to support. Appreciating the role of BJP in bringing transparency in the system, Gupta said that it was agenda of the BJP to give people good governance and corruption free system and they have succeeded a lot in translating the agenda into reality.

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This is the only time he’s ever spoken to Daenerys can you see how he’s a real charmer. Anyway anyway uh Euron leaves the Dragonpit and Cersei gives her own short speech stating that the Iron Throne accepts the truce. Advertisement He’s right to be afraid, and a coward to run. If those things come for us, there will be no kingdoms to rule. Until the Dead are defeated, they are the true enemy. Various people look relieved; Varys in particular might be smiling. Jon sighs, relieved that Cersei has come to realize the importance of the threat of the Others. Cersei: In return, the King in the North will extend this truce. He will remain in the North where he belongs, he will not take up arms against the Lannisters, he will not choose sides. You would never agree to it and if you did I would trust you even less than I do now. Isn’t the truce supposed to be between Team Cersei and Team Daenerys. Does Cersei expect that Team Daenerys will keep fighting her. Okay whatever uh apparently Cersei is only trying to make a truce with Team Jon or something, so it’s Jon’s cue to talk. Jon looks at his tent and he looks at Daenerys and he gives his poorly-advised announcement. Or I try to be. That is why I cannot give you what you ask. And I’ve already pledged myself to Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen. Cersei has a well okay then look: “Then there is nothing else to discuss. The Dead will come North first, enjoy dealing with them.

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AND, if you missed my last EXTREME MAIL DAY Blu ray Collection Update video then just click the link right here. Please leave your comments down below and let me know what you want to see in the next video. Thank You for your Support by Liking this Video and hitting that SUBSCRIBE button to my Channel. More great content to come so you don’t want to miss out. I was pumped to get this one in and give it a few watches and let you guys know my thoughts as well as do a giveaway for the 4K code. In this review I go over the movie itself, the picture quality, the Dolby Vision, the audio quality, and if it's worth the day one pick up! Buy Here. SUBSCRIBE: Check Out: TheLateReviews - This video is dedicated to Oreo, my Guardian Angel. In this review I go over the movie itself, the picture quality, both the HDR and Dolby Vision, and if it's worth the pick up. Check out my new media store to buy Blu-rays and DVDs. Anyway the whole point of this film is to show you that in fact yes PS4Pro does Upscales your existing Blu-ray's to 4k. WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME: TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - LETTERBOXD - GOODREADS - BLOG - ? P. . BOX: Marianna Neal P. . Box 7406 Prospect Heights, IL 60070. Images and clips are under fair use, and are copyright material of their respective owners. This is my complete 4K steelbook and movie collection as of December 16th, 2017 More movies are on the way from Black friday orders and addiction purchases haha Thank you for watching.